I’m very close to losing my voice.  That’s what fifty phone conversation over two days gets you – fifty being the number of actors who took me up on my offer to get on the phone with them to discuss their character, the show, what we responded to in their first audition, and  most importantly, help put these new scenes in context in advance of their second round auditions.  BIG casting week on the horizon!

But, of course, one role has already been filled!  The part of The Android on Dark Matter will be played by my long-time buddy Ivon Bartok who you may remember from such roles as Blinky Cadet in the Stargate: SG-1 episode “Prodigy”.

November 8, 2014: Dark Matter Casting!
“Did you say TEN dimensions?”


Anyway, here he is at Friday’s costume fitting…

November 8, 2014: Dark Matter Casting!
“Meep bop meep!”

He’s sort of a cross between R2D2, Oscar the Grouch, and raver Gazoo.

Well, if you weren’t excited about the show before, I’m sure you are now with this HUGE casting announcement!

20 thoughts on “November 8, 2014: Dark Matter casting!

  1. That would be so awesome. Although, that costume looks more like a 7-11 Big Gulp.

    Ivon looks so young in that first picture! Um, well, not that he doesn’t look young now, of course.

    Hey, Ivon! 🙂

  2. Look, I’m not saying you should cast Brent Spiner as the android. I just think it would be hilarious if you did.

  3. Hey Joe!

    Barb and I went to see Big Hero 6 tonight, and immediately noticed a big Stargate gate connection (a major homage to Stargate!) and even a reference to “Baron von Destructo”! It made me wonder if you’re friends with John Lasseter…

    I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but if you go keep a watch out for a gate.

  4. I kind of get casting Ivon as the android.
    Being that the character is an android…you can probably
    kill/destroy him off somewhat quickly..and then rebuild
    the android as played by an *all new* actor sporting a
    different..but maybe not better..look.

    ..and of course…all in an episode scripted out by Mr. Robert C, Cooper.

  5. Wow, really? Congrats to Ivon! He’ll be great! Don’t cover up his pretty face! Or smush his hair. 🙂

  6. You know, Winst had an interesting idea. Are you going to let Robert C Cooper write and direct an episode? It would be epic, and over budget, of course. (I am remembering Vegas and Sateda. A couple of SGA’s greatest.)

  7. Yea to ivon. Don’t put him in a mask, weird makeup, no funny hats, no wigs and yes to skin tight clothing. If you expect women to look good, then we want our men to look fabulous.

  8. Ivon The Android. so Ivon can record with his camera a lot of additional material. He also has the perfect hair there is no way uncombed iy nor a hurricane.

  9. LOL @ “Raver Gazoo”. Hopefully that’s cooler than the regular Gazoo, a character I despised even as a kid.

  10. Sooooo, is he actually cast as the android, or is the whole post a joke?

    FWIW, if he is cast, cool!

  11. Yeah, I’m with gforce; I find Gazoo annoying and unfunny. So costumes evoking that character are right out.

    And it would be a terrible waste to hide Ivon under a cold plastic exterior. Definitely need a different costume for the show!

  12. @fifty being the number of actors who took me up on my offer to get on the phone with them to discuss their character, the show, what we responded to in their first audition

    Proving how beloved the Science Fiction genre is in general 🙂

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