“This tea tastes like the bitter sweat from a salaryman’s collar.”

– Akemi, the other day, on the green tea she was served at a hotel restaurant.

November 22, 2014: Akemi’s Inspired Creations!

So it’s come to this.  Bubba is now an unwitting model for Akemi’s inspired creations.  Here a simple towel transforms him into a cross-special Princess Leia.

November 22, 2014: Akemi’s Inspired Creations!

Keeping with the Star Wars theme, here is Bubba again, this time doing his best ewok imitation (hat courtesy of Akemi and her knitting skills).

November 22, 2014: Akemi’s Inspired Creations!

Check out Lulu’s “Why are you doing this to me?” look.

I feel kind of sorry for the dogs but Akemi insist they actually enjoy dressing up.  They LOVE it!

November 22, 2014: Akemi’s Inspired Creations!Fortunately, Akemi’s creativity isn’t limited to the dogs.  Check out the bento box she prepared for this past Wednesday’s breakfast.  Kawaii, ne?

November 22, 2014: Akemi’s Inspired Creations!

Well, okay, it’s mainly about the dogs.  Check out Bubba’s breakfast plate.

So, what inspired/creative thing have YOU done of late?

22 thoughts on “November 22, 2014: Akemi’s inspired creations!

  1. So, what inspired/creative thing have YOU done of late?

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all the things I was going to write over the summer that I… didn’t. Maybe tomorrow?

  2. Well, one day this past week, I had my orange juice AFTER my cereal for breakfast instead of before.

    So, there’s that…

  3. Funny you should ask…

    Tell Akemi I want photos when she makes a hat for you. 😃

  4. Did my Photobucket link go through?

    If not, I’ve also posted the image to the “Baron Destructo” timeline on Facebook.

  5. I bet the dogs do love dressing up, because if they didn’t, they would do what my beagle does… fight me and try to bite me the whole time I’m trying to put something on her, then if I do get it on her, she will not stop until she squirms out of it or rips it off.

    Your dogs will do anything (even dress up) for those fancy dinner plates Akemi makes for them.

  6. “what inspired/creative thing have YOU done of late?”

    I’m thinking.

    Does adding an extra slice of bologna to your sandwich count? I thought it needed it.

    I’ll keep thinking.

  7. This is inspired and creative…

    I have made the Thanksgiving Day dinner menu. I’m trying to keep it simple this year and have my niece and her husband helping me cook:

    Honey Sweet Ham
    Mashed Potatoes
    Baked Beans (crockpot)
    2 Fruit Tray/Veggie Tray
    Deviled Eggs
    Corn Casserole
    Lettuce Salad
    Orange Jello Salad
    Cranberry Sauce

    Pumpkin Bread
    Pecan Pie
    Sweet Potato Pie
    Various Cookies
    Ice Cream

  8. “This tea tastes like the bitter sweat from a salaryman’s collar.”

    Errm…and how does Akemi know this???? 😐


  9. So, what inspired/creative thing have YOU done of late?

    Nothing much in the line of creativity…just too busy, and I’m guessing that cleaning the house or raking leaves doesn’t fall under the ‘creative things’ category. 😛 I haven’t even been cooking much of late, besides breakfast. Geez. I am in a creative slump!

    But I do have a good excuse. Besides work and family stuff, today I spent the day at a friend’s house, cleaning and doing some laundry while taking care of her m-i-l who has advanced cancer. It gave my friend and her husband and kids a chance to get out for a ‘mental health day’, and it gave me a chance to do something for someone other than myself. No matter what you might say, Joey, there really IS more happiness in giving than in receiving. 😉


  10. Let’s see… Finished a Toque yesterday. Finished a Kid’s one today. Need to work on that still UNfinished Blanket… oh, and perhaps just whip up a case for my new smartphone..?


  11. ewww, that tea must have been awful,,lol.~~bitter sweat from a salaryman’s collar~~ makes you want to carry your own teabag(most places frown on this I bet). The pups look adorable, great job Akemi! I completely got the Princess Leia vibe there. I dabble in crochet and sewing a few blankets and baby things for friends. Have even done a few aprons for our waitress friends. Well mostly the ones that can wear anything but basic black, but have done a few of them as well. Fun to do,, just don’t look too close at the stitching. Always looking for a new project .

  12. Bubba is now an unwitting model for Akemi’s inspired creations.  Here a simple towel transforms him into a cross-special Princess Leia.

    I was thinking he looked more like Princess Amidala, but maybe it’s the color of the towel that makes me think that. Princess Leia was sort of monochrome in her fashion sense. 😉

    After that statement, I think I need to restore some faith in my manliness, so lest I lose my man-card, here’s the creative thing I was working on last week:


    I’m doing sheet metal cutting and grinding in preparation for welding. I won’t get back to it until the second week of December during to travel and American Thanksgiving.


    Which college has those colors? Or was it multiple colleges?

  13. This tea tastes like the bitter sweat from a salaryman’s collar.” I don’t want any of that tea! 🙂

    I love all those doggie outfits! I’m sure they love the attention.

    Ponytail: What time is dinner?

    On creativity: My hubby and I used to do stain glass. He would design the piece and I would do all the cutting, grinding, and foiling. Then hubby would solder the project together. We were getting pretty good at it. Then my dad died and my MIL got lung cancer. So we spent our free time traveling to one parent or the other. Last week, I pulled out my supplies and have started a few small x-mas projects. My skills have gotten very rusty but I have time to practice. Wish me luck!

    Did anyone you know in Japan get affected by that quake?

    Das: So sorry about your MIL. Sending prayers!

    gforce: Fabulous picture! What’s the name of the place your staying?

  14. I’ve been taking my organizational skill fails and turning them into smartphone app ideas. I have a developer who’ll give me a cut for my ideas if he develops them, but I’m not keen on being dependent on someone else for an idea to come to fruition so I’ve been picking up the skills to develop them myself. I’m still going to share my list with the developer because he’ll give me some decent ideas and if he does pick them up he can develop them faster. I then don’t really risk much because the cut he offers is hefty enough that getting it done sooner is still worth it if he doesn’t finish it and I have to finish it up.

    I’ve also been experimenting with getting kids to do stuff by giving things creative names. My daughter can get dressed for school on time if I give her a salt and vinegar potato chip and call it a “speed chip”. I’d been trying to get kids to have enough attention span to pick up the gravel that was scattered in my yard and failing for years, but it turns out if you hand out some baskets and call it an “Easter rock hunt”, even the neighborhood kids joined in on that chore.

  15. Unrelated but I love this song from Sword Art Online 2 by Tomatsu Haruka(Asuna). It’s easily one of the best openings so far this anime season.

  16. I finished a couple Loopy Loom knit hats, gussied up some old barrettes, and did some glass painting on old spice shakers for Burning Man.

    I have a slot to show/sell my paintings at a coffee shop, but they didn’t have an opening until July! So I will be painting over the winter, and I will do variations on my Happy Creatures paintings.

  17. See to me that hat looks less Ewokish and more Princess Amidala-ish. The result is truly stunning and gorgeous; the pups look like they’re about to burst into the happiest of happy tears! Please, more knitted hat pics, too cute!

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