January 16, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  6 Down, 83 To Go!

Today marked the conclusion of our first full week of production on Dark Matter – or, as the call sheet will tell you: “Day 6 of 89”!  Today saw some sword slinging, cosmic cat and mouse, big reveals, and an FTL jump.  In other words, just another day at the office.

January 16, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  6 Down, 83 To Go!

The ladies can’t stop talking about actor Roger Cross’s smile – but I suggested they be wary of his warm embrace!  I informed Akemi that he would be dropping by to watch football this weekend.  “Who’s Roger?”she asked.  “The guy who almost broke my back,”I replied – which elicited a laugh.  A laugh!  from my own girlfriend!

January 16, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  6 Down, 83 To Go!

The make-up department makes actor Alex Mallari Jr.’s tattoos magically disappear.  In about an hour.

Our screen grab of the day  –

January 16, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  6 Down, 83 To Go!

Oh, it may look like some random shot – but it’s key.  Which you’d know if you read the comic book.

Our socks of the day, compliments of Natalie Cooper.  Yesterday was purple with unicorns.  Today…

January 16, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  6 Down, 83 To Go!

It’s baby blue gnomes.  According to Natalie, her collection is big enough to last us through this first season.

And finally, Alex Mallari Jr. regales us with yet one more Dark Matter Dance of the Day:

One musical episode coming up!  #FOURCLAN

25 thoughts on “January 16, 2015: Dark Matter production! 6 down, 83 to go!

  1. I know this is Dark Matter and not Chippendales, but could you make Alex remove his coat next time before the dance (or during the dance would be good too). Thank you. 😆

  2. So 14 more weeks of shooting? The waiting is going to torturous!

    On the games this weekend, I know Joe has some money on the Colts, but who is Roger rooting for? My son and I are rooting for Green Bay as a fallback. Should be a fun weekend, regardless.

    My other plan this weekend is to get back to the Corvette project that’s been on hold for the last six weeks due to CES demos and other year end madness. I’ve done a little prep work and now I think I’ll have a glass of Irish whiskey and then go operate some power tools…

    No, wait. I may have that backwards. Tools first?

  3. Another great pair of socks from Natalie. Thank you and keep em coming. 😀

    Great dance from Alex, 😀

  4. so… Will the DANCES-OF-THE-DAY Collection be included in the “Special Features” section when the Season goes to DVD?

  5. I suggest we salute Natalie Cooper by posting photos of our own quirky socks on “Baron Destructo’s” Facebook or Twitter feed, then linking back to the blog comments. Who’s in, and when should we post?

  6. “The guy who almost broke my back,” Really? Anyone with smile can’t have done what you’ve said. 😉

    I made a huge batch of cinnamon rolls yesterday and they looked good! I gave some away to the neighbors and froze the rest before the second rising. They are wonderful if you let them thaw/rise overnight and bake them in the morning.

    I finished Red Country and it was very good! Loved the humor in the book. I’d definitely read another of his.

    I’m going the Dive Shop today to try and find something to keep me warm while swimming laps. It’s been so cold lately that my toes/fingers are numb for about 20 laps! Raynaud’s is not for sissies. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of suit to buy? I was thinking about something lightweight like you’d wear for surfing.

    We are heading over to Dunkin Donut for some hot cocoa and I hope everyone’s day is starting off great like that! 🙂

  7. I have reviewed the Dark Matter comic books and still cannot figure out what your screen grab of the day is. I could throw out some thoughts but it would be a big spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the comic yet and don’t know what surprises they are in for with the series. So I guess I’ll just keep my mouth shut. But it sure is bugging me.

  8. Hi Joe
    I just have to say this out loud somewhere.
    GO, PACKERS, GO!!!!
    That’s all.

    BTW, the show is looking splendid. And to echo a few commenters, what channel do I want to make sure I have up here in Canada?


  9. I don’t have any quirky socks! They’re all sensible merino wool.

    I have to say, I’ve read the Dark Matter book at least 3 times and can’t place where that pic of the day would be. Maybe if it was lighter? I don’t know.

    My cold is FINALLY starting to break, but the last couple of days were pretty bad!

  10. How many Dark Matter TV episodes will it take to cover the material presented in the comic?

  11. Is there any chance of a free edition of the Kindle version of Dark Matter being released sometime before or during the release of the Dark Matter TV episodes?

  12. Jeffw is right. The waiting is going to be hard!

    Joe, I really look forward to your posts. It is so cool to see what a great time you all seem to be having on the production. It is as if we are all a part of this production in some way. And by the way, thanks for the photos!

    Yep, we will be cheering on Green Bay.


  13. Well done Alex on another great Dance of the day LOL

    Anyway, I love the direction Fox are going in, they’re talking about reviving The X-Files which would be amazing, and 24 looks like it may happen in 2016. Gotham and Empire being renewed was nice too.

  14. Hey, Joey, guess what?! I had a fart (amongst other things 😛 ) caught crosswise! In hospital on liquid diet. Seems I`ve been eating too many nuts lately. What fun. 😛


  15. Aside from a pair of Wallace and Gromit socks (which aren’t terribly wild, just black socks with an anti-skid pad in the shape of Wallace and Gromit), I don’t really have wild socks.

    For a period time my kids thought it was funny to gift me wild and strange underwear, so unfortunately, there’s that. Not that I want to go posting pictures of my undies, even if I don’t wear them.

  16. One musical episode coming up!  #FOURCLAN

    Well that’ll differentiate it from Stargate. I’m assuming there’ll be choreography too and that Alex will be doing a major dance number?

  17. @ Das – What? What did you say? You are in the hospital?? What is wrong? Get well fast and get outta there!

  18. All these dances by #Fourclan are going to make people thing Four is a fun-loving guy. Which, if I recall from the comic, he’s not. 🙂

  19. Thank you Alex for making me laugh (in a good way). I have the comics so I need to go see if I can figure it out. Roger does have a wonderful smile.

  20. @Natalie Cooper love the socks, @Alex Mallari Jr you dance move are killing me. 🙂

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