November 3, 2014: Well, Look Who It Is!  And Weekend Remnants!

Well look who started work at the Dark Matter production offices today.  It’s none other than Trevor Finn!  Blog regulars know that my working relationship with Trevor goes way back.  From his humble beginnings as Associate in Charge of Draining My Pet Baboon’s Anal Glands to Story Editor/Script Coordinator – he’s come a long way, baby.

November 3, 2014: Well, Look Who It Is!  And Weekend Remnants!
Striking a pose from the cover of his breakout album, Straight Outta Scarborough

Trevor also wrote what will be episode #8 of Dark Matter’s first season.  I’ll be sure to subject him to fan Q&A (aka “a good ole fashioned coal-raking”) after it airs.

November 3, 2014: Well, Look Who It Is!  And Weekend Remnants!

Oooh, check out the new cufflinks I picked up at TIFF Lightbox shop.  They had tie-fighters as well but they were just painted faces rather than actual sculpts.  This time next year, I’ll get a custom pair of our ship, The Raza.

November 3, 2014: Well, Look Who It Is!  And Weekend Remnants!

SOMA Chocolate (443 King St W and 32 Tank House Ln) is offering this roasted white chocolate bar – something that is, apparently, all the rage in Japan.  Tastes like creme brûlée!

November 3, 2014: Well, Look Who It Is!  And Weekend Remnants!

While out and about, Akemi encountered these adorable little girls who wanted to play with her for a REALLY long time.

28 thoughts on “November 3, 2014: Well, look who it is! And weekend remnants!

  1. Trevor! Welcome back! My congratulations on coming on board!

    Those two girls behind Akemi are pretty creepy looking! I can’t place where they’re from, but they sure look familiar.

  2. @gforce – Cutest. dog. ever.

    @Trevor – well done on the script writing. I’m looking forward to your episode.

    Joe – Have you guys been to Kensington Market yet? If yes, what, besides food, is on offer?

  3. @gforce are from The shining.

    Welcome Trevor. I hope you managed to deceive the baboons at least until after the shooting. We are looking forward to seeing your episode … all season really. Poor Akemi looks be scared.

  4. That chocolate looks good, thanks,
    Did you not have a hand in naming Trevors baby, back a couple years ago? Such wonderful names if I remember(hah). Nice to see you Trevor, welcome!!
    ~~waves to Akemi and her new friends,, Akemi,,,run…!!

  5. @Skua: What’s funny is that I just saw an advertisement on Space Channel for a Kubrick retrospective that had that exact scene from “The Shining” in it. My first thought was, “Oh, there they are!” 🙂

    @baterista9: I had the same thought, but they really do seem completely unrelated so I figured it was just coincidence.

  6. Trevor!!! Finally a familiar face! Is he back for more abuse from Joe? How is his little girl “Muff”? I can’t remember what Joe wanted to name her. Something like Rubella or Ebola… Distemper. Some disease sounding name. 😉

    You better go get Akemi or she’ll be playing with those girls forevaa, and evaa, and evaa…

    @ gforce – Ok that’s it! Give me that dog!!

  7. Yeah, how is little Euphemia doing anyway? I do hope she has come to love her name as we do.

    @Ponytail: I wish he was my dog! I’m kind of his uncle. That pic is one of the few milliseconds that he wasn’t moving. Does it help to know that when you pick him up he feels like a big plush toy? 🙂

  8. Hi Joe
    I don’t know where Akemi is in that photo, but she looks a lot colder than it’s been in Toronto. I live here too and I haven’t had on anything other than a sweater. I take it she feels it more, or doesn’t want to take chances.


  9. Is it THAT cold in T.O. right now? My bedroom is a balmy 15C right now and I’ve just got a light-sweater on! — Come January you’ll have to get Trevor to disembowel a tauntaun for Her to stay warm in!

  10. Hey Trevor!

    Roasted chocolate? How the hell do you do that? Google ftw.

    Cool cufflinks!


  11. Little Eufemia “Muff” Finn (3 years old on Wednesday!) is doing well, though she has the annoying habit of referring to herself as “Ava”. With time, repetition, and merciless penalization, she’ll come to accept it.

    Great to be back working with Joe and Paul, as well as the new Dark Matter crew! It’s going to be a fun show!

  12. Trevor, thanks for the update on Ava. Haha 3, that can be a tough age, the terrible twos is really just a phase that starts at 2 3/4 and lasts until 3 1/2. She’s thinking much more complicated thoughts, but won’t always be able to articulate them or understand why you’re not cooperating. But, as a writer, you’re going to love 4 especially. They ooze imagination.

  13. @ baterista9 – Everyone knows that The Raza is short for ‘Razaberry’, which is ‘raspberry’, said with an Italian accent. 🙂


  14. Custom cufflinks of The Raza? If you are serious, maybe some money could be saved by doing a group purchase? Obviously depending on the final price, I’d be interested in a custom set of cufflinks from my soon to be new favorite show. 🙂

  15. gforce: I used to love working with pups as a vet tech. I could play with them and send them home later. The way puppies play until they drop dead asleep always made me laugh.

    Welcome Trevor! How old is your daughter now?

    Thanks for the prayers about my hubby’s job! St. Jude has offered him a software architect position. It’s a long drive to downtown Memphis but St. Jude is a great company. Hubby did some contract work there 8-9 yrs. ago and some of the people he worked with are still there.

  16. @Trevor also wrote what will be episode #8 of Dark Matter’s first season

    I hope you keep him around for the second season too. Thinking ahead and thinking positive 🙂

  17. Oh I just saw Trevor’s post: Little Eufemia “Muff” Finn (3 years old on Wednesday!) is doing well, though she has the annoying habit of referring to herself as “Ava”. With time, repetition, and merciless penalization, she’ll come to accept it. Thanks for the update! Three is a fun age.

  18. DP: My son started with colic (at birth) and stayed cranky until he could talk (he was a late talker-2 1/2). With him, part of the problem was his frustration that we couldn’t read his mind. If I had to do it all over again, I would have taught him sign language. Loved your description of child development!

    Last post, promise!

  19. @ Trevor – I can’t believe your baby girl is three! My how time flies! Happy birthday to little Eufie.

    @ Tam Dixon – Great news! Tell your husband congratulations Finding a job is a job. Glad he found a good one.

  20. Welcome back, Trevor! Great to see you again even if it is virtually. How about a picture of little Euphemia? Joe can take a picture of the picture and post it! If you don’t mind .

  21. I will be extra vigilant during ep 8 for all the Trevorly written goodness. Today I tried brussels sprouts for the first time. They were quite good, even with the emergency phone call to my sis for cooking tips. I feel 70 percent healthier just from having experienced them.

  22. Tired of blasters, projectiles cause extra payload on a spaceship. How about a blaster that screws with the artificial gravity and does something cool like bang some heads together?

  23. wow, I missed out on Trevor. Tell Akemi to get out of there REDRUM!!! The marshmallows look fabulous. SOMA is a brand name for a muscle relaxer or intimates so that fits well with chocolate I think. The cuff links are fabulous. And I can’t believe Trevor’s daughter is almost 3 already. And I love Riley.

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