Both Akemi and I managed to sleep through most of our 9 hour flight back so that, by the time we landed at 9:30 this morning, we were well-rested and rarin’ to go! Well, I was anyway.  Akemi decided to lie down for a little while and, seven hours later, came downstairs looking like a hurricane survivor – hair-disheveled, a stunned look on her face.  She’s wide awake now and I have a feeling she’ll be wide awake well into the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

The dogs were thrilled to see us.  Bubba was especially vocal, howling with delight and then crawling into bed and snoozing the afternoon away with Akemi.  Lulu sunbathed and Jelly modelled her new outfits:

September 21, 2014: Again!  Back On The Home Front!

September 21, 2014: Again!  Back On The Home Front!

September 21, 2014: Again!  Back On The Home Front!

September 21, 2014: Again!  Back On The Home Front!

Finally, my Snow Monkey clawed out their  first win of this young Fantasy Football season, improving their record to a note entirely unrespectable 1-2!

Tomorrow…back to work!

Hey!  Go bid on this signed, annotated script:

13 thoughts on “September 21, 2014: Again! Back on the home front!

  1. Welcome back! Love your description of Akemi. lol Jelly is quite the lady in pink with her new wardrobe, the cutie. 🙂

  2. Jelly, pink is your color! What great outfits, such a lucky gal. Thanks for taking us along on your vacay!

  3. Jelly’s looking pretty in pink!

    I don’t envy you the next few weeks of moving. At least, you’ve lived in Toronto before and know the lay out. Plus, you’ve done the research on which place takes pets.

    Are you going to rent the house while you’re gone?

    Just wanted to say I loved your posts on the trip. It was the next best thing to being there. Just wish you could have sent everyone a taste of those fabulous desserts you showed.

  4. Really….Jelly is so adorable cute in her new outfits.
    Welcome back.
    waves to Andria for baby sitting

  5. Joe,

    Thank you for mentioning the link to eBay. 16 year old sophomore daughter, Bethany (B), is who the script is being listed for. Joe graciously donated it and the funds will go to help her to train and finish paying for her service dog, Madoka. You can check out her twitter page at: @BandMadoka. The FB page is and her GoFundMe page is

    Bethany is currently waiting to see the neurologist on Oct. 3 for results from her heart monitor (halter) and EEG. She has anxiety, depression, ADD, IBS, asthma, and possible severe migraines (current issue we are trying to find answers for). She has been in and out of the ER multiple times since July. Bethany only attends 2 classes a day for a total 4 of the 7 she is supposed to.

    Madoka, a 6 month old Australian Labradoodle, will help her to cope and to navigate through life. B doesn’t do well with crowds and has anxiety attacks. Madoka has already helped her through some anxiety attacks. Madoka is in manners training classes right now and then will move on to task training to help B specifically.

    Every little bit helps pay for bills for B. Things are tight because my husband and I are only working part time. The power plant he did IT for shut down. He is working for a private school part time to keep his skills up and to bring in some money. I just got my elementary ed teaching degree in December 2013. You have to pay your dues in this area so I got a part time remedial aide job. It gets me into a school system and hopefully, next year, I’ll be working as a full time teacher.

    So, every little bit helps and we appreciate every person who has donated money or items (for B’s auction and garage sale from last month) over the last couple months. THANKS!!!!

    Jen Draves

  6. Hope you guys had a great trip! Enjoyed seeing all the pics.

    Good luck adjusting with the jet lag. 😛

    – Adam B.

  7. Good that your flight went smoothly, I guess soon you’ll be busy with your new show, good luck with that 🙂

  8. Well crap. I missed yet ANOTHER bid for another script. Someone needs to let me know when this happens (if it happens again). I hate that I can’t keep up with everything I want to keep up with.

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