26 thoughts on “September 27, 2014: My Favorite Movies By Genre!

  1. Hmm. Those are all great choices (well the ones I’ve heard of, anyway). For animation, pretty much any of the big Pixar ones are good choices for me. I really like the Toy Story trilogy and “Up”. I’d have to give some thought as to which ones in each category are my *favourite* – my inability to come up with a specific one makes me think I don’t have favourites, only ones I really liked.

    Now, I’d love to heard your LEAST favourite movies in each category.

  2. Drama/Mystery: THE RED VIOLIN

    Drama/”Historical”/Adventure: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

    Action: Both of those Downey/Law SHERLOCK movies

  3. Of course, it’s Stargate in all categories! Oh, that’s right, you said ‘movies’, and I assume you meant movies that were in theater. So, here goes:

    Action: The Rocketeer.
    Yes it’s a little campy, but I loved the flying sequences, vintage aircraft, and art deco styling of the sets.

    Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    No question! It opens with a seaplane escape sequence, has vintage warbirds, WWII subs, and he flies to the middle east in a Clipper flying boat!

    Animation: Tie: The Incredibles and Cars
    Pixar rules! The Incredibles hit on all cylinders with the new look at superheroes, the 60’s modern scenery, and the on the mark humor. While Cars just fueled a nascent love of Route 66 (next summer!…maybe…)

    Comedy: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    Del: You ever travel by bus before?
    [Neal shakes his head]
    Del: Hmm. Your mood’s probably not going to improve much.

    Crime: The Italian Job
    Both versions. I’m a sucker for an intricate plan.

    Drama: Schindler’s List
    Yes, it’s also a war film, but I think it’s the drama that shines through.

    Fantasy: The Princess Bride (Yes!) and Star Wars IV
    Yes, okay Star Wars is a blend of Sci Fi and Fantasy, but I think it fits best here.

    Horror: The Woman in Black
    I loved it as a live play first.

    Science Fiction: Serenity? Blade Runner? 2001?
    It’s too hard to choose.
    Serenity for the storyline and hard sci-fi,
    Blade Runner because it’s so iconic (and I like Philip K. Dick)
    2001 because of the insane level of accurate space effects film-making.

    Superhero: Ironman
    No argument there. It re-birthed the love of superhero movies between my son and me.

    Thriller: Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock)
    The maniacal laughing of the head mistress as the manor burned around
    her was the highlight.

    War: A Tie: We Were Soldiers and Memphis Belle
    It was the grittiness of battle in We Were Soldiers, and the flying sequences in Memphis Belle.

    Western: High Plains Drifter
    The supernatural revenge twist at the end is what gets me.

    I can’t wait to see what everyone else has!

  4. This is very hard because 1. I have a lot of favorites in the same genres, and 2. I’m slightly tipsy (It’s been a long day/week/month). Also, I have trouble figuring out what genre is what…I mean, many of mine cross genres…so don’t complain in I say something is one thing, while you say it’s another. K? K. I’ll give it a try..


    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (a.k.a. Master Killer)Die Hard (tie)


    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


    The Incredibles


    Arsenic and Old Lace


    Double Indemnity


    Shadow of a Doubt


    Solomon Kane


    The TinglerThe Birds (tie)


    Star Wars


    Guardians of the Galaxy


    See No Evil (1971 – Mia Farrow)


    Damn the Defiant!


    YojimboFistful of Dollars (tie? One in the same?)

    That’s as close as I can get without thinking too hard. 🙂


  5. No categories, it’s late and I’m tired, but some of my favorites: Space Cowboys, The Joy Luck Club, Cars (1), Planes, Like Water for Chocolate, Star Wars (the original stuff), Star Trek (most o them, including the new ones, but not Nemesis and The Final Frontier), Airport, Airport 75, Out of Africa, The Boy in the Yellow Pajamas, Schindler’s List, Sophie’s Choice, The Birdcage, The Omen (parts 1 and 3).

    I’m so tired, see you guys tomorrow! Have sweet dreams!

  6. Hard to come up with just one or two, but…

    Action: Beverly Hills Cop

    Adventure: Mad Max Road Warrior

    Animation: Toy Story

    Comedy: Groundhog Day (I could watch this again, and again, and again, etc

    Crime: The Verdict

    Drama: Good Will Hunting or To Kill a Mockingbird

    Fantasy: Wizard of Oz

    Horror: Poltergeist

    Science Fiction: The Terminator

    Superhero: Superman w/Christopher Reeves

    Thriller: Psycho

    War: Kelly’s Hero’s (I really don’t like war movies)

    Western: Anything with Clint Eastwood or John Wayne, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is great too.

  7. I will never understand the love for The Princess Bride. I find it mind boggling.

    Comedy, I agree with DasnDanger Arsnic and old lace. Followed by Bringing Up Baby. Maybe a tie.

    SF, I really like Star Trek by JJ Abrams, 2009. Perhaps The Watchmen. Depends on how I’m feeling on any particular day.

    I think I’d pick Fargo over Reservoir Dogs.

    I haven’t seen aachi & SSipak. I’ll have to watch it. Food from feces. Hmmm.

    The rest I could spend a month staring at my movie collection trying to figure it out.

    I’ve been watching Sword Art Online II. I like it. As good as the first, I think.

    I watched the first two episodes of mekaku city actors. I think it’s promising. Great art, kinda odd (which I like). Very reminiscent of Monogatari, which is not surprising since it was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo who worked on Monogatari.
    Amusing, stylish, some times strange. Hopefully no brother sister tooth brushing scenes. The head poses might be getting a bit old.

  8. Difficult as some crossover genres


    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Jungle Book

    Life Of Brian

    The Usual Suspects

    Bourne Trilogy

    Lord Of The Rings


    Star Trek IV



    First of the Few

    True Grit (John Wayne)

    And What no musicals?


  9. Action: I’ve never seen “Hard Boiled”, so I’ll nominate “Die Hard”.

    Adventure: I’ll agree with “Indiana Jones”. I went to see that with friends when I was in my late teens. It was a thrill ride!

    Animation: “The Incredibles”.

    Comedy: “Galaxy Quest”!

    Crime: That’s a tough one. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is in my top ten. “Shudder Island” had a great twist too!

    Drama: I didn’t see “Shawshank” but it’s on my list. Others mentioned “Schindler’s List” and in that vein I’ll nominate “The Book Thief”. Seriously, don’t watch either of those flicks if your depressed!!!!

    Fantasy: Agreed “The Princess Bride”.

    Horror: Don’t watch those anymore!

    Science Fiction: “Alien/Aliens” and “Serenity”.

    Superhero: Too many to list. I really like these new Josh Whedon films.

    Thriller: “Silence” was a shocking movie. I’ll go with that one too.

    War: “The Great Escape”

    Western: “Rooster Cogburn”.

  10. Action: Die Hard

    Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Last Crusade

    Comedy: Airplane

    Crime: Godfather

    Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird/Schindler’s List

    Fantasy: The Princess Bride

    Horror: Jaws

    Science Fiction: Blade Runner

    Thriller: Still of the Night

    War: 12 O’Clock High/Das Boot

    Western: Silverado

  11. @ Ponytail – I don’t like war movies either, so I went with my favorite Age of Sail ‘war’ movie. However, I forgot about Kelly’s Heroes – at one time that was a must watch for me. I still don’t like war flicks, though – usually they’re just too depressing.


  12. Action: Die Hard – Brilliant!
    Adventure: Back To The Future – Or is it comedy? Or sci-fi?
    Animation: Hmmmmmm. Probably The Iron Giant. Even though I own every Pixar movie on DVD or Blu Ray plus many from other studios there’s not any animated movies that I will watch with any regularity. Special mention for The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists AKA The Pirates! A Band Of Misfits because I have blood, sweat and tears invested in it.
    Comedy: Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsPT&A is pretty good (although I haven’t seen it in many years) but DRS is better. I’d have to give honourable mentions to Airplane! and Spaceballs but I’m a sucker for a good spoof. There should be a separate genre for it!
    Crime: Malcolm – A relatively unknown Australian crime caper movie. Check it out if you can find it.
    Drama: Pleasantville – Another movie that seems to fit into several genres. My equal-favourite film of all time! Also The Dish, my other equal-favourite film of all time!
    Fantasy: The Lord Of The Rings – I feel obliged to list it.
    Horror: The Exorcist – Still gives me shivers.
    Science Fiction: The Matrix – This movie changed cinema forever.
    Superhero: Iron Man – Good call! Although I think The Avengers is up there too.
    Thriller: The Silence Of The Lambs – I was hard pressed to think of anything I’d call a “thriller” so had to resort to the genre list at IMDB. As soon as I spotted “Lambs” I knew what to put on this list.
    War: Saving Private Ryan – Surely the most amazing opening sequence of any movie ever made.
    Western: Back To The Future Part III – Does that count? I haven’t actually seen many westerns. 🙂

  13. I don’t watch a lot of genres, but here’s mine:

    Comedy: The Birdcage

    Animation: Up (Hello, my name is Dug…SQUIRREL!)

    Sci-Fi: Silent Running, Robinson Cursoe on Mars, War of the Worlds (the original), When Worlds Collide, Star Wars (all of them)

    Fantasy: The Black Stallion, Watership Down, The Princess Bride

    Western: Anything John Wayne or Robert Redford

    Drama: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947 version ONLY)

  14. What fun! And dividing it up by genre really made me have to think about it:

    Action: Unstoppable

    Adventure: Romancing the Stone

    Animation: Cars

    Comedy: Tootsie

    Crime: Ocean’s 12

    Drama: Brokeback Mountain

    Horror: don’t watch ’em

    Sci-Fi: Star Trek: Insurrection

    Superhero: Superman (1978)

    Thriller: Laura

    War: The Great Escape

    Western: Cheyenne Social Club

    Musical: Victor/Victoria

    Classic: Letter to Three Wives (the original)

    Romance: Sabrina (1995)

  15. @ RichS – Musicals!!

    The Sound of Music, with Julie Andrews
    Easily the greatest musical of all time.

  16. @ Line Noise & JeffW – Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? I would have said Iron Man or one of the other Marvel flicks that featured a favorite character (Wolverine, Loki, or Winter Soldier), but Guardians was just too much fun not to put it at the top of my list. It was all I wanted from a comic book movie – not ‘Batman’ dark, not Spiderman 3 cheesy – just right. Fun, funny, and action packed. Was it perfect? No. Was in REALLY entertaining? Hell yeah. 🙂


  17. I used to have the Princess Bride memorized, but it was a lame trick because any time someone picked a scene for me to quote, it was always “The Battle of Wits”. So, there you go, you could just memorize that scene and tell people you memorized the whole thing and to test you by requesting any scene and you can be assured ahead of time that that’s the scene people will ask for.

    I haven’t actually watched it again since I was about 12. Maybe I overdid it.

  18. If we’re adding Musicals, then it’d be Singing in the Rain for me! Perhaps a tie with Oliver!.


  19. Science Fiction: Alien. I adore Misery, but prefer the book.

    Animated: Oh hell. Fritz the Cat?

    Comedy … Blazing Saddles or Blues Brothers. Or Young Frankenstein. Or Animal House. Or Magic Christian. How can I choose?

    Um, where does Rocky Horror Picture Show fit in?

    Musicals: see above, and toss in Moulin Rouge. But mostly On the Town.

    What is Gladiator? Drama?

    Indiana Jones, yep!

    Favorite war movie: Tropic Thunder. Or MASH.

    I am not very good at this.

  20. My choices are: Action – Lethal Weapon, Adventure – Master and Commander, Animation – Ice Age, Comedy – Young Frankenstein. Crime – In Cold Blood, Drama – To Kill A Mockingbird. Fantasy – Lord of the Rings, Sci-.fi – Star Trek, Superhero – Iron Man, Thriller – Copycat, War – Gettysburg, Western – Rooster Cogburn.

  21. So many of these are difficult to pin down, but I think it comes down to whether or not I can stand multiple viewings.

    Action: Die Hard
    Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Animation: its a toss up: Wall-E or Laputa: Castle in the Sky
    Comedy: Top Secret!
    Crime: the Thin Man
    Drama: High Road to China (could also be considered Adventure)
    Fantasy: Lord Of The Rings (the whole trilogy-counts as 1 in my book)
    Horror: Aliens
    SciFi: this is such a hard one as I’m a scifi nerd. So I’m
    Superhero: Avengers
    Thriller: Foreign Correspondant
    War: Sink the Bismark or Black Hawk Down
    Western: McClintock
    Family: Babe

  22. I like too many. But for animation, “UP” is my favorite. Although I just watched Frozen and that might be in #2 spot.

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