September 29, 2014: Akemi, Kids, And Dogs!

“I don’t know why I am so popular with kids and dogs,”Akemi mused today after our night out with friends Steve and Jodi and their daughter (Akemi’s new best buddy) Gemma.  And, after some consideration: “Maybe kids think I am kid and dogs think I am dog.”


Akemi claims she essentially re-set her age when she moved to Canada, effectively starting from scratch with a strange new culture and language.  So that explains her rapport with kids.  As for why dogs connect with her so easily?  Well, it could be her proclivity for snacking on their dry sardine treats.

Just finished a script rewrite today – and hope to start work on another one soon. This weekend, we brought an old friend onboard to help with design work and he turned around an awesome space station in record time.  Next up, he’s going to tackle our hero ship  – and, if he has time, two rival vessels.

Big day tomorrow as I attempt to book a Vancouver to Toronto flight for the six of us – three humans, and three dogs.

Speaking of dogs…

September 29, 2014: Akemi, Kids, And Dogs!
House (and bed) guest Petunia snuggles up with her favorite teddy bear.
September 29, 2014: Akemi, Kids, And Dogs!
Lulu – a little stiff.
September 29, 2014: Akemi, Kids, And Dogs!
Jelly reflects on another day’s work well done.
September 29, 2014: Akemi, Kids, And Dogs!
Bubba strikes a resplendent pose.

14 thoughts on “September 29, 2014: Akemi, kids, and dogs!

  1. I saw commercials for upcoming preview of “The Transporter”. Was wondering when it was coming out!

  2. Awww at Petunia and her teddy. Thanks for the pictures. Congrats to the Snow Monkeys.

  3. Akemi is good with kids and dogs – and people – because she’s just that nice of a person!

    Always love the dog pics, I miss them! 🙂 My friends from PEI who lost Toby this past Summer are planning on getting another one from the same breeder. It will actually be a half-brother to Toby. They’ve already gone to see him (Riley) and he is terribly cute. No dog could ever replace Toby of course, but I’m sure he will be great.

    Any word on when the official announcement will come about for the show?

  4. You can learn rapport but most people are born with it or not. Love the pictures!

    I’m heading to Florida (the long way-through Nashville) for a girls’ weekend. Wish me luck!

  5. It’s said that kids and dogs know the true character of a person….Akemi must be someone very special.

  6. Any ETA on when you can give us some details about your new show, like it name.

  7. Kids are attracted to Akemi because of her smile.

    @ Das – Joe is a dog! Joe is Akemi’s dog and the dogs are her kids.

    @ Tam – Hope you have a blast! Safe trip!

  8. @ arcticgoddess and Ponytail – Sooooo…yer tellin’ me Joey’s just a dirty ol’ dawg, eh? 😉


  9. Plush Bubba toys. You could make a fortune I tells ya. Those are some cute pups, but a pug cradling a teddy bear? I hope Petunia makes many more visits, what a sweetie.

    I was bragging yesterday about getting regular flu shots and having not gotten sick in ages. Today I’m home sick in my fuzzy bathrobe. Talk about tempting fate.

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