Here are a few of the new shows I’ll be checking out…

September 22, 2014: The New Fall Line-up!


Premieres: Thurs., Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. on FOX

I loved the premise of the original, Broadchurch, but was disappointed in the finale.  Apparently, this one is the same premise – with a different solution.  And it’s a self-contained 10 episode mystery.  I’m intrigued.

September 22, 2014: The New Fall Line-up!


Premiered: Tonight (Monday, Sept. 22 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX)

Okay, I’m not a fan of prequels, but I was a fan of Gotham Central, the comic book series that focused on the unsung heroes of the Gotham PD.

September 22, 2014: The New Fall Line-up!


Premieres: Fri., Oct. 24 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC)

Another comic book-based series.  The subject matter is dark and perfectly suited for cable.  How will it fare on network?  I’m on the fence.

September 22, 2014: The New Fall Line-up!


Premieres: Sat., Nov. 15 at 9:00 p.m. on Starz)

Another limited mystery series, this eight episode drama is told in two parallel time frames, focusing on a father’s search for his young son who went missing while on holiday in France five years earlier.

So, what are you watching?

26 thoughts on “September 22, 2014: The New Fall Line-Up!

  1. So, what are you watching?

    The insides of my eyelids. 😀

    Joking aside, hubby and I are seriously considering disconnecting from television. I have no interest in getting into a new show that’ll probably be cancelled, and not really interested in the shows I used to watch that’ll be starting back up in the next week or two. I’ve just lost interest, and have started to feel stressed out over the thought of having to keep up with a weekly show. I much rather watch a one-and-done movie, or something.

    I think the only show I’m slightly excited to see is Key and Peele…those two just crack me the hell up! 🙂

    See? Hilarious! 😆


  2. I watched “FOREVER” tonight… I liked it. Hopefully the 2ND Part of the Premiere that’s tomorrow will survive being pitted against “DANCING WITH THE ??STARS??”! – [seriously? the daughter of one of the DUCK DYNASTY guys??]

  3. i’m looking forward to NCIS: new orleans (scott bakula has absolutely nothing to do with that. {tries to look innocent & fails} ) & possibly the new amazing race season. i just can’t seem to quit that show.

  4. The only thing I’m watching at the moment is Haven. I’m hoping it’s the last season because I’m getting bored with it and in the last couple of seasons it has started taking itself way too seriously.

    Oh, and I’m currently re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I just finished the 6th season last night. I’m not a major Buffy fan. I never watched it on TV but I watched it on DVD a few years back and enjoyed it. Since there was bugger all on I thought I’d watch it again.

    I finished watching the second season of Utopia a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it yet you should try to find it. A really unnerving show and visually different from anything else on TV at the moment. (No, not the reality show on TV at the moment, nor the Australian comedy series. Who would have thought so many TV shows shared the same name!)

    I’ll probably check out Gotham and Constantine to see if they’re any good.

  5. I’ll be watching Survivor and Amazing Race, of course, because… well, habit I guess. I haven’t really seen anything else advertised that really catches my fancy. That CBS “Stalker” one looks interesting, but in the end I probably won’t make time to catch it. I do have a bit more time on my hands than I used to though, so we’ll see.

  6. And I’m watching the new season of Doctor Who, of course. I like the new Doctor but I’m still finding Stephen Moffat’s writing too frantic and convoluted.

  7. Madame Secretary got off to a good start. Let’s see if it keeps it up. It’s a bit reminiscent of The West Wing. Forever looks promising. LOVED Gotham! Favourite new show. Building the mythos from the ground up. Yup. Gonna keep watching this one, I know it. Very happy that Sleepy Hollow is back. Holy cow do I heart that show. One tv critic said it’s written by insane people and that’s why he loves it. Yeah, that about sums it up. <3 Looking forward to seeing David Tennant on my screen every week, for a while, again. I'm hopeful that this season of Supernatural will be a good one. I'm interested in Shonda Rhimes new show, even though she's not the creator. She is the exec. prod. and that's good enough for me. NCIS: New Orleans has Scott Bakula and that's why I'm going to watch that one. And he gets to sing and play the piano. It's been a while since Quantum Leap. Too long.

    Gotta get to work.

  8. @das – join us in Netflix cyberspace. Our house has no commercials except the ones at the beginning of youtubes.

  9. I watched the big bang tonight, had hopes for it, not sure.. I watched Scorpion, not bad, fast paced, will watch again to see. Looking forward to new NCIS’s tonight. I watched Miss Marple on PBS Sunday, fun and done in one episode, love no commercials, looking forward to Inspector Lewis next month. Tried watching Forever, lost interest or maybe I was just sleepy, the lead is kinda dreamy, loved him in Hornblower.

  10. The Killing on Netflix rocked! I binged watched all 4 seasons. Thanks for the recommendations!

  11. I might try Constantine, nothing else really has me interested. I haven’t been able to get into more than one or two shows since SGA was cancelled. That whole thing turned me off so much for watching series. Now I follow webcomics.

  12. Crap. Forgot to watch Gotham. I was busy working on one of my pinball machines and all was going so well, I didn’t want to stop!

    The one thing I hope for with Gotham is that it has the same feeling as all my other favorite Batman stories(movie, tv show, or comic book): heavy. In all the best Batman tales, there’s this intangible feeling of heaviness and an unsettled-ness to the whole thing that makes you feel like if one tiny thing were to go wrong, all hell would break loose. I don’t know how they’re going to accomplish that with this “main character version” of Teen Titans it looks to be. I’ll reserve judgement for a few episodes, though.

    I did get to watch Scorpion last night, or is it /scorpion?. Outside of Katherine McPhee looking absolutely gorgeous and Robert Patrick nailing his character(as usual), there’s not a lot to like about this show. Some bits are fun and interesting, others are downright ridiculous and impossible, like holding onto an open laptop standing up in a car that as supposed to be driving at 200mph. Never mind the fact that with the top off, a Ferrari 458 can’t do 200mph, and for the length of time they were supposed to be going 200mph, they would’ve run out of runway in about 20-25 seconds, and that’s if they were going 200mph at the very beginning of the runway. That’s also if the runway was the standard 2 mile length, which they said in the show it wasn’t since it was a smaller regional airport. If it was 6k ft or shorter, that “time to connect the laptop to the plane” gets cut in half.

    I could go on and on about everything the show got wrong, suffice it to say, if part of the demographic they’re going for is the smart, techie, closet/loner geniuses, all of their mistakes, improbables, and absolutely impossibles will turn those viewers away.

    -Mike A.

  13. Totally agree with you Line Noise re: Haven. My hubby still watches but I got so bored last season. Wish they cancelled that instead of Warehouse 13. The change in night in favor of yet another zombie show is sure to do it.

    I tried Red Band Society and loved it. It was the only new show I was looking forward to and it did not disappoint. I saw the pilot of Selfie On Demand, and reserving judgement after a couple more episodes. Had it’s ups and downs. There are NO other new shows I’m interested in.

    I will watch Gracepoint because I enjoyed Broadchurch; I too was hoping for a different killer. Not sure how I’m going to like to same story with different actors though. I like David Tennant enough to watch though. 🙂

    My fav shows that came back are Castle, The Blacklist, Big Bang Theory, Nashville, and Once Upon a Time. Hubby watches Sleepy Hollow but that lost me by the end of last season, as did Resurrection. Hubby likes Agents of SHIELD too; that I’ll watch with him.

    Fav shows that I hope will keep coming back are Doctor Who, Outlander, Downton Abbey, and Orphan Black. Hoping Continuum gets renewed, but not looking good.

    Oh, and I watch General Hospital every day. 🙂

  14. I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4.. So long crackberries.

    I have Google on here. I asked Googlev who you were and she came back with “Joseph molarity”.. I had to mispronounce your name to get to you. That is just wrong.

    Does anyone know if the iPhone knows how to say Joe’s name correctly?

    I’m going to check out Gotham and the Flash. I’m not sure what other shows..


  15. Gotham did quite well for Fox, it’s just about the only show on the network doing well. The Nielsen households seem to be avoiding a lot of their shows this season.

  16. cookie monster would love to review Scorpion.

    Gotham is on the DVR so i’ll watch that in the next few days. Anything else I check out will be after the internet has made its’ judgment on the fall shows. Cable is where it’s at for new and old shows. Broadcast network shows just feel too gimmicky and watered down now.

  17. I’m watching Blacklist, of course! Tense, dark, with a dash of humor–reminds me a bit of your writing, actually. And James Spader is brilliant (BRILLIANT, I tell you!) in it.

  18. Outlander is the best by far, with Ron Moore at the helm. Loved Debra Messing in the Mysteries of Laura, will watch anything with Scott Bakula or Ioan Gryffud even if New Amsterdam did the idea better

  19. I seem to be watching a lot this season, so will only list the new ones.

    Madam Secretary, Gotham, Forever, NCIS: New Orleans, Gracepoint, How to Get Away with Murder.

    The Blacklist was great last night. 😀

  20. While I am looking forward to see what they do with Gracepoint, I have to admit that I felt the ending to Broadchurch was a copout. Yes there were subtle hints along the way but they were TOO subtle. I remember thinking on the 2nd to the last ep that if it was who I thought it was I was going to be disappointed…
    I didn’t know that Constantine is coming out with a show; I will definitely have to check it out if it is on Hulu. Not having cable has cut down on quite a bit of my TV watching but I don’t miss it. I only watch shows that people recommend and are on Hulu or eventual show up on Netflix. If several people raver about a show I’ll buy it iTunes.
    Otherwise I’ll wait to hear what others are saying maybe check out a show or two if I can find them.

  21. @Line Noise – yes this is the last season of Haven. Although it is a longer than normal season, 22 eps insead of 12. Basicly its like having the 5 & 6 season all at once.

  22. I’m going to watch Constantine and see how that goes.
    After seeing your vacation pics I don’t think I would go on a vacation with you. I prefer vacations where I can relax, sit in a hot tub at night, by a beach during the day. You do too much walking. All that picture taking too, that looks exhausting.

    I am reading Influx by Daniel Suarez. I noticed you considered putting it on your book club list a while back. I’m wondering if you’ve read it? I don’t think I’ve seen it on your lists. I’m enjoying it, it’s got a lot of action and it’s an interesting concept. Mostly I thought it would make a good science fiction series, one of those limited run shows of two or three seasons with the ending leading to more if audiences took a shine to it.
    It’s about an inventor who discovers a method of making a gravity reflector, who is then is kidnapped by an agency that collects people and inventions that could significantly change society or be too dangerous. The Bureau of Technology Control has developed very high level technology and has since become a power unto itself, becoming the danger they are supposed to protect everyone from. Jon Grady must escape from prison, tell the authorities and get help to his fellow prison inmates so his fellow geniuses can help destroy the Bureau of Technology.

    The characters were not as well developed as they could have been or should have been. I didn’t care for the woman of the story, her character was bland. With good character development (something up your alley) and some people we care about it could be great.

    Actually, I just realized it has some similarities to Fringe. Maybe.

    It’s 416 pages.

  23. Ah, never mind. Fox picked it up in January. Sorry. Next time I’ll check first.

  24. Of new shows, the only ones I have bee excited for prior to premier are Flash and Ascension. I had looked forward to Constantine given he was my very first comics love and I have wanted a TV show for AGES, but they made some production choices that means I will no longer be watching.

    After some coaxing and good reviews, I decided to try How To Get Away With Murder and the pilot was pretty good, so I’ll stay on for now. Gotham is intriguing, but as IO9 pointed out, either the good guys will always fail or Batman isn’t needed if Gordon can keep control. So I’m not sure about that premise.

    Otherwise, it’s my usuals including Arrow, NCIS: LA, Castle, Criminal Minds, Sleepy Hollow, White Collar, and Once Upon A Time (so bad, but so good). I’ll see how other shows get reviewed.

  25. New shows: I’ve seen an episode of Forever and like it, but I’ll have to catch up. I have Gotham on my DVR but haven’t gotten a chance to watch yet. I like Gracepoint (Patrick Gilmore is now in it–not the pilot but starting episode 2). I liked The Flash.

    Returning shows: I’m 3 shows behind on Sleepy Hollow, 1 show behind on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Mindy Project, Project Runway, Once Upon A Time, Homeland, Hawaii 5-0. And Arrow and The 100 are about to return.

    I still have all of last season of Resurrection and the new season that I haven’t even gotten to yet. I want to check out Scorpion. It’s on my DVR but haven’t had time.

    Not sure: Red Band Society is growing on me.

    No way: Utopia, Mulaney.

    Still need to watch: I have about 8 episodes of Cosmos to still watch, 4 episodes of Longmire, all of season 2 and more of The Listener now on Ion in the US. And the last 2 episodes of The Killing on Netflix. Oh and one episode of Defiance. And all the episodes of Legend.

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