Today, we discussed casting, the budget, locations, post-production, and superheroes.  Okay, maybe that last one was a little off-topic, but still – another productive day.  I have to say I am very pleased with all of the people I’ve met to date.  Super-talented, super-positive, and super-pleasant – I really look forward to working with them.

We’re going to get rolling on casting asap – as soon as I can possibly get the sides out – so I’ll be staying up late, choosing two perfect scenes for each of our seven cast members.

I’m burning the midnight oil – and we’re not even in production yet!

And missing the gang back home…

October 7, 2014: Moving Forward, Looking Back!

October 7, 2014: Moving Forward, Looking Back!

October 7, 2014: Moving Forward, Looking Back!

10 thoughts on “October 7, 2014: Moving Forward, Looking Back!

  1. Look at Lulu making a pillow out of Bubba’s wrinkles.

    One thing is for sure, I’m going to love the earlier posts now that you are moving to the east side. 🙂

  2. So is there a ready-made production company for you to use in Toronto? Or did you have to build your own? You seem to already have a production team and art department on tap so I assume they come with the studio?

  3. While I doubt you’d ever cast the person I most want to see back on screen, I sure hope we will be able to see a familiar face or two from SGA or SG1 in the new show. I miss them a lot!

  4. That sounds like it was a big day, Joe. I hope you got some good rest last night! It makes such a big difference having a nice work environment and co-workers. I’m so lucky where I work to have such great relationships with pretty much the whole section. I don’t think I could do it if it wasn’t like that.

    Here’s to another productive day, today!

  5. Joe, I recently completed a review of Agent’s of SHIELD for Wormholehiders ( While doing so, it became fairly obvious that a specific character, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), after a prominent position as one of the lead characters, is being written out of the show. I assume this is because the actor’s chemistry with other actors in the show was less than stellar. He is being replaced by Lance Hunter (Nick Blood), a loose canon character who is willing to do his own thing when it suits him.

    Since your team is writing scripts a year in advance, what happens if one or more of your actor choices go awry and do not work for your series?

  6. Ah, that’s why you’re not sleeping well. Too much room in the bed!

    Waves to Akemi!

  7. @arcticgoddes I wonder the same thing. Sometimes actor chemistry just changes things on a show and can’t be predicted. Remember The Fonz. If a show’s episodes are written in advance of casting how does the production adjust or can it?

  8. Aww, that picture of Lulu and Bubba reminds me of when I was in elementary school, I used to go to a neighbor’s house for daycare after school until my mom came to pick me up. The lady that ran it had two pugs Winkie and Wonka. Bubba and Wonka could be twins, but Winkie was tall and slender, for a pug. I always used to use Wonka as a pillow while watching cartoons over there. Those pugs were the major reason I loved going there everyday!

    Make sure you give us a link or something when the announcement becomes official about this “mystery” show!

    -Mike A.

    PS. I’ve got it at 3:2 that Picardo will show up on this blog in the next week. It’s even money for him showing up in the next month. 😉

  9. Good luck with casting and finding just the right scenes to help them make the characters come alive.

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