November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

Why do Japanese people hate root beer?

November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

But, on the other hand, they do seem to LOVE their tomato/cherry and carrot/orange ice creams:

November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

Polish lawmakers take stand against pantsless “hermaphrodite” I used to spend time all the time in my younger years:

November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

13 character posters for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie:

November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

Mmmmm.  21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Food Advertisements:

November 23, 2014: News Of Note!

Six Movies That Got Banned by Countries for Hilarious Reasons:

16 thoughts on “November 23, 2014: News of Note!

  1. For those who don’t believe that truth is stranger than fiction.. This entry pretty much bursts that bubble.

  2. We tried both of those ice cream flavours this past visit. They were kind of gross (and Mai likes ice cream at least as much as you do).

  3. Joe – Your Canadian Cold Front is all gone now. It was back up to 77 degrees today. And don’t come back!

    Tam – You can come get your bologna sandwich anytime! 😉

  4. I used to ask Asian Indian students at my college if they liked Dr. Pepper. Every one of them said they hated it, some said they thought it tasted like anti-freeze, which begs the question of how they would know what anti-freeze tastes like. I thought I’d stumbled upon some interesting genetic factoid, but it was probably some kind of advertising issue or, like with the root beer, a coincidental medicinal cross-over. (Or not so coincidental given it was invented by a pharmacist.) If it tastes a bit like Pepto-Bismol, though, I haven’t heard anyone complain much about that medicine’s flavor.

    Root beer would rightly have some regional preference as the flavor is from sassafras root, which people made tea out of where my dad grew up.


    I’m buying the Polish councilman’s explanation that the discussion on Winnie the Pooh was just joking after a discussion had gone on too long. It sounds like the kind of slap-happy, imaginative complaining that sometimes happens when people get tired. I’ve launched into scathing and excessively unfair criticisms of some children’s characters myself. It’s fun. Oh, you would cringe at the radically indoctrinating diatribes I’ve delivered over some toddler board books. Those things ask for it.

  5. Those are fabulous pictures, gforce!

    And flavor preferences are an odd thing: I just tried some ume (plum) candies from Mitsuwa market. They were… interesting. Japanese pickled plum flavor with shiso and lots of salt. I think I would have liked them with a little less salt and a little more plum, but they are just too darn salty for my palate.

  6. if those Polish lawmakers were serious, i don’t know what to think of my ancestor’s homeland.

    about the vintage food:
    did anyone seriously eat that stuff? and most of it seems to made with some sort of gelatin product. 😛

    scroll down to the bottom of that story to find links to more horrifying foodstuffs.

  7. Palettes can change and are definitely affected by what foods we consider “normal”. The first time I tried lime chutney I was expecting a sweet lime flavor; what I actually tasted repulsed me. The second time I tried it I found it tolerable, and after that I found I loved it. It all came down to expectations.

    Today was an interesting driving day. Leaving Nebraska and driving to Colorado we went from rain to sun to high winds to tumble weed sideways “showers” to snow showers. Now for a couple of office visits for work and then Thanksgiving with my cousins and families. It should be a good Thanksgiving all around.

  8. I’m not so sure about the Attack on Titan movie, I do hope its good though. They recently announced Attack on Titan Season 2 for 2016. It’s more a case of not having enough material at present to do a full season. Given the shows immense popularity, including a load of filler episodes would be suicidal.

  9. @Your Canadian Cold Front is all gone now

    Looking at the Toronto forecasts for Tuesday to Saturday of this week, it looks pretty cold.

  10. Ponytail: I used to love fried bologna sandwiches. 🙂

    gforce: Those pictures are great! Where are you staying in Zion?

    JeffW: Safe travels!

    Root Beer and Dr. Pepper taste like medicine to me too but I can drink them. It is interesting to see the culture differences though.

    Do you like those flavors of ice cream?

    My neighbor gave me some old cookbooks with some of those gelatin recipes in it. 😆 It was fun looking through those! (I donated those 😉 )

    On banned movies, strange, except for North Korea. Everyone knows they are headed by a maniacal fruit loop. I heard he executed some of his people recently for watching South Korean Soap Operas!
    Aren’t you glad you’re filming in Toronto instead of N.K.? If you get cancelled in N. K., you get Cancelled!

    Well, we in the South are nervously waiting the Ferguson, MO verdict….. Memphis police are preparing for possible riots here, as well.

  11. I actually saw Brokedown Palace. I hope someone has since told Miss Danes that you NEVER knock down ANY aspect of the very movie that you’re supposed to be promoting.

    ET – If you look closely, you’ll see that in most kids movies the adults are assholes. As a kid, I loved movies where the kids are the heroes who save the day in spite of close-minded adults who just don’t believe. I suspect (and/or remember) that kids feel that all grown ups ARE assholes because they say no.

    Some place banned Donald Duck for not wearing pants, too, but I don’t remember who/where.

    Perhaps root beer is just too sweet for the Japanese pallet. It is almost entirely sugar, after all.

    gforce – great photos. 🙂

  12. The sets are coming along nicely!

    Only $12.00 for that sandwich eh? You scored a real bargain. My ex-wife conned me into going to NYC for the tree lighting back in 2001. We ate at Friday’s in Times Square, and they robbed me of $12.00 for a crock of cream of broccoli soup.

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