The plan is to leave tomorrow morning to avoid the snowstorm due to hit Montreal on Sunday.  More importantly, it’s a storm front rolling in from Toronto that will be blitzing Ontario Saturday afternoon so its imperative we get out and in in advance of the bad weather – and, of course, the kick-off of the first divisional wildcard game this weekend.  Speaking of which – I’m picking the Colts to take it all this year, partly because I think they’re capable, but mostly because I picked them as a 35-1 pre-season longshot while I was in Vegas.  Ideally, they’ll be playing the Green Back Packers who were my NFC pre-season pick at 12-1.

As I depart my hometown of Montreal, I leave behind many memories.  Memories of the odd nick-nacks  that adorn my family home:

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

“The Holy Grail” is how my buddy Lawrence used to refer to it back in high school.  Actually, it’s a soup tureen.  Thankfully, my mom recognizes its garishness and has never actually served soup out of it.  But that hasn’t stopped her from giving it a place of honor on the central basement shelf.

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

Creepy Pinocchio hails from what my writing partner, Paul, calls the line of “German Wooden Toys”.  You know, toys that only elderly relatives find endearing.  The kind of toys a kid would NEVER play with.

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

This one is, I believe, a fairly recent addition to the oddball collection.  Apparently, it’s art.  No, really.

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

The eyes follow you around the room!

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

A taste of the old country.  Then again, it could be Greek.  Not really sure what’s being depicted here but the guy at the bottom is certainly getting the worst of it.  As is often the case.

January 2, 2014: Outracing The Storm!

When I was a kid, I’d always unstopper this bottle, hoping I would release my very own Jeannie.

Next week, it’s the final ramp-up towards commencement of principal photography on the first season of Dark Matter.  In addition, I’ve got a few more behind-the-scenes personalities to introduce including a director, a stunt coordinator, a visual effects supervisor – and many more.  I’d also like to offer a little insight into the casting process, as well as a first look at some of our ship designs.

Stay tuned!

29 thoughts on “January 2, 2014: Outracing the storm!

  1. You failed to mention the quintessential nick-nack item in your photos. The DOILY under the sculpture. My Mom and Dad passed away in the past few years, but even my Mom in her 80’s and Dad in his 90’s didn’t care for doily’s. Now my Grandma, who died in 1990 at age 95 – SHE had tons of crocheted doily’s everywhere.

  2. Creepy Pinocchio is creepy.

    Stay ahead of that blizzard! I had about a day of winter so far. Now it’s a heat wave. Bleh.

    Very exciting to hear about Dark Matter.


  3. That storm is coming here too, on Sunday. I’m over on PEI visiting friends, so I’m staying until Monday.

    Drive carefully!!

  4. Hope your journey is a safe one Joe! Looking at the upcoming forecast for Montreal, it only looks like more cold weather, and more snow over the next week or two. The Wednesday temps look crazy cold.

  5. Safe travels to you and Akemi!

    I used to watch I Dream of Jeannie alot when I was a kid. Although I did not have a bottle like the one pictured, I would go around our livingroom and look into my mothers vases to see if I had a ‘Jeannie’ living in one of them. So glad that I wasn’t the only one who did that. 😉

  6. We used to have a bottle very similar to the one in the last picture. My mum would tell both my brother and I off for continually unstopping the top. We of course were totally innocent, a fact she disputed. That is until one day she was sitting in the lounge room and top popped off! Vindication! We also blamed Jeannie for getting us I too trouble 🙂

  7. That soup tureen is beautiful!! I would love that! Also, th….. oh phone call!!…

  8. I have to say I LOVE that soup tureen, your mom has great taste! Will also have to say those 2 dolls are just super creepy!

    Can’t wait for more behind the scenes of Dark Matter. It’s really neat to be able to be on the journey with you in a way, to see it come into fruition. I will admit I just recently bought the digital Dark Matter comics on my iPad and will read them soon. Really want the physical books just haven’t been able to find them. Maybe my next trip to Toronto you can point me in the direction I can find them.

    Now off to my blog to write an entry, day 2 of my commitment to write one entry a day! Wish me luck, we shall see how far I come.

  9. I finished “Thrones and Bones”. Charming story! Next up, “The Martian”.

    Safe travels to you all! The weather map looks daunting. 🙁

  10. On Creepy Pinocchio, are you sure that’s Pinocchio? He looks more like a wooden action figure rendering of Igor (Marty Feldman) from Young Frankenstein.

  11. Great. Now I can’t keep the “I Dream of Jeannie” theme song from running continuously in my head.

  12. The statue can be found in Florence, Italy, and it is The Rape of the Sabine Woman.

  13. I bet if you took that simple looking wooden Pinocchio to the Antiques Road Show it would probably be the most valuable thing in all your pictures. That is usually the way it goes. And whatever you do, don’t play with it now! That would lower the value.

    I love the dolls. I have one that my grandmother gave me that was hers. I haven’t even looked at it in 25 years now. It is on a shelf in the closet. It looks nothing like those girls in your picture. My doll is super creepy with creepy grandmother-like clothes. But I was a stupid kid and wrote all over the box it is in. Wrote my name everywhere. I’m sure that will kill the value since it can never be shown in the original box now.

    Joe please be very careful driving home! Not to sound like your mom or anything, but maybe you should call me when you get there so I know you made it okay… 🙂

  14. Mum had a gold Jeannie bottle. I’d always hoped there’d be one inside but as a kid I couldn’t think of three wishes that I thought were worth it so wanted to wait until I was older and could come up with some better wishes. I never did open it.

    Good luck beating the storm. We’re in the reverse situation here. We’re preparing for bushfires. I can see why the Aboriginals had this place to themselves for 40,000 years. Visitors would say, ‘Yeah, this place is pretty and all but it seems to be trying to kill you every way possible.’

    @sparrow_hawk – All good here. On leave for a few more days still then back off to WA for work. I extend my leave to cover Mum’s anniversary and spend it with Dad. All well on your end?

  15. Love your moms nick-nack collection, I imagine this is just the tip of this iceberg, of which I hope you didn’t encounter any on your journey to your temporary home, bergs that is not nicky things. I have the occasion nack, but I find that all the dusting required makes me less likely to have as many as my mom does, she collects angels, lovely, but can collect dusty greasy stuff, requires attention. I am hoping to make my resolution this year to declutter,need to get in that frame of mind, anyone have any ideas how? Loved momma Mallozzi’s food spread, looks delicious as usual. Safe travels to you and yours.

  16. @Ponytail

    The easiest way to answer that would to say that’s when the cameras start rolling.

  17. By the way, I’m not sure how many people know of this website, but Nasa set up a live feed from the ISS that shows its orbit around the Earth, you can see some beautiful views at times. The Earth looks so amazing up close in HD from Space.

  18. My mom had dolls like that when I was a kid, especially the bigger one and peach dresses are just mandatory. They stayed on the top of a chiffarobe in an all-red room that had no overhead lighting. I wouldn’t know if the eyes followed me as the eyes mostly stayed in shadow except for the occasional and brief reflection of light off the shiny, red and gold wallpaper. I liked those dolls.

    I can’t imagine leaving such delicate glass around my kids. They’re whirling dervishes, dancing to the beat of a hummingbird’s wings.

  19. As for the genie bottle, back in the 60’s, my Mom ended up with a few bottles that had had cheap whiskey in them that had a ‘genie’ look to them. They were pretty bottles. She filled them with colored water and they were, I seem to remember, in both bathrooms for ‘decoration’. I guess I never thought of them as genie bottles since I knew what had been in them. Thinking…was it Bourbon Supreme? Ugh. Nasty! You never can account for taste, huh?

  20. I hope your mom saw your blog and paddled your insolent behind, lol.

    The soup tureen, I am ashamed of you. Every year she should have used it and you all should have decorated the boy on top with various monster outfits. 🙂 Though sans the topping, I actually like the rest of it.

    I actually have perfume bottles and one very similar to the gold one… but I also have a huge bong, er, middle eastern hookah that looks similar. The right ingredients and you might have thought you got your genie. 🙂

    I just have no words about the statue.

  21. me: “on January 2, 2015 at 8:17 pm
    The statue can be found in Florence, Italy, and it is The Rape of the Sabine Woman.”

    Well now, there’s a conversation starter!

  22. @ Randomness – Photography to me is snaps or still pictures. I thought maybe “principal photography” might mean taking photos to advertise or for the promotion Dark Matter. Why didn’t he just say the cameras start rolling? The term had me curious.

  23. Your mom and sis have to take the Capodimonte-ish toureen to the Antiques Road Show, I bet the toureen brings in more than Pinochio.

  24. Most creepy: The dolls. Second most creepy: Pinocchio. Third creepy: The statue. The soup thing is not bad. That is very intricate. I bet you it is worth a lot of money. Most basement shelf treasures are.

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