It’s all fun and games until an Executive Producer gets hurt.  And that’s what almost happened today when I was visiting set to check in on the construction of our bridge and corridor sets, and the walnut finish customized jacuzzi for my office. As usual, I was accompanied by Executive Producers’ Assistant Alison Hepburn and Story Editor/Script Coordinator Trevor Finn who are always on hand in case of public emergencies (ie. fending off the undead and giving me the opportunity to flee in the event of a zombie attack; double-anchoring me should a tornado set down in the neighbourhood, etc.).  I mean, sure, they’ve got their “official job descriptions”, but my safety and well-being is at the top of their priority list.  So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I was strolling through set and I slipped on a patch of sawdust.  As I felt my feet slide out from underneath me, I fully expected to feel the reassuring/supportive hands of Alison Hepburn at my back, averting certain disaster.  But it turned out I had to avert my own disaster.  No, instead of Alison sweeping in to the rescue, I had to windmill my arms as my right foot streaked forward like I was sliding into second base, capturing my weight on my shaky left foot.  I glanced back to see how close Alison had come to missing me – only to discover she hadn’t kept the requisite two paces behind me.  Instead, I found her thus –

November 14, 2014: Tomfoolery And Horseplay On Set!

Happily snapping away, totally oblivious to the catastrophe forestalled.  I mean, seriously!  I had to catch myself!  What’s next?  Will I have to hole-punch my own photocopies?  Throw out my own recyclables?  Be expected to chew my own lunch?!!

Anyway, I consulted the hidden camera I had placed on set to catch construction personnel taking unauthorized bathroom breaks and came across these snaps:

November 14, 2014: Tomfoolery And Horseplay On Set!

November 14, 2014: Tomfoolery And Horseplay On Set!

I mean, honestly.  This is a place of work, not tomfoolery and horseplay.  While they’re running around set, drilling holes in load-bearing hat stands and generally not catching me, fellow Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza and I are hard at work prepping the show and testing the structural integrity of a four can high-rise –

November 14, 2014: Tomfoolery And Horseplay On Set!

Which may seem like tomfoolery and horseplay but is actual important research for an upcoming episode of the show.

I mean – come on!

18 thoughts on “November 14, 2014: Tomfoolery and horseplay on set!

  1. My question is, why wasn’t Alison actually making a video of your near pratfall for our endless amusement? That’s the real tragedy here! 🙂

    Those corridors are really taking shape. Looking good!

  2. LOL…you are a taskmaster, Mr. Grinch..errr, I mean Mr. Mallozzi.
    Ohhhhh be careful. NO INJURIES!

  3. I keep telling the kids….”if you don’t quit it, someone’s going to get hurt and cry”

    Uh, joe, did you cry?

  4. I’m an Alison fan now! It’s wonderful everyone is having such a great time.

  5. So did Alison get any pictures of your slip? Judging from the sneaky smile on her face, she did. I guess they will show up later… I’m just glad all your arm flailing didn’t hit her or Trevor. Now that would have been bad!

  6. “It’s all fun and games until an Executive Producer gets hurt”. Hey, I thought that was the idea – get the big guy out of the way so someone else can have the lofty title and big bucks. You might want to watch for falling debris at inopportune moments, and unusual tasting food. What ever happened to that private taster of yours anyway?

    I am curious…is someone also in the process of building all those cool props like the ones on SG Atlantis? You know — the guns, the costumes, the blood?

  7. You are really getting busy. I’ve done a totally unscientific and completely guesstimate look at your blog posts recently compared to before the series green light. Much shorter. You are falling down on the job. Spending all of your energy trying to produce a quality product that fans will love, and neglecting giving equal consideration to food and dog pictures. You must be Iron Man! You must give full attention to the new series AND continue with in-depth food and pug commentary. 😉

    I am truly enjoying the posts, btw.

  8. is it just me or do the corridors (i presume that’s what pictures #2 & #3 are) look somewhat like the corridors on the enterprise-d? (which were a re-use of the ones from the TOS movies.)

  9. @archersangel: I kind of thought that about the corridor too, but I think it’s just the lower shape that is reminiscent. The upper “support” seems to have an open space and I’m sure once the actual surface texture and detail is done it should look quite different. I can’t imagine the Raza would wind up with the E-D’s sort-of hotel corridor looking walls.

    Joe, between drinking THAT much soda along with what appear to be EIGHT coffee cups that we can see sitting on that table, did you guys actually get any prep work done in between bathroom breaks?? 🙂

  10. Those set pictures are looking really great. I’m sure once you fill everything out and make it look ship like, it’ll look incredible.

  11. YA! Chick with gun, or Chick with power tools (even if pretending to be a Gun)! I am really starting to like Alison. Perhaps you could out fit Trevor with a broom and a carpet roll on his back for when you make your next appearance to the stage floor.

  12. Thanks for the comic relief in my day which was spent changing poopy diapers and wiping baby puke off of everything I own.

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