September 28, 2014: A Fantasytic Football Sunday!
We’re up!

After starting the fantasy football season by dropping our first two games (by a combined five points!), my Snow Monkeys have bounced back big time, winning last week and, today, racking up a lofty 136 points to cast to our second consecutive victory, knotting our record at 2-2.  I predict BIG things for this team.  We’re on a roll!  GO SNOW MONKEYS!

Today, we watched the games at Rob’s place where our affable host served up the perfect football feast –

September 28, 2014: A Fantasytic Football Sunday!

Pulled pork nachos!

September 28, 2014: A Fantasytic Football Sunday!

And, in case we were feeling guilty, the veggie platter.  Note: I wasn’t feeling THAT guilty.

And, for dessert, gluten-free pastries (compliments of Ivon), some of which didn’t exactly taste gluten-free, some of which did taste EXACTLY like gluten-free pastries.

So, how are your fantasy football teams doing?

11 thoughts on “September 28, 2014: A Fantasytic Football Sunday!

  1. As I say every year, all I know about football is that, back in marching-band years, I crashed the cymbals on kickoff.

  2. I almost feel guilty finding humor in the Akemi-ism’s. Mostly because her English is certainly better than my Japanese.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Are they every going to announce what your new show is or is it going to be top secret until it airs?
    Also- you should invite Baron Destructo back to do a blog. I miss hearing about his moon base.

  4. I feel as though these FF-centric posts are just conversations between you me at this point, Joe, as your audience seems to dwindle smaller and smaller for such topics. I’m ok with that, though. It’s still fun for us!

    I had an absolutely abysmal week three. Between my two leagues, I scored a total of 128 points. Yes, that’s a combined score. This week, my teams went off. Huge. I made a number of opportune pick ups from the waiver wire in one league(like Eddie Royal – 30.5 pts) and all my starters finally showed up in my other league. I scored 175 in one league and so far I’ve got 147 in the other(I’ve still got Ridley to play tonight as my flex).

    Definitely a massive worst-to-first turn around, week to week. The nice part is, only a couple of my guys really went off, the others just had a normal outing. This helps prove to me that I drafted well. The only problem is, even though I scored the highest in both leagues, in my money league where I scored 175, I’m playing the guy who’s 0-3 and NOT the guy who’s 3-0 and needs to be put in his place. Frustrating….. 🙂

    Methinks you’re going to miss the Sunday football gatherings when you move to Toronto. We’ll be sad for you, too, don’t worry. Maybe you can host a couple while everyone’s back east working on the show?

    -Mike A.

  5. Wow, those pork tacos looks fab! I just don’t get fantasy football!!! What is the point?

  6. On a mix and match lineup due to many missing bye week players, I will win so long as Gronk scores less than 16.8 pts. And if I win it will be thanks to running with Bridgewater and the Dolphins D for fill-ins. So I will either be 2-2 or 1-3 after tonight.

  7. and do you have to pay money for a fantasy football thingy>? Oh well if you enjoy it, thats all that matters, and for the food, I am loving the desserts which there are no pictures of …thank you,thank you thank you.

  8. I don’t play Fantasy Football as I just don’t have the time, but at least I can live the Fantasy Football experience vicariously through your posts. Go Snow Monkeys! (And the Ravens won, albeit under a NFL scandal cloud, so there’s that too.)

    At the moment I’m waiting in a parking lot for my son’s driving class to let out and then it’s a couple of hours on the Vette project…I’ll check in later.

  9. Hey everyone!!! You’re not going to believe this but I’m currently 3-0 in Fantasy Football. I even beat the guy that’s won the last few years and has Peyton Manning in his team. It’s super close this week…. thank you freaking Nick Foles…. So I’m waiting on the result… Go Arrowheads!!!!!

    Hope you’re all well. I’m recovering from a weekend of non-alcohol related football activities.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Ivon’s gluten free pastries sound awesome… Did he bake or buy?

  10. Is that monkey giving us the finger? Is it really holding that phone or is it fake?

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