December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

Whenever we bring out the suitcases, the dogs start to worry.  And, invariably, Bubba parks himself inside one of the suitcases as if to not-so-subtly suggest we might want to consider bringing him along.  It was only when he saw us packing away his dog bed that he seemed to calm down, presumably realizing  that, this time, he was coming along for the ride.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

Following us around anxiously while we made our Christmas preparations seemed to thoroughly exhaust him.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

Lulu, perhaps sensing a big day lay ahead, turned in early as well.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

Jelly – well, she was her usual alert and cranky self.

We woke up not-all-that-early and made the drive in about five hours.  While Akemi snoozed, I listened to the first six podcasts of Serial.  I’m enjoying it but, so far, haven’t been all that swayed by the suggestions of innocence.  Looking forward to listening to the last six episodes on the drive back.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

The dogs hanging with their cousins, Felix and Caramel.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!


December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

A few of the dishes she customarily prepares for my arrival: fried hot peppers, crab mousse, and stewed rabbit.

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

December 22, 2014: Montreal Road Trip!

And of course, for dessert, mom’s Friendship Cake.

Whew.  It’s only 8:30 p.m. and I feel like it’s more like midnight.  Tomorrow, I’ll be running errands (heading downtown to pick up lobsters) in preparation for our big Christmas Eve dinner.  Also tomorrow, I think Akemi and I will be taking over the kitchen to make dinner.  Akemi’s thinking risotto and is strongly urging me to make Osso Buco Milanese.  Anyone have a can’t miss recipe?

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  1. Aww, those dog pictures are so cute. Well, except Jelly looks slightly miffed. And your Mom is looking good, too! She treats you so well.

    I don’t have an Octopus Bolomanaise recipe or whatever it’s called, but I did promise to post my shortbread cookie recipe. This comes from a 1947 Good Housekeeping cookbook that my Mom got as a wedding present way back then. What’s cool is cooking from it kind of keeps me “in touch” with her, if that makes any sense.

    1 cup butter
    1/2 cup powdered (icing) sugar
    2 cups sifted all-purpose flour
    1/4 teasp. baking powder
    1/4 teasp. salt

    (this recipes doubles well, btw)

    Work the butter with a spoon until fluffy and creamy. Add sugar gradually, while continuing to work in with a spoon until light. Stir in the dry ingredients, which have been sifted together. (You may need to use your hands to mix eventually, the dough is pretty dense.) Chill until easy to handle, then roll or pat dough on a floured board to 1/4″ thickness. Cut into shapes as desired and put on parchment lined cookie sheets.

    I bake them at about 325F for about 12 minutes (the cookbooks says 20-25 mins which I think would leave them more like dark brown crackers!) Anyway, keep a close watch on them. The point between just done and over done is pretty narrow.

    Tucked into this cookbook right at the cookie recipe is a recipe for lemon souffle that I mean to try sometime, written in my mother’s own hand. I think that would be cool. And in my hands probably really, really flat.

  2. Also, I think that drive between TO and Montreal on the 401 is one of the most boring drives anywhere. It’s no wonder you feel tired! It seems to go on forever, and with so little to look at. It’s 9-10 hours from Montreal to here and yet the drive hardly seems any longer.

  3. Glad to hear you all made it safely!

    As for recipes, I’m not sure I’d have anything that would be on part with your mom’s cooking. Minced meat pie? Pecan pie (if I can get the thing to setup properly when bourbon’s involved), but where would you get the papershells?

    Our menu for Christmas is Duck and Ham (hey, maybe I should try a DuckHam?), the aforementioned minced meat pie, and lots and lots of cookies. I was thinking of trying your Drunken Uncles, but with all the cookies Barb made, I think I’ll postpone that until New Year’s eve. And my oldest daughter will be replicating my mother’s pineapple upside-down cake for Christmas eve.

    Oh and we’ll be making a crockpot breakfast scramble for Christmas morning (the ingredients actually go in the night before). That’s simply to avoid cooking on Christmas morning.

    I hope everyone is having a joyful time. Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Everybody please send me sleepy thoughts. I have to fight my nightowl gene because of a 9AM medical appointment…that’s been postponed thrice…on my birthday…😱

  5. Gforce–that recipe looks simple enough for me. Trust me; cooking is NOT one of my skills. And I may also have Mom’s copy of the GH cookbook.

  6. Hiya, Momma Mallozzi! 🙂 Lookin’ good! 🙂

    Wait. Are those olives on the table? Because if they are, they’re like the most important part of the meal! I lurve me some olibes. 🙂 <—- purposely spelled wrong. 😉

    I made a great gluten-free pizza tonight (the crust was pre-made…one of these days I'll try making my own…or not). I use the Schar crusts because they hold up to a LOT of toppings. I loaded it with diced peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic – sort of like a bruschetta mix – and lots of cheese. It was sooo good that I ate it before I could take a picture of it. 😛

    Have a great time in Montreal, Joe & Co.!


  7. My brother-in-law comes from an Italian background so we have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Salted Cod and fried bread with pasta most likely!

    Have to say that spread looks amazing! Enjoy! Say hi to your mom, sister and all the doggies from me!

  8. Well you sure picked the perfect “window” of weather to travel! It’s suppose to be crappy for the next few days… Hope you brought your rainboots!
    Anyhoo, glad you guys got there safe & sound! – BTW, “hi” to Mom!

  9. Mrs. Mallozzi looks great! Please tell her hello from all your (and her’s) blog fans. Always great to visit her house. She is so sweet to cook all your favorite foods. She cooks like it is Christmas dinner already! Does she always make such fancy meals or is it just for her boy? Glad you are taking over the kitchen and giving her a break. Tell her to go sit down and put her feet up… and don’t move.

    @ gforce – those cookies look sooooooo good, and easy!

  10. is my favorite OB recipe. It’s out of the CIA Italian book. I will also occasionally use America’s Test Kitchen’s version if I want something a bit simpler but still tasty.

    Do you prefer your risotto with some bite or cooked out? We often have to ask friends or restaurants to take ours off a bit early as we prefer more al dente than typical for many restaurants.

  11. Boxing Day Bubble & Squeak with all the leftovers….lots of leftovers, in fact cook much more than you need – especially sprouts & bacon wrapped sausages – for Xmas Dinner just for this purpose…fry it all up with fresh black pudding (blood sausage) & onion, LOTS of Worcester Sauce and let it get dark and crusty…trust me, it’s NOTHING without lots of sprouts!!

  12. Glad the dogs travelled well.

    I made Ossobuco Milanese a couple of months ago but can’t remember where I got the recipe from. I had a look though my browser history and the only record of it was me hitting the Wikipedia page about it. I decided I’m not a fan of the Milanese style risotto. I find the saffron makes it taste too bitter. (Or maybe I used too much saffron?)

  13. Glad the trip was uneventful and you all arrived safely. 😀

    Hi to Mrs M, Caramel and Felix.

    @gforce. Those cookies look great.

    @Baterista9: Good luck with your appointment.

  14. I was surprised that they announced a new season of Gintama Joe which starts next April. I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t announce Sword Art Online Season 3 after the 2nd concluded recently but I’m sure it’ll happen. Anyway I’m watching Amagi Brilliant Park, such a fun series.

  15. gforce: Thank you for the recipe! They look so good!!

    baterista9: Happy Birthday!

    Your mom’s food looks amazing! I’m using a lot of exclamation points today but I believe the occasion calls for them. That meal looks like it could be X-mas dinner. I second Ponytail’s question…Does your mom always cook like that? Maybe she could send you recipes and you could put them in book form!? Anyway, I’m glad your family is doing well. Is your sister going to be in the next blog post?

    I’m glad your trip went well (no accidents)!

  16. Looks good Joe. Dogs are people too. Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

  17. Happy Birthday baterista9!
    Mom looks great! Hi to Momma Mallozzi, the food spread looks wonderful and the cake, yummy as always. The dogs are gonna have a terrific Christmas. Maybe Bubba needs his own suitcase.
    Thanks gforce for the recipe, always on the hunt for good recipes.
    I baked all day yesterday, well it felt like all day,about 6 different ones and fudge, not really hungry after all that, not that i sampled any. HO HO HO!!. Your dinner menu sounds good also.

  18. Your mother’s fixings almost makes me wish I could be adopted. Just beautiful. Speaking of which could I get her recipe for rabbit? Last month I stopped by my favorite butcher store and picked up a couple to try out. I found some on line recipes but just rub with spice and bake. or maybe I will go “Game of Thrones” and put then on a spit over my gas stove.

    I understand your remark on getting to pick up on a show during a long trip. Just came back from one and really started to enjoy “House of Cards.” I almost watched the whole first season. I had fun with the story line, but do not like the theme music. I recently picked up a book form a bookstore near work, Signed by the author. I remember during the SG commentaries about the meeting room with all the exposition. It was a tricky subject so as to not bore the audience. This book as a thriller was just loaded down with exposition. Really made some of the books from the reading club much more enjoyable.

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