1. As flexible as nylon, more robust than steel, an artificial spider silk called QMONOS (kumo-no-su being Japanese for spider web) is apparently poised for mass production in everything from super lightweight bulletproof vests to automobiles.


According to the article, this unique silk is so strong that it could snag a jumbo jet in mid-flight.

“Spiber claims its spiderweb is not only seven times tougher than aramid fibres, which are used for bullet-proof vests, but weighs just one-sixth that of steel and 40 per cent less than carbon-fibre. The company says its product will “go close” to reproducing those qualities.” (http://www.motoring.com.au/news/2014/cars-from-cobwebs-46595)

October 13, 2014: Akemi’s News Of Japan!

I, for one, would love a spider silk suit – but don’t see one on the company website.  I do, however, see this fetching blue cocktail dress.  Maybe perfect for Akemi when her birthday rolls around next April – by which point I’m sure the price will have come down considerably.


2. According to Akemi, sumo wrestlers consume one enormous meal a day.  This starve-binge schedule accounts for their enormous weight.

In retrospect, however, Akemi isn’t sure this is true and suspects it may just be a story she heard from her grandmother.

3. Scientists in Japan are creating noodles out of wood!  Well, close.  They’re using cellulose – which is not all that new.  We’ve been enjoying its high-fibre, low-cal benefits for years now:


What’s interesting about the Japanese noodles is that they’re composed entirely of cellulose, making them calorie (and flavor) free!

4. According to Akemi, if you dream about Mount Fuji, two eagles, and three eggplants on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have a great year.  Apparently, those details are set in stone so you can’t be dreaming about Mount Kilimanjaro or  three kumquats or even two eggplants and still expect to have a great year.  When I questioned her about this, she insisted: “It’s common sense.”  I tried to explain to her that “common sense” assumes the application of simple logic – in this case, to a causal relationship.  i.e. – If you set fire to a book, it will burn.  But she remained adamant.  “If you ask ninety percent of Japanese people, ninety-nine point nine percent will know this.  It’s common sense!”

 October 13, 2014: Akemi’s News Of Japan!

We’re barreling through Fall and heading straight toward Winter.  What happened to 2014?!

P.S. Tomorrow IS the day.  Finally.  An official announcement on my new series will be made.

I’m hoping.

31 thoughts on “October 13, 2014: Akemi’s News of Japan!

  1. You’re in charge of a big, fancy graphics department. Make that artificial spider web snags jumbo jet thing virtually happen, please.

  2. Love the Japanese fast facts. Wait, I think I had that exact dream last year! I think it was only two eggplants though, so that explains a lot.

    That artificial spider web material looks fascinating. So many applications if it can be commercialized. (Other than for bulletproof cocktail dresses, that is.)

    I hear ya about zooming through Fall, it seems like it just started and within two weeks probably all the leaves will be gone from the trees. We seem to have had a particularly good year for foliage, though. The colours seems a bit more intense than usual.

    Can’t wait for the big announcement tomorrow!! It will be so… official! 🙂

  3. So, am I reading (and calculating) it right that 89.9% of people know the dream thing? 😉 It will be just my luck I’ll have that dream on Dec. 30th.

    Thanks for the pics comments, folks! And @PBMom, what a busy life!

  4. Just get Akemi’s dress now and you won’t have to worry about it in April. It sure is pretty.

    @ gforce – Your pictures yesterday were absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye, great camera, and beautiful area you live in.

    @ PBMom – Sorry about your knee. Take care of yourself. Don’t put off surgery too long.

  5. I remember Akemi talking about the sumo wrestlers yesterday. Was the theory that the starve then gorge routine caused the body to store more weight? It looks like she’s right:


    And that Spider-silk story makes me wonder how long before we see spider silk composites in car racing and aviation.


    Sorry to hear about your knee. Is it really only going to be a few days in recovery? That’s great if so! Makes me wish I had had meniscus problems last year instead of knee cap issues. I’m praying your recovery is quick and your pain is minimized. Get well soon!


    How is Monday Night Football treating the Snow Monkeys? I was wondering which player is on the Snow Monkeys tonight? Davis?

    Anyway, go Snow Monkeys!


    Great pictures! Do you have a Web link for you photography? It looks great!

  6. Fascinating stuff, I’m wondering if you could make lightweight cars from the spider silk, yet another cool Ted talk.

    I gotta go to the eye doc tomorrow, somehow my bad sinus infection migrated to my eyes, either that or I’m becoming a zombie.

    I really liked Happy Valley, one of those brit mysteries they keep pushing on Netflix. It turns out my Netflix really does know my preferences after all. It’s like a neglectful lover who keeps gifting you with wrench sets from Home Depot and then one day gives you a dozen roses.

  7. LOL common sense, common knowledge, give her a break!

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving! I meant to come wish it and got sidetracked.

    Cannot wait for official announcement!

  8. Time has literally flown past this year, next thing you know we’ll be reading you’ve been renewed for a second season 🙂

    Anyway this was released recently for Sword Art Online 2s Caliber arc that starts this weekend. Sinon has also converted from GGO to join the main cast too. It’s not a long arc, maybe a few episodes at most. Plenty of action too.

  9. About the mt fuji, eagle and eggplant …apparently it’s considered an old belief. They called it “hatsuyume” or first dream.

  10. “According to the article, this unique silk is so strong that it could snag a jumbo jet in mid-flight.”

    Wasn’t this scene deleted from one of the Spiderman movies?

  11. Lee I am wondering the same thing; where do we go to look for the announcement? Saw a SyFy announcement and got excited, then after I read it had to face disappointment as it wasn’t about yours.

  12. No ceases to amaze me, the coincidence (if there is such a thing?) of the tenth anniversary of Stargate Atlantis with the start of a new adventure. And the near birthday of someone we know well.
    And im not dreamed eggplants. 🙄

  13. Sadly in Rancho California Summer is holding on strong, refuses to die, and simply will not go away. Sigh… so ready for winter.
    Keeping fingers crossed that your series announcement will come out tomorrow. Who knows maybe the network is saving it for Thursday as a Birthday Present. (Well at least I think Thursday is your B-Day)

  14. Speaking of Atlantis, I miss SG-1. It’s a genuine shame the series never got an 11th season. It’s a shame neither of the 3 shows got a final season. It would have been an incredible way to end each one too.

  15. I tried to climb Fuji-sama twice. Didn’t make it to the summit, nearly did, and my walking stick ascended, twice (thanks to hubby). I dream about that now and then. But not the eggplants. Hmm.

  16. Okay. I stayed up as long as I can. I’ll have to read the official announcement tomorrow. Some of us had a long day and need to get up for work tomorrow.

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