I woke up this morning and it was snowing.


And the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees in a day.

It’s so cold that Akemi refuses to go out.  She has vowed to never leave our apartment until spring.

I feel terribly, for her and for the dogs, especially Lulu and her super-sensitive paws.  As much as it pains me to do so, I think we’re going to have to pick up doggy boots.  Yes, we’ve become THOSE people.

So, hey, we did that live stream Skype audition session the other day and, as expected, it went poorly.  As Trevor pointed out, for an application software that specializes in video chats, Skype video quality is surprisingly…um, what’s the word? Oh, yeah.  Shit.  And I feel “shit” is really too kind a description of the picture and audio quality we had to sit through – this despite upping to unlimited bandwidth. The video was so choppy I felt like  I was playing Mario Bros. on my Commodore 64.  If any of you have stock in Skype, I advise you to sell now.  We ended up switching to FaceTime and things went much more smoothly after that.  So, to break down the pros of each application:

Facetime: Better video and audio quality, easier to use.

Skype: Only one syllable and perhaps easier to pronounce.

Our trusty Story Editor/Script Coordinator/Annoying Noisy Lunch Chewer Trevor Finn alerted me to the following big news story:

November 13, 2014: C-c-c-c-c-cold!


Amazing, no?

In other science-related news, I’m sure you’re all aware by now that the Philae probe scored a bullseye landing.  At some point, I suspect, they will trigger the charge that will disport the asteroid’s earth-bound trajectory, saving our planet from certain doom.

26 thoughts on “November 13, 2014: C-c-c-c-c-cold!

  1. Oh, Joe. This isn’t cold. You haven’t even started to feel cold. But look at it this way, by February/March when it starts to warm up, it will feel like shirtsleeve weather! Did I mention how much I love Vancouver?

    I have to agree with your comment about Skype video quality, but surprisingly, I find their audio only calls really clear. Then again, I’ve never been that satisfied with any video call quality, with the exception of maybe Facetime and then only sometimes. All the bandwidth in the world doesn’t seem to help, although of course it can only be good as its slowest link.

    Philae did land a bulls-eye! And then bounced off again, and landed a couple of more times. Still seems to be working okay though (save for landing in a mostly shady spot, cutting solar power), but last I heard they’re still trying to determine position.

    About the casting, other than the technical problems how did it go?

  2. Yeah, your stinking Canadian Cold Front has got me looking for my beagle’s sweater. It’s so cold down here in Texas, she goes outside and looks like she is constantly fixing to poop, but she is just trying to tuck her butt down out of the wind. She high steps it, acting like the grass is blades of ice.

    Don’t make fun of poor Trevor! He’s sweet.

  3. Cold?? We had a HIGH of -20C yesterday. Last night it was -28C. Alas, we only have a couple of inches of snow. The horses were covered in frost, the schnauzer would not budge out the door, and the German shepherd was annoyed because her ball was frozen to the ground. Can’t wait for the -40s to hit!

  4. What’s so hard to handle about this early cold is just the suddenness of it. These aren’t temperatures I’d normally be a wimp over, but here I am.

    I’m trying to take a hint from the Norwegians and still get the kids out often. Not as often as they do, but following that general lead of getting them some precious sunlight. I figure the extreme things people do in an extreme environment might not be coincidence, but adaptation, and I’d certainly call the Norwegian predilection for sending the kids outside in the cold extreme.

    My sister’s puggle has disappeared, most likely stolen. Running off is a possibility as he’s half beagle, but his beagle stupid switch is buried a bit deeper and with his value being stolen is most likely. I picked a really bad time to tell my son and he was walking around a school event balling until my husband could pick him up.

  5. Yeah, I thought I was having problems with Skype because I live in a rural area. But wait til you start having problems with Facetime…

  6. Joe! You’re from Montreal… You haven’t told Akemi about how cold it can get? How about a little shopping trip to get her the sexiest ski bunny outfit you can find for those really nippy days?

  7. Embrace the chill Akemi!
    Learn to *love* the cold weather.
    Don’t allow it to get the better of you.

  8. Thanks for the cold front Canada,

    That was a typo,right Trevor; it was really angels singing not sighing. 😉

  9. Just two days ago I was outside in a T-shirt. Today was the winter parka in the snow. I blame Canada. Excuse me, I have to go watch Canadian Bacon again.

  10. Nothing wrong with booties for the doggies… my friends are blind and have booties and like spikes as well for their dogs when they have to go out to get food etc… they so damn cute! And don’t forget spikes for Akemi as well! especially if they don’t clean the pavements out there… 😀

    Kriss 🙂

  11. yeah…I expected to hear about your Climatic-Complaints – especially after seeing Akemi wearing ARCTIC gear when the Temps were *still* in the POSITIVE double-digits!? — Buck-UP, Kids! WINTER was *6-MONTHS* last year! And Toronto got super dumped on. Actually, you should be “hoping” for COLDER & DRIER… It’s more likely to SNOW when the Temps are above -20C…

    whatever. Get some thick WOOL socks – [COSTCO has some nice Merino ones, oh, and great merino long-sleeve T-shirts too] – and FLAT-*thick*-soled boots. BTW, Joe, a nice little REAL FUR coat might also keep her WARM… And perhaps, main-lining some HOT Chocolate..?

    Meanwhile, what colours do you guys like? I “might” be able to find time next week to whip you up a WOOL-Toque or 2… maybe… as I BASK in my 16C room!

  12. @Cold?? We had a HIGH of -20C yesterday. Last night it was -28C

    That’s cold, ridiculously cold.

  13. Wow Randomness, that IS cold!

    Joe, it snowed here too last night. Probably the same front that hit you. Aww! We share the same weather system. Isn’t that sweet.

    Bundle up kids, it’s only going to get worse.

    I am not a fan of Skype. It’s shite.

  14. I can understand Akemi & the dogs. Here 19 today the rest of the week forecast is 22 morning, minimum 14 by night. I’m in short sleeves and this prolonged until early January. We have not seen snow since 1950.

  15. DP: Prayers for finding that beagle!

    If you get booties for the pups, can you post a picture?

    Yep, it’s pretty cold here. Memphis had a surprise thin layer of ice yesterday morning. The city didn’t have time to put sand/salt on the roads. Three people died going over bridges/overpasses. We Southerners do not handle cold weather well! I’m with Ponytail, keep your cold air in Canada!

  16. It’s a tad chilly here…still not needing a coat, however.

    Hot flashes do so come in handy during cold weather! 😀


  17. Ya the cold is here. I had to run up to Minnesota and shovel out my house after the snow (my tribute to climate change is I still use just a shovel). After all day in the Sorel’s and a 7mile plus hike with then on snowy side walks I don’t need the gym. (Yes, I still ware the rubber boots and leather uppers w/felt liners) I know what you mean about the dogs. My mom’s sticks its nose out the door and hits the reverse gear. I feel sorry for you and Ameki. After all that hard work of getting her house broken, well I am sure there is plenty of news paper. Oh wait, we are talking about just the dogs, Right?

  18. At my house we had a low of 23° F last night (and forecast again tonight) and it snowed/sleeted yesterday.

    Oh, by the way, I live in Huntsville ALABAMA!

  19. @Chem Is Try – yeah…had the same thing happen at my house, and I live in Chicagoland….what is wrong with this picture…brrrrrr.

  20. Same thing happened here on the West Coast. Minus the snow of course. The temperature dropped, we got the first hard frost and my tomato plant finally died, about 6 weeks later then usual.

    It was the longest growing season I’ve ever seen in Victoria, especially for my little spot which has a micro climate, very warm by day but often frosts at night in late September or early October. They’ve been getting later and later every year.

  21. Skype, hah. I had a lovely skype chat with my cousins in the UK; first she couldn’t hear me, then I couldn’t hear her. Then we both lost sound but had picture so we IM’d while pantomining. The worst. I feel for the actors, I wish them all luck.

  22. Very funny Joe! 😛 Identical planet- like a dog barking at its self in the mirror.

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