10 thoughts on “September 26, 2014: Your continuing guide to Akemi-isms!

  1. I know you post these with love, but as a linguist, I wonder what the Joe-isms are committed in Japanese. 😁

    (I’ve committed my share of Gilder-isms in Spanish, such as the mental block that had me saying “204” instead of “2004” ten years ago in Barcelona.)

  2. Akemi looks like she is dressed and ready for dog walker in Toronto…
    and I think its nice of you to learn new things(your girlfriend says), and teach us, I love it !! I hope you have these in a book, a best seller. These are certainly cute and make sense. Go Tim Horton (my coffee of choice)! Have a great day!!

  3. Bailey: Thank you! I’ll pass it on.

    Some of those Akemi-isms make perfect sense, like Melancholy syndrome = depression.

    Hope you both have fun this weekend!

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