January 1, 2015: Happy New Year!

Here at Casa Mallozzi, we ran in the New Year in traditional fashion: eating, drinking, waiting an interminable four and half hours for the ball to drop in Times Square, toasting 2015, and then cutting up the New Year bread-cake so that Akemi can inevitably find the lucky coin baked inside.

January 1, 2015: Happy New Year!
La Bombe!

January 1, 2015: Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Eat better

2. Exercise more

3. Read 100 books

4. Make awesome t.v. show

According to my sister’s friend, you should start the year doing what you want to be doing for the rest of the year.  For instance, sis will be depositing a check.  Me, I spent some time this afternoon working on Dark Matter, tracking the various character arcs, influenced as they are by the myriad twists, turns, and surprises that will be thrown their way over the course of our 13 episode first season.

Oh, speaking of my sister – to those inquiring about what laid her up for the past week and had her spending 18+ hours at the hospital emergency…mystery solved! It wasn’t a blood clot or pleurisy or the flu.  To quote Andria:

“After two clinic visits, two sets of x-rays, and two rounds of antibiotics, I wasn’t better.  I went to emergency the day before yesterday and after 18 hours, blood work, more x-rays, an ECG, a CT scan, and a heart ultrasound, they finally noticed I have a fractured rib.  No clue how I did it.”

Mom’s neighbour across the street said she suffered the same injury…sneezing. Having learned her lesson, she cautioned us to avoid high risk activity – like sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

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  1. Well that’s good, I hope she makes a full recovery. I had a pretty good New Year all things considered. And sneezing can injure you? When I had Bronchitis ages back, apparently you can injure yourself through coughing and stuff, I consider myself lucky that I didn’t.

  2. @4. Make awesome t.v. show

    I have a feeling you’ll be doing this for years Joe. The scripted average for the Syfy channel is so low that really, you just need to go through the motions and get your show made and aired, and soon enough you’ll be thinking about Season 2 🙂

  3. So. Much. Food. I swear after every Christmas/New Years that I will simply swear off food period for about a month or so. That only lasts a few hours of course, but I do usually eat much better.

    So, my resolutions (if I were in the habit of making such things) would be just like yours! Only slightly modified.

    1) Eat better.
    2) Exercise more.
    3) Read 10 books (I’ve already ordered 3 off your list!)
    4) Watch awesome t.v. show.

    Well, it’s good I guess that Andria finally got the problem diagnosed, even if it’s no less painful. I suppose she’ll have to keep any further merriment to a mild giggle, or perhaps the odd chortle.

  4. Happy New Year Joe & Akemi! Not sure I want to be doing what I did today for the rest of the year; sitting on my bum, eating candy, watching college football. Wait, what am I saying?? LOL

  5. Re Andria – awesome that they finally found the problem…. Absolutely incredible that they missed it. Now that she knows, it miight not be a bad idea to get a bone density test done. Ribs don’t usually break just like that.

    The New Years spread looks awesome too. All the best to you, Akemi and the furballs as well as mom, Andria and your extended family. Wishing success to Dark Matter and am looking forward to hearing all about the rest of the story behind the scenes. The only name I recognize is Jodelle Ferland. While I don’t know exactly what she’s going to do, I do remember that she is more than capable and am looking forward to seeing her evolving with the story line.

    I and hubby have been busy for the past month and a half sorting out the move of his 93 yr old step mum from her apartment of 40 years to a residence. It has been a tiring and confusing time for her although less so ( I’m noticing) when she gets proper rest without useless and unnecessary worry. Our lives have been put on hold so to speak to deal with all this and we have been renting cars here and there to drive back and forth to Mtl/Ottawa… Which is not a far distance, globally speaking, but for us, almost 3 hrs away so that’s 6 hours wasted in a day driving. Usually about 2 hrs but we live another 50 Kms west of Ottawa. Anyway, it had to be done, was accomplished and she’s somewhat happy…. What can you say to a person who has to leave their home of 40 yrs.

    My resolution for this year is to get some neglected paper work done, and go through the house and cull all unnecessary items collected and forgotten about.

    And what is everybody else’s resolution?

    Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with laughter, health and successful endeavours and a healthy dose of good luck!

  6. I think there are some radiology departments out there that need to be audited. I know some fractures don’t show up so readily or right away, but come on.

  7. Well, I am very glad to hear your sister’s problem is relatively minor. It will heal. Just go easy on the breathing for a while. 😉 But look at the good side… after all those tests and antibiotics, she got a clean bill of health! That is something to be thankful for. Thank you for updating us Joe.

  8. My New Years resolutions:

    1. Eat less
    2. Walk more
    3. Like Joan001, I too want to throw away all the junk or donate all the useable clutter I have stashed everywhere. I figure if I can just do one bag of trash or donation each week, it will not take long at all. I want to open a drawer and only see what I use or wear right now, not something I got years ago that didn’t fit quite right but I saved it anyway.
    4. Read 2 books
    5. Spend less time on the computer and watching TV (except for my new favorite show – Dark Matter)

    This all sounds reasonable.

  9. That is some spread you got up there! Look at all that wine. It all looks so good! I hope when Akemi inevitably found the lucky coin baked inside the New Year bread-cake, she didn’t break a tooth in the process. If not, then it should be a very good year! 😀

  10. …avoid high risk activity – like sneezing, coughing, or laughing.






    *grabs the tissues and vitamin C*



  11. I started my day sleeping until 3:00pm. I wonder what that means. Wow after all of that it came down to a rib. Wishing your sister a fast and complete recovery. Funny I was in the vitamin section of the grocery store and looking at a bottle of calcium and other minerals wondering if I should buy it. I set it down thinking unnecessary despite being not quit that young vibrant teenager of a couple of years ago. Maybe I should reconsider.

    I have been watching the dvd series “Firefly” and listing to the commentaries. (Like my LPs and CDs, I get much more from them than just downloading it.) For the first 3 hours I have been listening to Joss Whedon. I found then to be very enlightening and analogous to what you and Paul have done and are doing. I have a greater appreciation to the hard work you must do. Well outside the runs to restaurants and work place cookie parties.

  12. So… me spending Jan 1 mainly shopping, drinking prosecco and binge watching Archer is what I’ll do all 2015? Yeah, sounds like a plan to me!

  13. Happy New Year everyone!

    Speaking of “Top Lists,” my only resolution this year is to watch every single movie on Leonard Maltin’s “Top 100 Movies Of The 20th Century” list. I haven’t seen most of them but Leonard and I tend to agree on most things so I’m hoping for a good time. I reckon I can handle two movies a week to see the list off by 2016!

    I’m gonna do it properly, too, and watch in chronological order. I note, however, that there’s more silent films than 1980s films! So it’s gonna be a slow start!

    If I’m feeling suitably organised, I might even start a blog about it!

  14. YAY…great to hear about Andria’s situation. Kinda – Oh what a relief.
    No more sneeeeezing, watch out for DAS’ germs. I think I felt the pressure change when she did that. LOL.

    Happy New Year all

  15. Oh wow on your sister! I am glad they solved it… painful but will mend.

    We have the same saying, btw… that what you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do all year. Since one thing today was watching marathon catch-up of Sleepy Hollow (we were 8 behind), eating a dish that wasn’t nearly as appetizing as it smelled, and sorting through about a thousand pictures into trash/save/scan/send to others… I sure as heck hope not. Now if it’s more generalized — trying new dishes, watching tv and getting organized, that would be great. 🙂

    I had never heard of the lucky penny. During Mardi gras they bake a baby into the king cakes sometimes.

  16. My resolution is to keep the stupid dog from eating any more sticks and trash. I can’t afford any more $4000 vet bills..seriously, I’m tapped out.

  17. Joey, we really must have to stop meeting like this…

    By ‘this’, I mean in my dreams. 😛 Yup, yet again I had a dream about you and this surely makes it a dozen or so times this has happened to me – I blame it on looking at your blog just before bed. This time we were going out to dinner – you and Akemi, hubby (who I never saw in the dream) and me, and another friend and her husband (again, the latter I never saw – I just knew he was there).

    This is how the dream went down: You and Akemi and our husbands were waiting patiently while my friend and I were upstairs (the dream took place in my childhood home, not my current home) fretting about what to wear. None of my ‘good clothes’ were clean, so I was left with raggedy work clothes that didn’t fit right. I was getting more and more upset because I knew you would be taking pictures of the meal and your dining companions for the blog, and I am not very photogenic. Needless to say I wanted to look my best, but I was becoming more and more frustrated in my attempts to do so. You were very patient, but in the end my angst over not finding the right thing to wear woke me up….so I guess we never did have that dinner. 🙁

    THIS is why my wardrobe consists of nothing but black – makes it soooo much easier to find something to wear. “Hmmmm…what should I wear today? I know! BLACK!” Major life crisis averted. 🙂


  18. I’m glad Andria finally got an answer and that it is not anything serious. Fractured ribs from coughing or sneezing are surprising common. But a bone density test is a good idea.

    I had a lovely New Year’s Eve, but am a little under the weather today. Fortunately I was able to get in contact with my doctor and a week of Macrobid should have me right as rain.

    My New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t make them any more. But I would like to read more.
    And get better at organizing and delegating at work so I have more time to do things like read.

  19. Happy New Year Joe and Family and to all here reading the blog!
    Sorry to hear about sis’s rib, but at least she knows why now. How can something so simple be so hard to diagnose? Sheesh. I’m with your sister as far as New Year’s resolutions, I need to deposit checks.
    Be happy and be well everyone!

  20. Ponytail: I used to read a lot of S. King but lost interest later on. Mr. Mercedes was more of a murder mystery than a horror story and it really hooked me. Hope you like it too!

    Das & Sparrow_hawk: Hope you both feel better soon!

    Skua: I downloaded The Martian by Andy Weir. Thanks for that recommendation! I was eyeing that book for some time now. My hubby says he might read that one too.

    I downloaded a couple of your book recommendations Mr. M. and I put a few more on my Amazon wish list. Thanks again for the suggestions!

    The New Year Bread cake, is that like the King Cake in New Orleans? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_cake That’s quite an impressive spread your mom put together!

    I’ve heard of cracking a rib during a chest cold but it was in people with chronic health problems. They had Osteoporosis or something like that. I hope your Sis feels better soon!

    On New Year’s Resolutions:

    First, I’m going to streamline our finances. My hubby got a great new job at St. Jude but it was a $25,000 cut in pay. That’s going to take some adjusting. I’ve already cut out some monthly expenses that were just luxuries. I’m not really one to buy expensive clothes/jewelry. Books and tea are my big vices. Not giving those up though!

    Second, I’m going to talk less and listen more.

    Third, I’m adding more leg exercises to my routine. I swim daily and go to karate class twice a week but my legs look like match sticks. Just sad…..

    Fourth, I’m going to try to be more productive.

    Have a great day Everyone!

  21. @ Das – But if you would have gone back to sleep, you would have dreamed that you suddenly remembered a brand new, gorgeous black outfit you had just bought for special occasions. You would have put it on, found out it fit perfectly, and gone to dinner with Joe and everyone. Joe would have taken his pictures of the food (50% liked, 50% disliked) and his dinner companions. You would have been prettier than even Akemi (her hair was a little messed up) and we would have all commented about how beautiful and stunning you were. So there you go! 🙂

  22. Tam Dixon wrote, “Second, I’m going to talk less and listen more.”

    I was thinking the same thing too!!

    Except, I plan on talking less AND listening less.

    In other words, I’m minding my own business and checking out! 😉

  23. Happy New Year to all the Mallozzi’s and the blog gang!

    I’m so glad they found out what was wrong with Andria. Wishing her a speedy and uneventful recovery. I missed seeing pictures of her and her kids, it’s like a tradition now.

    Look at all that delicious food! I became full just staring at it.

  24. @Second, I’m going to talk less and listen more.

    That’s a nice resolution, though I typically don’t mind listening to people when they need someone to talk too. I just have a habit of being a bit too honest with what I think at times. If I respect someone, I’m not going to lie to them.

  25. Ugh. Left a comment and screwed up the log in. I want my computer back. ARGH! I don’t like Jeff’s.

    My resolution was to get better at reading this blog every day since I was getting slower. Broke it already. I’m trying to play major catch up to my crazy, crazy Thanksgiving-New Year’s time.

    @Andria Hope this finds you feeling better already.

    First thing I did on New Year’s was pet sit. So that is great. Well, no, I guess the first thing I did on New Year’s was swear under my breath at my neighbors who thought illegal fireworks meant they could put on a Disney-like display.

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