January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!

Looking at a mighty busy week upcoming.  Production on Dark Matter‘s first two episodes shift to location work.  We’ll be in Hamilton Monday to Wednesday, then Kitchener Thursday to Friday.  I’ll be joining them on the outskirts on three of our five out days, but Wednesday and Thursday will see me at the production offices as prep gets underway for episode #103.  Up Wednesday is a set walkthrough with director Paolo Barzman, the concept meeting, and a space suit look-see.  On Thursday, it’s meetings galore: costumes, playback, art department, and visual effects.

Also on Wednesday, my french bulldog, Lulu, is scheduled to go in for eye surgery. I say “scheduled” because I’m hoping for an 11th hour miracle that may avert her going under the knife.  While in Montreal, she stumbled over her shuffling paws (damn dog booties!) and did a face plant on the salted pavement that saw her acquire two tiny eye ulcers.  A local vet prescribed her an antibiotic gel and, days later, the problem looked like it was on its way to clearing up.  But after a follow-up here in Toronto and a prescription for a new antibiotic eye drop, her condition seemed to worsen.  And so, I brought her in to see a opthamologist who informed me she would require eye surgery (and a post-op recover period that would see her sporting a contact lens and the above-pictured cone of shame).  I scheduled the surgery for Wednesday since I was told sooner is better given the circumstances but, all the same, I couldn’t help but note that she seemed to be improving until we switched to the new antibiotic.  And so, I’ve switched back to the original gel in the hopes that, when I bring her in on Wednesday morning, a preliminary check of her eye may reveal some significant improvement, thus negating the need for surgery.  Here’s hoping.

In other dog-related news, Lulu continues to force Bubba out of his comfy beds – squeezing in and making herself a general nuisance until he finally gets fed up and abandons his spot.

January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
Documentation c/o Akemi

Bubba continues to prove a nuisance at feeding time, moaning impatiently whenever Akemi prepares his food – then wolfs down his meal so that he can snag some of Jelly’s leftovers:

January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
“Is it dinner time yet?” “No, dinner was three hours ago. Go to bed!”

Meanwhile, Jelly grows increasingly cranky and impatient in her old age (she’ll be 16 in February!).  She may be wobbly, but she’s still going!

She DOES enjoy her snacks though!

A tough day of football for me as one of my Vegas preseason Super Bowl picks, the Packers (14-1)  went down to defeat (while another, the Colts at 34-1, are looking like they’ve already called it a season).  Actor Roger Cross and VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, both Seahawks fans, came over for the first game.  When Seattle went down 16-0 early, Roger, conveniently, had to leave (he claimed someone was coming by his place to set up the wifi).  Coincidentally, he DID manage to find his way back after the Seahawks scored late to take the lead.  It was an agonizing end to the game.  And Akemi captured all the action…

January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
Roger tries to use some body english to steer the Packers’ game-tying field goal.
January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
It’s good!
January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
We anxiously await overtime.
January 18, 2015: The Week Ahead!  Football Anguish!
Roger and Lawren celebrate the Seahawks’ winning TD. I am not amused.


31 thoughts on “January 18, 2015: The week ahead! Football anguish!

  1. Oh no, that’s terrible about Lulu! Here’s hoping she improves soon. Make sure you keep us posted.

    “Meanwhile, Jelly grows increasingly cranky and impatient in her old age…”

    Don’t we all? 🙂

  2. “Is it dinner time yet?” “No, dinner was three hours ago. Go to bed!”
    the problem is dogs have no awareness of time, especially where food is concerned. so for him, 3 hours ago feels like yesterday & therefore, it’s dinnertime again.

    i’m not for the seahawks either. 😛

  3. Poor Lulu! I hope she’s OK. Surgery is always scary. Ziggy has decided it would be cool to grow a gnarly tumor above his right ear. It’s now the size of a tennis ball. The vet is getting laser surgery in his new mobile van. Ziggy is signed up to have his creepy growth removed one week before Allie’s wedding. Ya know, because I won’t have anything rise going on like friends and relatives flying in from around the country. Joy.

    Lulu will be in my thoughts.


  4. Oh! I forgot to say Das I’m glad you’re better. And when my dentist sent me to a specialist for an emergency root canal last fall I got this doc who looks like he could be Prince Charming. His name? Dr. Mericle. Yeah it’s pronounced “miracle.” And he introduced himself and winked at me. I wanted to run away. That’s EXACTLY the guy I want digging around my mouth. Not.

  5. Yep, I was hoping for a Packers win too. On the AFC, I’m conflicted and don’t really care who wins (I have antipathy towards both teams)…guess I just became a defacto Seahawks fan (for this Superbowl anyway).

    And poor Lulu! I’ll be praying she heals quickly and can avoid the surgery on Wednesday. Give her an ear tussle for me! I have some sympathy for Bubba too (Barb’s a duvet thief in her sleep), so sometimes it’s easier to just go find another blanket and move on.

  6. Oh poor wittle WuWu! Give her a wittle smuggwy kiss on the neck for me! What did they change her antibiotic for?! Geesh! So Bubba doesn’t want to share a bed with Miss Conehead? Not a nice way to treat a sick girl.

    ““Meanwhile, Jelly grows increasingly cranky and impatient in her old age…”

    Don’t we all?”

    Ain’t that the &#”%ing truth!

  7. Poor Lulu, sending my love to her for a speedy recovery. When In KW on Friday let me know if you need a good place to eat. If you want snacks for the crew let me know, The Scone Ladies are awesome and I can get them to whip up some amazing treats for everyone. Just message me!

  8. Poor Lulu. I hope she is going to be okay. I probably would have done the same thing with the drops. Poor Bubba. And Jelly looks adorable. Is it easier or harder to move around on the snow/ice?

    That sounds like a lot of work coming up for you.

    You must have imbibed some alcohol for your ribs not to hurt moving like that. Hope it is feeling a bit better.

  9. So sorry about LuLu.
    Praying her eye will heal so she wont have to have surgery.

    We were upset that Green Bay lost too! It was looking so good the 1st half. 🙁
    Despite the uncertainties with Lulu. Hope you have a good/productive week.

  10. @Ponytail: Joe looks pretty animated in those pictures – I’d say he must be feeling better!

    My cold however, still has me down. Blech. I can’t wait for this to get over.

  11. @ gforce – I hope you get over your cold soon. Mine tend to hang on forever in all it’s side effects glory. My job use to be so busy I couldn’t take off. Had to work half dead. But now if I get a cold or flu, I will be able to take off. So of course I haven’t been sick in a couple of years.

  12. Poor Lulu, I hope she has a speedy recovery and doesn’t need to have the surgery. 🙂

  13. Eye ulcers are very common in pugs. I’m sure her vet will do a great job fixing Lulu up. She’ll be fine and I wish you/Akemi patience with the home care. The cone of shame is terrible for all!

    @Das: So glad you’ve been sprung! Hope you’re feeling better.

    Poor Jelly, getting old sucks!

  14. Joe, I think you need larger doggy beds… Hope Lulu gets better without surgery also, {{hugs}} for her.
    @das, glad you are home and hopefully on the road to recovery. I think blue jello would be good, or maybe there is cake. {{hugs}}
    Glad you didnt get too animated in the photos Joe, the people from workmans comp might come looking for you. Feel better soo.

  15. Poor Lulu. What a great idea with the antibiotics. I hope it works, or least buys her some more time to get better. And poor Jelly, and her wobblies. But she looks adorable, and still as spunky as hell.

    I’ve never had a heart attack before, but the Seahawks almost gave me one. I actually thought they were done for, and left mid fourth quarter to check out the Colts game. I tuned back in thinking they would be doing the after game highlights. Instead, they were tossing the coin for OT. It was a fantastic game! I love the Packers too, but hey, the Seahawks are a west coast team, so they’re my guys. I do feel bad for the Packers, they played a heck of a game.

    I wish you smoooooth sailing during this upcoming crazy week. But I love the way you’re having fun with it. And I guess that’s my question. Since you were involved in practically every aspect of Stargate throughout its many years, are you finding it easier to produce Dark Matter? Are you a little more relaxed?

  16. Lulu’s eye looks like my niece’s…she has no idea what caused it. The doc gave her antibiotics (he has no idea what it is either), but I’ll ask her if she’s done a faceplant on the pavement lately. 🙂


  17. @DAS
    “You’re acting awful spry for a guy with ‘cracked ribs’.”

    Doesn’t he? — And who knew that “FANTASY FOOTBALL” is available on Wii..?!

  18. @Das: Glad to hear you’re up and about (more or less). Are you sure the whole “Hot Doc” thing wasn’t just a dream from hospital meds? 😉

  19. Looks like you may need more, or bigger doggy beds. 🙂 Did the vet flush LuLu’s eye to make sure their was not a grain of salt or dirt in her eye from the sidewalk? Glad you and Das are feeling better. Poor old Bubba. “Older and crankier” – I concur!

  20. Poor Lulu! Fingers crossed that surgery can be avoided. I guess her bootie wearing days are over.

    The dog bed thing is pretty funny. My dog does the same thing to my wife, but on the couch.

  21. That last picture….I feel ya, Joe. Now we’ve got to hear about “Richard Sherman this and that” for two more weeks. Ugh. Let’s face it, the Packers screwed up enough plays at the end there on defense and special teams that if the Seahawks didn’t take advantage of them the way they did, they’d never be taken seriously as a good team ever again. Although now, I’m not even remotely interested in watching the Super Bowl for the game. I’ll just show up for the food, friends, and commercials. (Strangely, Vegas oddsmakers have put the line at Seahawks -3. I might have to make a few calls, that seems rather dumb.)

    I hope Lulu’s eye situation is quick and simple to deal with, should she still require surgery come Wednesday. Even then, I hope they’re just using that term too loosely. Hopefully it’s just something stuck in there that they’re able to easily fish out without too much hassle.

    -Mike A.

  22. @ gforce – Oddly enough, I wasn’t on any meds. It was very hard convincing some people that I wasn’t, especially when the sugar high hit me. I was totally acting like a wired 5-year old after eating all the Halloween candy. Totally. 😛


  23. I honestly lost all interest in the NFL after the devastating loss by my Broncos, however I do feel slightly responsible for the Packers demise as things went bad for them in a hurry once I started watching the game. I’m curious as to how hard it is to maintain continuity with a show with different directors? Are certain things never to change, like lighting, or does a director have free reign with those sorts of things? I know most shows have different directors for different episodes, like writers, so I was curious as to how you as the show runner ensures everything looks consistent with all the episodes? Thanks!

  24. It looks like quite a lot of people watched that NFL game judging by the ratings(37 million). Equally sad that Galavant looks dead.

  25. Poor Lulu, please give her an extra hug for me, I hope she doesn’t need any surgery.

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