Things I learned today: 1. How to make Osso Buco Milanese. 2. I don’t like Osso Buco Milanese. 3. Most of the Best Books of 2014 lists out there range from ridiculous to utter bullshit.  A novel shouldn’t be lauded merely on the basis of a touching premise.  Execution really should factor in. 4. My dogs will keep me up until 1:30 a.m. if they’re uncomfortable in a new place. 5. My dogs will wake me up at 5:30 a.m. if they’re uncomfortable in a new place. 6. I do not function well on less than three hours of sleep. 7. My sister dresses her dogs up in outfits almost as ridiculous as the outfits Akemi makes our dogs wear –

December 23, 2014: Things I Learned Today!

8. ALMOST as ridiculous –

December 23, 2014: Things I Learned Today!

9. My sister also dresses my dogs in outfits as ridiculous as the ones Akemi makes them wear –

December 23, 2014: Things I Learned Today!

10. Mussels are a real pain to clean.

Today’s informative blog entry is dedicated to long-time reader Gilder/baterista9.

19 thoughts on “December 23, 2014: Things I learned today!

  1. Couldn’t get a nap? I hope tonight is easier. Maybe the dogs could use some melatonin?

  2. Well, the upside is that it looks like you got…four hours of sleep? So, yay?

    Aww, poor Bubba! And Jelly! (How did Lulu escape? Or did she actually, really escape? 🙂 )

    Too bad about that Oscar de la Rennet or whatever it was.

    I thought I’d post a picture of my Christmas tree to offer you some cheer! It looks pretty real, but it’s actually just a good fake one. I always swore I would NEVER get a fake tree, but you know… old. A lot of the decorations are very old though, and I remember them from Christmases even when I was very young.

  3. Oh, Joe! Based on your list from today, if you have any of those bourbon cookies left, it may be a good time to pull them out!

  4. 10. Mussels are a real pain to clean.

    Do you mean de-bearding them is a pain or that you’re just impatient while they’re de-sanding themselves in fresh water? I’ve been fortunate enough to buy from suppliers that do all of that for me.

    And seeing Jelly in that outfit makes me think of some of the dresses that Lucille Ball wore in I Love Lucy.

  5. *curtseys*

    Helpful hint: Schedule your annual medical exams on or near your birthday. It will help you remember to get those important checkups.

  6. @gforce–All is well! Just quarterly labs due to meds and annual female’s exam. Thanks for sharing your tree!

    @joe–I feel your pain. Shorted myself on sleep last night but was able to get to 9AM appointment. Crashed in afternoon, but that’s usual.

  7. What are you talking about Joe?! Ralphie looks great! So handsome and dashing You don’t want him to be cold do you? He needs clothes. Is that Jelly in her daisy dukes dress? Well Joe, at least you didn’t have to get up and go to work after your short, fitful night. Count your blessings.

    @ Gilder – Happy Birthday fellow Texan!!! Woop, woop!!

    @ gforce – That is an awesome tree, fake or not! It’s a beauty!

  8. Thanks for the recipe, gforce! The one I had tried before did not have baking soda. I’ll give your’s a try after the holiday rush.

  9. Would like to hear more about those book lists you think have touching premises but poor executions. I happen to agree but then I think most of the books that make best of lists are over rated most of the time.

  10. Those poor dogs, Is this a wanna be mother thing? :p

    I hope the dogs are more comfortable tonight.

    LOL @ JeffW

    Beautiful tree gforce

  11. @baterista9 Happy Birthday Gilder. I wish you feel better soon.

    @Jeffw 😆 I Love Jelly (perhaps new Joe´s production) 👿

  12. Oh.. one day the dogs should share their mind of being dressed and tell us how they feel about it. I know my cat would destroy my face if i ever tried to approch her with some groovy outfit… 🙂

    HUm…. number “6. I do not function well on less than three hours of sleep.” make that 8 for me these days! i know.. but it is what it is…

    oh! gforce! nice Xmas tree indeed! and the fact that you have the decorations for so long is the real gift I bet! 🙂 good plan stopping cutting millions of trees for the one week all over the word in my opinon, we don’t have them since donkey’s years! last time i saw one .. well.. i can’t even recal to be honest 🙂

    Have a good one everybody! <3

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