Well, as a result of the injury I sustained yesterday (see last entry for all the gory details), I was unable to turn or put any pressure on my side and had to spend the entire night lying flat on my back.  I also can’t twist, jump, run, or perform aerial gymnastics (the latter is a particularly bitter pill to swallow).  This morning, I visited set during rehearsal and asked Zoie Palmer (aka Lost Girl’s Dr. Lauren) for a follow-up medical opinion.  Her prognosis was grim and then she turned down my request for a prescription and informed me I should consult with a real doctor.  And yet she still charged me for the consult!

This morning, we had an 8:00 a.m. color session at Deluxe, our post-production facility, to review and discuss the H/M/W (Hair, Make-up, Wallaby) tests we did yesterday.  We’re taking down a scar, making some cheeks a little less rosy, and reconsidering the Red.  The wallaby looked perfect though.

I arrived at my office to discover a “Best Wishes on the Start of Production” delivery compliments of our former Stargate script coordinator (and present Orphan Black writer-producer) Alex Levine.  What a fantastic friend.  As of this afternoon, still no congratulatory cookies from Ivon Bartok.

January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!

A macadamia white chocolate and two chocolate chip cookies later, it was downstairs for a dress rehearsal and test of set elements.

January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
We ran a test of the soundproof walls this weekend, luring story editor Trevor Finn inside and then sealing him in. I’m pleased to report that no one heard or answered his plaintive cries ALL WEEKEND!

Note: As we move along, I’m learning more and more about the cast.  And sometimes, the revelations are downright scary.  Like yesterday when T.J. shot them walking down the corridor toward camera.  They hit their mark and then instantly broke into the S Club 7 theme song.  And more than half of them knew the words!

Director T.J. Scott and the cast blocked all of our ship scenes for the two-part opener (Well, I refer to it as a two-part opener but it’s more like the first two episodes of our 13 part first season), starting on the bridge, then shifting to the storage room before moving over to the corridors and, finally, finishing in FIVE’s quarters.  Along the way, we nailed down all the monitor displays (and there are A LOT), the underbelly discoveries, the shuttle reveal, the stasis pod awakenings, the emergency lighting, and the major sparkage.

January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
The access code is my banking pin number: 37655. Please don’t tell anyone.

Tomorrow, we do it all over again – but for real this time!  Prep is over and production begins!

Let’s conclude today’s entry with more pics from our very first Dark Matter cast read-thru:

January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
Director T.J. Scott, Line Producer Norman Denver, and actor Roger Cross (SIX).
January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
Roger Cross (SIX), Zoie Palmer (The Android), and Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) focus to the script – while I prepare to focus on my guide to whiskey, bourbon, and rye.
January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
T.J. gives everyone their marching orders.
January 8, 2015: Last Day Of Prep!  There’s No Turning Back Now!
These scripts are so absorbing!

31 thoughts on “January 8, 2015: Last day of prep! There’s no turning back now!

  1. There’s going to be wallabies on this show? That’s… interesting. Cool though – they’re so cute!

    Ivon better step it up with the baked treats gifting. A serious breach of friendship protocol there! 🙂

    I love that the cast and crew look to be having fun already – I think that sense of fun usually comes through in the show, and I’ve said that when performing that if you’re having fun, the audience winds up having fun.

    I suppose at this point, it’s like going base jumping and looking over that cliff – knowing that at the next step, there’s no turning back. Let’s hope that parachute works! 🙂

  2. oooo! cookies!

    And sometimes, the revelations are downright scary. Like yesterday when T.J. shot them walking down the corridor toward camera. They hit their mark and then instantly broke into the S Club 7 theme song. And more than half of them knew the words!
    that is scary.

  3. Your post today was a fun read! The tone you used shows it’s been a good time. Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

  4. @And more than half of them knew the words!

    Which calls for an obligatory musical episode. You know it makes sense Joe 🙂

  5. I also enjoyed your post. You are a good storyteller. Thanks for sharing and God speed!

  6. “As of this afternoon, still no congratulatory cookies from Ivon Bartok.”

    He’s mad at you because you wouldn’t let him be the android.

    The access code is my banking pin number: 37655. Please don’t tell anyone.

    I won’t. I’m just glad you didn’t use mine: 032310

    Love all the pictures of your pretty and handsome cast.

  7. It’s gas, Joe…gas. This is what you do…

    Get on the bed, on hands and knees, then put your head down on the bed with your butt up in the air. Gas rises…so…well… that should disperse that pocket of gas – a.k.a. cracked rib – quite nicely. *Note – if there is no odor to the gas it is most likely methane, so don’t light any matches/candles or KA-BOOOOOM!



  8. I hope you’re feeling better today, JeffW.
    And you, too, PBMom! I hope all is going well with you and your dog.

    @das: It’s no wonder Joe has gas with all that rich food he’s been eating. (by the way, have you seen the pictures of #4’s hair? Not exactly like the comic, but I think it works very well).

  9. I feel shame… also I have a real hankerin’ for cookies. What were we talking about?

  10. @ Sparrow – I don’t think I’ve seen said pictures, unless you’re talking about the ones here on the blog, sitting around the table. Have I missed something?


  11. Ivon B wrote, “I feel shame… also I have a real hankerin’ for cookies. What were we talking about?”

    Oh. So this is why you won’t let him be the android… he’s hooked on cookies and can’t remember his lines?

  12. You are a bad, band man.

    Too many cookies.,too far away.

    (Just kidding, hope the production goes well. eager to see the end result)

  13. Sounds like you have great group of cast and crew assembled there, been meaning to say that for a while, but have been waiting for an SClub 7 reference before commenting. I bear no shame in admitting I’ve seen every episode and own 2 of their CDs so yeah I would have totally sung along too! Ain’t no party like an SClub party 🙂 Speaking of, I just discovered that they are having a UK reunion tour in 2015, be sure to let them all know.

    PS: I hope somebody is taping these wonderful outtakes for the bluray set 🙂

    PPS: Go Hawks!

  14. Yum cookies. Joe I expect Ivon is busy figuring out how and when exactly to deliver a Moscow Mule in a mug. So patience my friend…

  15. @Ivon B: Send him some of those macarons from Soirette on West Pender! They ship! (While you’re at it, send me some! 🙂 )

  16. I could have sworn I saw a twitter picture with a samurai-style topknot. But now I can’t find the link. I must have been hallucinating.

  17. Joe, I’m sending positive thoughts your way. I know how devastating a spleen injury can be. It inconveniences tens of people every year.

    Very excited about the start of production! Hey, when are you scheduling the blog readers set tour?

  18. Sorry to hear about your injury, Joe. Thermacare patches help (and also help to keep you warm on cold days — 8 hours of heat). I put one on last night before bed and it’s now at least 10 hours and it is making my lower back feel awesome). My whole back is objecting to my knee issues. Of course put too many on and people will wonder why you are sweating. They can get a tad bit expensive if you use them all the time though.

    Cookies!! Yummmmmmmmm. That was sweet of Alex. May need to make some chocolate chip cookies for tonight. This is the first weekend I have not had a pet sitting the entire weekend since….. hmmmmm… thinking….. maybe… no….well I can’t remember. I am going to open my box with the Surface Pro 3 I bought on Sunday, load up Windows 8.1 Pro, load my other programs and sit in bed for a good portion of the day getting my 12-quart box of receipts into Quicken so I can eventually file my taxes. One of those things that got put on the back-burner as my life queued crazy.

    You should get Ivon to do the special features for the eventual DVD. I bet Lulu misses him a great deal.

    @SparrowHawk Thanks for the well wishes. I anticipated both of us being recovered about the same time.

    Wish I knew what S Club 7 was. I will go google it.

  19. I finished Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer. I enjoyed it but was surprised with the racism. Didn’t realize it was set in South Africa until I started reading it.

    Living in Memphis, I’m no stranger to racism but it was much more overt in this book.

    (Although, this one Memphis council woman’s racist rant, says it’s still prevalent even among minorities: http://wreg.com/2014/05/13/commissioner-brooks-says-hispanic-and-african-american-struggles-arent-comparable/ ) I pray they vote her out in the next election.

    Sorry for digressing, I’ll probably look for more in that series but for now, I’m starting Red Country.

    Again, Thank you and everyone for the book suggestions!

    PBMom: Once again, you make me feel like a sloth… 😉 I hope you start feeling better. No one deserves good health more than you (Super Woman). Love the Boomer pictures you’ve been posting on FB. He’s a cutie!

    JeffW: I’m glad you’re feeling better too! I don’t know how you do that insane work schedule but I pray you have some down time soon!

    G’day All!!!

  20. I think there might be either something wrong with your phone or there’s some kind of strange magnetic disturbance in that main meeting room. Every time you take a picture in there, the walls go blurry. I’ll send someone over from tech to check it out for you.

    -Mike A.

  21. Wait… am I to understand that S Club 7 is doing the theme song for Dark Matter? Interesting…

  22. Woohoo! White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is my favorite! And I heard that first shoots were today…a double woohoo!

    I arrived home today about 3 hours ago. It’s been an exhausting week. I didn’t make it to the CES show floor, it was just too busy on our company booth, but I had a lot of meetings and interested customers so it was a pretty productive week regardless.

    On the allergic rash, I still have some redness here and there, but only the tops of my feet remain itchy. Now that I’m home and don’t have to stand for 12 hours a day, that should clear up in no time. Thanks to Sparrow_hawk, Ponytail, Arielle, Arctic Goddess, gforce, and Tam Dixon for all the well wishes. Sorry if I missed anyone; I had to use a mobile Hotspot (company policy) and with the 150K+ tech people in Vegas, the airwaves were a bit congested, so my connectivity suffered (along with my spare time due to the 12 hour booth duty days). Now the plan is to recuperate for a day or so and then I’m back at it (I have another local tech day this week that I have to get ready for).

    I will definitely be taking off a couple of weeks in February to compensate for the end of 2014 and start of 2015 electronic show madness.

  23. @ PBMom – It is terrible you don’t get any weekends off. You need to talk to your boss! Everybody needs down time or else your knees will go bad. 😉 So you need to sit down and have a good talking to… yourself! Hope your dog does well.

    1. @Ponytail I traced it back. November 8 was my last day off outside of my Dec 5/6 surgery. If my daily cancels this week (the boyfriend has been home from the rig the last 2 weeks), then I have a new client intake Monday night and then I have someone next weekend. So I’ll get to rest some this week. With my job, I have to work when there is work and rest when it is slow. Feast or famine sort of situation.

      And I said I was caught up with the blog, but I’m still making my way through the old December posts. I figured I needed to keep up and catch up at the same time in order to make some progress.

  24. @Wish I knew what S Club 7 was.

    Nothing wrong with not knowing, they went 11 years without doing much. They disbanded in 2003 and reformed in 2014. However individual members had done things here and there with some other members during the split.

  25. I guess it is a good thing Cookie Monster is not part of the production crew. Maybe a contractual conflict.

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