There you have it!  It’s finally official!  Worth the wait, hunh?  Hunh?!

Hang on.  What do you mean “There was no grand announcement”?  WTF?!

I’m sure you’re all sitting back in your homes or at your respective desks, quietly shaking your heads thinking: “Poor guy.  He has lost it.”  Like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind or Jacob Singer in Jacob’s Ladder or the main character in that story you wrote for Mrs. Haversham in second grade, I’ve become full-blown delusional.  A new show you say?  A scifi series no less?  Suuuure.  If I was writing this story, the twist would have me wake up to discover it’s 2010, and I’m still in Toronto!


The official announcement comes out in a press release tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.  By the time many of you read this entry, you’ll probably already have heard – and come here armed with questions.

Or carefully worded inquiries about my sanity.

A busy. Today, we discussed visual effects and designs: stasis pods, shuttle exterior and interior.  We also received the first round of Toronto auditions.  I spent two hours, after dinner today, going over them.  Some very promising candidates.  Can’t wait to see what Vancouver and L.A. bring.

Damn.  This hallucination grows increasingly elaborate.

Oh, to all those wondering – and I’m sure there are A LOT of you – my Snow Monkeys won this weekend, evening their Fantasy Football League record at 3-3 and moving into fifth place in our twelve team league.  I smell playoffs!

October 14, 2014: The Grand Announcement!
Hang on tight. My Snow Monkeys are poised for a deep post-season run!


57 thoughts on “October 14, 2014: The Grand Announcement!

  1. “The official announcement comes out in a press release tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.”

    Sure. Sure it does. If it don’t, I’ll be adding more lawyers to my shithead list.

    (You probably weren’t even in Toronto and that was an old file picture of Michael Shanks, wasn’t it?)

  2. Hmmm…what is wrong with these people? They forget how to sign their names? This is bordering on just plain cruel. Tomorrow you say, eh? I’m losing hope, and you know how hopey I am. 🙂

  3. Damn it Joe! If there isn’t an announcement tomorrow, I’m gonna…. I’m gonna…. I’m gonna…. type lots of curse words. I am begging for some new sci-fi!

  4. Yep! The suits rule the world and you can see what state it is in. Waking dreams are fun, aren’t they? Well, as long as you’re being paid for your work….. Oh, wait….

  5. Being UK based, is that 10am EDT? So i can keep an eye after lunch here in London 🙂

  6. I knew it. It’s good that you’re finally coming around to accept the “Beautiful Mind” scenario. It’s pretty exciting isn’t it, to find out tomorrow if you’re crazy or not? I think everybody needs a day like that every year at least.

    Is that 10:00am Eastern Time?

  7. @Damn. This hallucination grows increasingly elaborate.

    You sure you’re not on P7J-989 in one of those funky stasis pods dreaming all this? 🙂

    Joking aside, it’s good that things are going smoothly for you Joe!

  8. Sure. I don’t mind waiting. By the time I finish typing this, I’ll have forgotten and be pleasantly surprised when it is finally announced.

    I recently started writing a few stories that are becoming disturbingly similar in mood. I think it must have something to say about my state of mind and the fact that I’ve been unwell for so long that I’ve given up going to the doctors and decided to just work. If I crash, I crash and stuff it all. I need some cash.

    Still, it would be nice to never wake up. Save a whole lot of effort and seeing all years of hard work being wasted.

    Not to be pessimistic or anything (which I do mean to be), but I think I’m turning into my undelightful story characters.

    Going through a bad spell. Ignore me. I’m invisible anyway.

  9. Aaaaaand just where will we be looking for this official announcement? Is there a particular web site where it will magically appear at 10 or do we just keep googling “Joe Mallozzii new show” until something besides Stargate pops up?

  10. The official announcement comes out in a press release tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

    QUOI !!?? J’ai passé la journée d’hier sur Google pour trouver…et je dois recommencer aujord’hui !!!!???
    Tell me it is a joke !!!

  11. Don’t worry Joe, I still believe in you. And in the power of your dreams. 🙂 Wait, so if this was the story you were writing and you woke up back in 2010, that would mean the rest of us only existed as figments of your imagination for the last 4 years.

    Mind. Blown.

    I was watching my DVDs of SGU on the weekend, and thinking how great Mike Dopud would be for the new show. You need to look him up! (If you haven’t already…)

    Those ARE Snow Monkeys – are you sure it’s the playoffs you smell? 😉

  12. Yeah. Sure it does.
    Is that 10AM EST? What is the official timezone in Neverland? 😛

  13. I guessed it right. SyFy acquired Dark Matter for original 13 ep series. Congratulations Joe!

    Release just came out 13 minutes ago. I have a feed. Syfy doesn’t have a link yet.

  14. Who was it that suggested this new series was all in Mr. M.‘s head? Sounds like they may have been on to something. 😉

  15. Quite a few Syfy shows have also been renewed with a .4/.5 18-49 rating Joe, so the bar is pretty low for renewal. Hurray for Dark Matter 🙂

  16. @Tam Dixon: Well, technically it WAS all in his head. Except luckily for us, now it’s starting to leak out!

    Speaking of leaking out, did you watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead yet? What did you think?

  17. Oops! I forgot to check at 10:00am. I was too busy watching the spacewalk on NASA TV.

    Congrats! I can’t wait to see the new show. I’m looking forward to lots of behind the scenes info!

  18. Dang it!! Now I will have to reconsider my strike of SciFail. :(. At least I’ve got till next fall to make that decision.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming from the show!!!

  19. For reasons mostly beyond my control, I’ve not been here for several months (probably since March-ish… April?). I saw the note about Dark Matter coming to TV, and thought it was time to check in.

    What’s been happening these past few months, other than cryptic hints about this show?

  20. Now you will have to use your twitter account! It seems Syfy kind of expects the actors and writers behind a show to live tweet. Social media buzz.

  21. @Bailey

    Most people don’t live tweet every week. Some writers don’t do it at all. Given how active Joe was with his Stargate updates on here, and especially his picture taking at Bridge Studios on/around the sets, his blog surely would be enough.

  22. Great news. Glad to see this happening, Joe. Best wishes on bringing it to life.

  23. Awesome on the Dark Matter news Joseph! It’ll be good to have you back on the network and on the air. Def sounds like a winner! From one SG1 Alum to another, Salud!

  24. @Randomness – I know not everybody does it but I get a kick out of writers and actors who do. Joe does above and beyond with this blog, I agree! In good times and bad. However, it is fun to read the tweets and watch the episodes. Orlando Jones and some of the Writer Room wars between shows have been epic fun. 🙂

  25. And one last comment from me on this. If you actually cast you-know-who I’d run round my block naked with a sign saying “Watch Dark Matter!” Although thinking about it that wouldn’t exactly be an incentive to anybody so nevermind….

  26. FINALLY!!!!!
    Congratulations, Joe. I’m really looking forward to seeing Dark Matter. Can’t wait to see the casting selections and the set designs and pretty much everything.

  27. Congrats on the show, I was totally absolutely utterly completely definitely caught by surprise by the news!

    On a side note, my mother was watching that Love it or List it Vancouver show, I walked by & saw the homeowner was none other than your buddy Mike Dopud.. or sure as heck looked like him. Made me wonder if these shows are actual people or actors. They all seem to have the exact same theme, one person for loving, one person for listing, realtor shows them awful house, renovator tells them we can’t give you this or that. I digress…

    Anyway, made me wonder if he’s one of your casting options for this show.
    Best of luck, I’ll definitely check out the show!

  28. Congrats Joe, I hope you keep on blogging through production, with lots of behind the scenes pictures and spoilers. Hope syfy isn’t being too stingy with the budget.

  29. WOOOOO WHOOOOO!!!! Congratulations Joe!! That is sooooo exciting! Dark Matter is a great idea. Will the series be called Dark Matter? I think it is a great name and so fitting. I will eagerly await the first broadcast and all the exciting behind-the-scenes stories on your blog. Again, congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  30. Best of luck Joe and Paul and all the team! Looking forward to the show, now will go back and reread my DM comics.

  31. Is the new series set in humanity’s future or another time and that’s some other species’ society?

  32. I’ve truly enjoyed reading about your journey to the big announcement. Thank you for sharing your fun life with us. Looking forward to all the exciting behind the scenes info. On pins and needles anticipating the reveal of the cast. 😀

  33. PS–just sent a note re “Dark Matter” to Jeanne Jakle, longtime TV reporter for the San Antonio EXPRESS-NEWS.

  34. Oops…commented to wrong date. I blame the two-day sinus migraine. (No pity, folks, I got lazy about my meds.)

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