I’m exhausted.  I slept fitfully last night because of the time change and then woke up at the crack of dawn – because the morning sun shines unobstructed through a blind-free section of my patio window.  Fortunately, the meetings were plenty interesting enough to keep me wide awake throughout the afternoon.  We started off with our costume meeting in which we discussed wardrobe for our crew, the android, “planet-dwellers”, and corporate guard.  Then, we moved onto the directors’ schedule and nailed down all but the late season two-parter.  We discussed Directors of Photography (we’ll be sitting down with a few over the coming days), then headed downstairs to check out what the Art Department have in the works.  We’ve got a great-looking hero ship and an equally awesome space station design.  The designs for the ship and space station interiors, corridors and rooms, are very clever.  We’re close on the exterior shuttle design but have yet to start work on the interior.  I expect we’ll see more in the coming days – and more in the days to come as we’re about three weeks away from the start of construction.  On deck tomorrow: casting, locations, and post-production.

Oh, and, apparently, the official announcement is coming sometime next week. Unofficially.

Saw this today…

Apparently, the cult series will be returning to television in 2016.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I loved the first delightfully eccentric first season of the show but hated the meandering, ponderous second season.  With the exception of the final episode that ended the series in perfectly depressing fashion.  But, like the conclusion to Blake’s 7, it’s a classic.  I’m not sure what more can be added to the story (like most, I skipped the Fire Walk With Me prequel movie).  And I honestly don’t know if I’d be all that interested in finding out without the quirky Agent Cooper leading the investigation.  But I certainly would love to know what they have planned.

The story apparently picks up 25 years later.  I wonder how many of the original cast they’ll bring back.  Sadly, some of the actors who played a few of my favorite characters have passed away since Twin Peaks arid back in 1990-1991.  Jack Nance (Peter Martell), and, of course, Don S. Davis (Major Garland Briggs).  Don, who, for many years, played the part of General George Hammond on Stargate: SG-1 loved attending the occasional Twin Peaks conventions and meeting his many fans.  One afternoon, he was sitting in my office and told me about the atypical way he was cast for the role of Major Briggs.  According to Don, he went in for an audition.  While waiting for his turn, he struck up a conversation with show co-creator and director David Lynch who was, presumably, on break.  They hit it off immediately and spent a long while talking about fly fishing.  Then, Lynch excused himself.  He had a meeting to attend.  He left and Don inquired about his audition – only to be told that Lynch had left so they wouldn’t be seeing anyone else that day.  Don returned home, upset.  After all, he had spent all that time preparing for an audition that never happened.  He phoned up his agent to complain only to learn that the Twin Peaks production offices had called only moments earlier.  They wanted him for the role!

I have to admit, I was a huge fan of the show back in the day and still have the collector card set back in Montreal.  Among them, this – my favorite card:

October 6, 2014: Prep Meetings!  Twin Peaks Returns?


14 thoughts on “October 6, 2014: Prep Meetings! Twin Peaks Returns?

  1. Don S. Davis was supposed to be at the Chicago Convention and that summer he passed. It would have been nice to hear him speak to the crowd, including my oldest daughter, Marianne and I. During the auction, we bid on a picture of him and Teryl Rothery. It was well worth it!

    Looking forward to hearing about the series!!!

    Asking for prayers for Bethany (my youngest). She sees the neurologist on Wednesday. The EEG and heart monitor came back normal. So, still no answers. We were in the ER tonight. It was so bad that an ambulance had to take us. Still looking for help with her service dog: http://www.gofundme.com/ServiceDog4BethanyDraves Every little bit counts.

  2. While I liked Season 1 of Twin Peaks better than season 2, I didn’t hate season 2. I did love the ending, though (was simultaneously yelling “Noooo” and “Yes!!!” at the tv). I loved Don Davis in it, he was always engaging to watch whenever he was on screen in anything. I’ll be fascinated to see what they do with it.

    Best wishes to Bethany, Jen.

  3. Well, your day certainly sounds like it was more interesting that mine was. Zzzz. Can’t wait to see all this stuff.

    I share your ambivalence about the Twin Peaks sequel. The first season was amazing, but second season was indeed a confusing mess. It does sound like David Lynch is completely running the whole mini-series this time though, so that gives me some encouragement.

    What a cool story about Don Davis! And that card is a great memento.

    @Jen: Sending my best thoughts to yours and Bethany’s way!

  4. I hate to say it, but you really missed out not seeing the prequel film (though it’s included on the new Blu-ray box set with additional scenes cut from the theatrical release). For one, it fills in so much about Laura Palmer’s last week on Earth in terrifying fashion. For another, my wife — who’s been through abuse herself — said it was like Lynch decided to make a film bringing to life the experience of someone suffering from PTSD and placed it in the Twin Peaks world, but capturing those feelings very, very well. Definitely worth a watch.

    But no, it gives no closure to the show at all.

    That said, I wouldn’t be excited about this — there’s too many awful rehashes of old shows happening now — without Frost/Lynch writing the entire miniseries and Lynch directing all of it. It’s at least going to be their vision as much as possible, and the guy driving this at Showtime was their creative liaison at ABC when the show was happening there.

  5. Also, didn’t Pete Martell (along with his brother-in-law Andrew) get caught in that explosion in the bank vault in the series finale?

  6. I share your opinion of Peaks. I hope they do it right on Showtime.

    I can highly recommend the Wayward Pines book series. It’s a great read. And the author was admittedly inspired by Twin Peaks. It is also scheduled to be a mini-series on Fox, debuting some time in 2015. I hope they do the books justice.

    Cool story on Don Davis. I miss his face.

  7. Jen: Sending prayers!

    Don Davis was good in anything!

    I probably wouldn’t watch a remake of Twin Peaks. The first one brought fond memories. Sometimes you can’t go back. I will read the show synopsis. It’s always fun to see how they shake things up. I did enjoy how Battlestar made Starbuck a girl.

    Hope you sleep well tonight! Have you thought about some black out curtains?

    I look forward to the announcement!

  8. It would have been great to watch him in the continuation series, you just know he’d be involved somehow. R.I.P.

  9. “Oh, and, apparently, the official announcement is coming sometime next week. Unofficially.”
    hihi ! Good one !

  10. To borrow a friend’s phrase, we were blessed to have Don in our lives as a talent and a friend.

    On a lighter note: I thought Briggs was Army, but on that card, he appears to be wearing an old Air Force or USINS uniform.

  11. Good grief – it’s been so long since I’ve even thought about Twin Peaks. I’d forgotten that Don was in it, and a he’s just about the only reason I’d revisit the series. David Lynch isn’t among my favorite writers/directors, but it could be interesting to see what he’s got planned for the show.

    I can’t believe how well your show seems to be coming together. But I’m still nail biting waiting for the official word. I’d rather be seeing the cliff hangars in the show, not before it even airs.

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