January 3, 2014: Stormracer!

We left Montreal early(ish) this morning, hoping to beat the storm front before it rolled into Ontario.  And we almost made it.  About an hour out from Toronto, we were blanketed – first snow, then rain.  It made things interesting – and a lot slower – but we eventually arrived, safe and soaked.

Awaiting for us back at our T.O. place were a couple of boxes c/o Akemi’s father in Japan.  Before leaving for the holidays, we sent him a nice warm Christmas coat –

January 3, 2014: Stormracer!

Clearly thrilled, he sent Akemi a little something to combat the winter chill.  Warm pants, tea, and a lifetime’s supply of hot pockets:

January 3, 2014: Stormracer!

Well, we’re all settled in.  The dogs are napping, Akemi’s surfing the net, and I’m watching football, perusing some of the photos of our last couple of days in Montreal…

January 3, 2014: Stormracer!
Ralphie and Sis
January 3, 2014: Stormracer!
Akemi’s dog food sushi (aka dog food omelet)
January 3, 2014: Stormracer!
Mom and Sis
January 3, 2014: Stormracer!
My smoked meat sandwich and potato latke at Smoke Meat Pete

One more day of R&R and then it’s full-throttle prep as we speed toward the commence- er, the, uh, “cameras start rolling”.  Some of the upcoming highlights, according to the quadruple goldenrod prep schedule, include cast costume fittings, production meeting, a playback look-see, a post-production work flow discussion, hair/makeup/camera tests on set with the cast, a tone meeting, and the cast read-through.

And it only gets busier from there!

27 thoughts on “January 3, 2014: Stormracer!

  1. Good to hear you made it back safely! We’re expecting that storm here (in PEI) tomorrow, so as expected I’ll likely be staying over until Monday.

    Those dog food sushi were actually *for* the dogs, right? 🙂

    Sis seems to be looking well enough, which is great! And your Mom looks like such a sweetheart, as always.

    Can’t wait to start hearing about all the DM stuff soon!

  2. All I wanna know, Joe, is whether or not the Speed Racer song was in your head during the drive home. 😉


  3. Well, the flu slammed into me with a vengeance today…and now the hubster is getting sick too. Needless to say, we didn’t go anywhere today, but it didn’t seem to be that bad in the 417 area. The 401 along the seaway seems to be getting the brunt of the storm. Careful driving does it – glad you both and the pups made it unscathed.

    Come on, joe, admit it.. You love the rush of starting a new project and so do we. Thanks for your continued net rest in sharing…

  4. I was wondering “where” you’d end up running into the stormfront… You actually did better than I had figured. I’m gonna likely have a few inches of ice to scrape tomorrow – maybe… depends on “how” that 4+ inches of snow *melts* [or not] with the expected flashover “heatwave” and rain later.
    [ahh… #BurbLiving]

    Anyway, GOOD to hear you all made it Home safely!

  5. @Well, the flu slammed into me with a vengeance today

    Unlucky, get better soon. I’m sure a lot of people get it around this time of the year, I did before Christmas, but it passed after 48 hours. It’s the fever that really gets you.

  6. I’m glad you made it home safe and sound!
    We had some slush and rain here and now will be watching the temperatures slowly drop to sub-zero over the next 48 hours. Gotta love Chicago weather!

    And I’d like to send get well wishes to all of the gang here on the blog who are ailing. My antibiotics have kicked in and I’m feeling better.

  7. I like Andria’s hat, looks great for the winter cold there. Glad you all made it back. Sail on !
    das, not sure if Joe had the song in his head, but I have been humming it, thanks …

  8. That’s a really nice picture of your mommy and Andria. 🙂 It also makes for a GREAT Coke ad. 😀

    And I think I’m in love with Akemi’s dad. 🙂


  9. Yay on getting back safely!!!!

    Love the pictures!

    Joan001: Hope yall feel better tomorrow. Just curious but did you get the flu shot?

  10. Hey Joe,

    Welcome back to Toronto. Glad you all made it safely.

    I’m watching the Ravens-Steelers game too. I’m not happy with the turnover, but what can you do.

    I’m in Vegas now (I’m here to man my CES demo at our private booth), and I’ll be here all week. I’m hoping to get over to the Sands later in the week to see what’s new for this year. Tomorrow is the start to a very busy week.

  11. Glad you guys outraced most of the storm and got home safely. 😀

    Thank you for the pictures of Andria and mom. Andria looks great and mom too as always. 😀

    Akemi’s dad is so cute!

  12. @ Narelle – *waves* great to ‘see’ you! 🙂

    @ me – Thanks for the enlightenment regarding the ménage à…statue. It made me do a little research, in which I learned more about the Sabines than I planned to. Bottom line regarding the statue – the word ‘rape’ seems to translate in this case to ‘abduction’, referring to the abduction of Sabine women by the Romans in order to populate Rome. War ensued, and legend has it that the Sabine women (with their children) threw themselves between their fathers and their husbands in order to put an end to the fighting. All very interesting to me, and in the back of my head I feel that I should have known all this, but probably old age and more important things (like watching funny cat videos) has pushed it out of my mind. 😛

    @ Airelle – 😀


  13. Glad you made it home safely! Andria looks good. I had thought she wasn’t able to come over to your mom’s house very much because she felt bad. Glad that was not the case. Say, is she wearing Akemi’s, um, I mean, your hat?? Or maybe everyone in your family has one.

    Have to agree, Akemi’s dad is really cute. Seems like a real nice man and funny too.

    I also agree your mom and Andria look like they are a Coke commercial. 🙂

  14. So the cameras are starting to roll now?! OMgosh. I can’t believe principal photography is finally here! 🙂 Good things come to those who wait. Seems like a lot of responsibility you have, but you also have a great cast and crew ready to go.

  15. @ Joan001 – Hope you feel better soon!

    @ Sparrow_hawk – Glad you are doing better!

    @ Das “…in the back of my head I feel that I should have known all this, but probably old age and more important things (like watching funny cat videos) has pushed it out of my mind.”
    😆 That’s why I prefer dogs!

  16. @Tam Dixon – sure did get our flu shots. We’re quit insulted that we got it anyway – though it’s probably the mutated version.

  17. Side note – SO glad you didn’t name your new show/story Black Matter ’cause then we’d all be referring to it as BM…

    And yes, you are right – I should just go back to bed. 😛


  18. Joan001: I was afraid you would say that. I was still holding out hope that the flu shot would protect us, no matter what the news said. 🙁 I wish they would put Tamiflu as nonprescription!

    Can’t wait for Dark Matter to air!

  19. Joe, I’m sharing your excitement about getting the show’s cameras rolling! I hope you will post behind the scenes vids and some bloopers. Can we see what a ‘table read’ looks/sounds like?

    And yes, that is a wonderful photo of Andria and Mom.

    The Jersey Shore near where I am is getting lots of rain and only an occasional snow flurry that melts upon impact. I would rather it be rain than snow because I never bought a snow blower and it will be me and the snow shovel once it does finally stick to the ground. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the snow fall and how pretty it looks draped across everything, but really despise having to shovel it, off the car, off the driveway, the sidewalks, etc.

    Everyone stay safe and warm!


  20. I’ll second what 2cats said! That would be totally awesome to see and hear a “table read”!! And a peek at a costume fitting…

  21. @I was still holding out hope that the flu shot would protect us

    I don’t think there’s anything that can protect you from the flu, but I guess you can build up an immunity(In a way..) and treat the symptoms to lessen the effects.

  22. @Can’t wait for Dark Matter to air!

    Me too, I hope it gets a good timeslot and isn’t put on a day with some serious network competition. While Syfys scripted average is down, and I’m confident of a Dark Matter renewal, I still want to see the show do really well.

  23. Hm, think I’ll make potato pancakes tonite. How many times is too many to rewatch Guardians of the Galaxy? I’m feeling so cavegirlish with this bitter cold weather. I almost didn’t venture out at lunch, but the corner market beckoned with lovely strawberries. Food really is glorious.

  24. Akemi’s dad is awesome. Your mom and Andria look fantastic. Glad you made it safe and sound. When I read “snow then rain” I was waiting for the “ice” part.

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