My writing partner, Paul, got in yesterday for what should be a big week.  We’ve got budget meetings tomorrow, script meetings with Jay Tuesday and Wednesday, and a whirlwind trip to the SyFy offices in New York that will see us flying out early Friday morning and flying back later that night.  Today, we sat down with (well, actually, we all stood but you know what I mean) the Art Department, Costumes, and Props.  In the case of the latter, it was all about the guns, guns, guns!  And some swords and miscellaneous weaponry…

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!
A veritable smorgasbord of firepower!

So we’re looking to use replicas of established guns as the base models for the futuristic sidearms and ordnance our crew – and everyone from Galactic Authority officers to Corporate Guards – will be packing.  Both Three and Six will wield big-ass guns and carry chunky holstered handgun variants (something along the lines of what you see bottom left).  One, Two and Four will go with sleeker shooters.  Holster options range from hip and leg to shoulder and back.

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!
Yo, Slashy McStabberson!

Apparently the longer swords are your go-to blades if you’re looking to decapitate someone – but you already knew that.  Four, our resident swordsman, would be adept with all four sheathed varieties – so we’ll keep all four in his quarters so that he can always have a choice.

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!
And this lovely medieval pruning knife can be yours…if the price is right!

The ship’s training room will house a variety of weapons, from simple training staffs to more exotic blades.  Here, Property Master Victoria Klein shows off a little something from her personal collection.

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!

Trevor gets mouthy with Alison.  She responds in kind.

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!Our Props Buyer’s (Susan Woorts) shopping list will include: milk, eggs, cheese, and a half dozen fresh Berettas.

November 17, 2014: Welcome To The Gun (sword And Miscellaneous Weapons) Show!

Testing Alison’s reflexes.  Her rubber training sword is no match for my steel!

And you thought today was fun!  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s two hour script note session!

21 thoughts on “November 17, 2014: Welcome to the gun (sword and miscellaneous weapons) show!

  1. Well, that looks like it was a whole lot more fun than my day.

    I don’t know that I noticed before, but I don’t think I know anyone that does the crazy-eyed lunatic look better than you! 😉

  2. Ditto what @gforce said. Your day was a lot more fun than mine.

    The guns look cool. And is that orange tipped one a bull-pup airsoft gun? If you and the crew do airsoft battles in the dark, get some of the glow-in-the-dark BBs. It’ll look like your laying down tracer fire! 😀

  3. Two hands, Joe – TWO hands!

    Otherwise, you just look like some kind of freaky grown up Chucky doll in that picture… 😛


  4. I cannot believe that those two sweet, kind looking women, Victoria Klein and Susan Woorts, are responsible for all those big scary weapons. And look at Alison!! Poor Trevor is so abused.

  5. You all are having way too much fun, who gets to be the (Dan Shea) stunt coordinator for the show? not a good idea to scare Alison away….just sayin..
    Get your weather to straighten up and quit sending all the cold crap south, I am ready for Indian summer or real real early spring..

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  7. I’ll never forget my first day propbuilding on Stargate. I remember looking over into the prop storage and seeing a golf caddy. I looked at it, and it didn’t have golf clubs in it, because that’s uttery boring and normal. No, this is not the mundane normal world here, this is the film industry, so the golf caddy, of course was chock full of SWORDS.

    …I miss that place.

  8. @das – There’s something extra intimidating about a wild-eyed, non-orthodox fighter who’ll lurch around with complete commitment to his dangerously unpredictable movements. The dumber the moves, the more proof you have of his insanity and your counter-strike might still cost you some serious damage because somehow the crazy ones don’t get stunned and just keep barreling down on you.

  9. That’s a healthy little toothpick Victoria’s got there.

    Joe, is that your “anime” War Face?

    I like the idea of replicas and variants of established firearms. It gives a more realistic feel imho. I mean, if it’s good enough for Star Wars…

  10. Um yeah, that Medieval pruning knife is mine, I must have forgotten last time I was there, feel free to Fedex it to me. Seriously, that is so beautiful, I can already see it over my mantlepiece, if I had a mantlepiece.

    Bitter, bitter cold here my friend, please pack your snuggiest coats and long johns. I splurged on tomato tortellini soup and am regretting the carbs, but the bone chilling sprint to the diner surely made up for it.

    Still on the kale kick, last night it was kale with a little red onion, minced sundried tomatoes, peppers and olives; tasty.

  11. JeffW: Thanks for all the info Jeff! Hubby had a blog on but he has to give that up with the job. He’s looking into word press right now. Did you get all your projects done before your trip?

    Wow! Mr. M., you sure do have a fun job!

  12. Love all the weapons. You almost have as many as me, hee. Thank you for the inside peek.

  13. P90’s are very comfortable to shoot. The actors might enjoy that(especially since they’re just shooting blanks anyway). Then again, I’d imagine you have plenty of experience dealing with P90’s…. 😉

    I know I’ve said it before, but…. it’d be really cool to see an all-new weapon that’s based off some sort of magnetic acceleration or other “exotic” propulsion system. Maybe that can be Three or Six’s main weapon, the unique one that they built from scratch.

    So many possibilities! Must be fun to brainstorm all this stuff out!

    -Mike A.

  14. @Tam Dixon:

    I see your husband got his blog up and running at WordPress. Good job! He did that quicker than the time it took me to move servers on our two blogs.

    And I’m pretty much on schedule for getting things done this week, although a cold is busy trying to derail my plans. I’ve currently got a cold-induced “Barry White” voice, and I’m taking Zicam, vitamin C, and DayQuil to keep ahead of it. I’m hoping I wake up all clear tomorrow…I hate traveling with a cold; besides which, with all the Ebola-scare going on I might end up in quarantine if I cough the wrong way going through security. I need to remember to take my travel-size hand sanitizer with me so I don’t spread this.

  15. Oh my! You hurt Alison I will be very sad. Have airline; can travel. Oh, guess living in YYZ can have its benefit as Air Canada as they fly to Hanida and shorten the time into Tokyo if you are into that.

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