I finally hit the wall.  Mark the date and time: September 17th at 7:23 p.m.  That is, officially, when I stopped being hungry.  Yep, I’m done.  At this point, I’m just going to reduce my portions to the point where I can simply wean myself off food.

Today, I met up with my oldest friend from Japan, Moro-san, for a day of strolling, shopping, and – what else? – eating.

We had lunch at L’Osier, one of the city’s most revered French restaurants that reopened last year following a two and a half year renovation.  I arrived early and was promptly greeted by the affable maitre d, Lionel, who gave me a rundown of the restaurant’s history and then, when Moro-san arrived, led us on a tour of the place.  It is impressive.  And so was the meal.  For the most part.

To accommodate guests who would like to snap photos of their food, the restaurant can arrange to have the individual dishes snapped in the kitchen and the photos emailed to guests.  Or, Lionel kindly offered to borrow my smart phone, pop into the kitchen, and snap the pics himself.  I elected to forego the pics on this day but, suffice it to say, they were some of the most artful dishes I’ve ever been served.  We enjoyed abalone, lobster, and a chestnut soup starter that was the star of the meal.

I can’t say enough nice things about Lionel.  I was less enthusiastic with the rest of the servers who promptly forgot us at one point.  Three of them were fawning over the couple at the next table, chatting, pulling their chairs out for them, clearing their tables – while we sat, virtually ignored.

While we were eating, we noticed the waiters wheeling around a candy tray of offerings that would have make Willy Wonka proud.  We were looking forward to checking it out at the end of our lunch.  Unfortunately, the servers were too busy ingratiating themselves to our neighbors that they never bothered to bring it our way.   In fact, even after our fellow diners had left – hell, even after the ENTIRE dining room had cleared out – they STILL didn’t bother to check in on us.  If I hadn’t waved someone down and demanded the bill, I’m convinced they would have left us seated through dinner service.

Again, great food.  But the service will ensure I won’t be making a return visit.

Between lunch and dinner, we tried to work up an appetite by strolling through Omotesando…

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

Mmmmm.  Hamburger sushi.

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

The Prada Building.  Gorgeous.

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

Another interesting-looking building.

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

We stopped off at a tiny basement-level bakery, d’un Rareté, owned and operated by a former co-worker who spent two years in France honing his craft.  We picked up a bunch of goodies including some delectable canelés, chocolate brioches, and raspberry-stuffed coronets.  When I mentioned our visit to Akemi she insisted I make a return visit – with her this time.  Not only did the fresh baked goods look amazing, but she ALSO worked with Adachi-san in her Pierre Marcolini days and remembers him fondly as a sweep and supportive co-worker.  So she wants to return the favor and support him in kind.  And I’m happy to do so as well, if it means I can grab another chocolate brioche.

GYBE Bldg. B1F, 5-10-1 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!


September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

Moro-san and I concluded our evening with a very nice dinner at the homey Ristorante Hamasaki.

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

And then I caught the metro back to the hotel…

September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

Where this little surprise was awaiting me, compliments of sis.  A video from home:

13 thoughts on “September 18, 2014: Japan Day #8!

  1. It’s terrible how bad service can ruin any chances of returning to a restaurant that serves great food.

    Your dogs are well taken care of, I see. 🙂

  2. I think Jelly’s seen enough Skyping and blogging to understand she really gets to greet Joe and Akemi through a device. If Bubba and Lulu understand, they went for the passive-aggressive message.

  3. Joe, there’s no excuse for that shoddy level of service. Especially at a fine dining establishment.

    The dogs look happy and content.

  4. You’r done? In day 8th? who are you and you’ve done with our friend?

    I think bad service is one thing but in this case the waiters have seen you with that pretty gir,l wanted to leave you room to maneuver.
    Surrounded by a romantic bubble of intimacy as well led to Japanese style that looked like, which tehy ignored you, that you do not exist.

    in fact who you are and what you do at that table in the corner?

  5. You should have gotten up and waited on your own table by wheeling the dessert cart over to your table and offering something to Moro-san. That would have truly mortified them. Awwwwe, the pups look happy enough and it’s good to hear Andria’s voice.

  6. Love those pastries! Those buildings are amazing, what a gorgeous city. I’m finally purged of my Outlander fever; I don’t like to read at a gambol observing all the details; I need by action fast and twisty. 1984 is the tiniest little novella and yet it’s had a huge impact on the world.

  7. AWW how cute and really nice of Sis to send you the video. The look happy and well rested. Look out they will be ready to jump on you when you return, don’t forget the presents.(they will expect)

  8. Joe, this happens to you every time you go to Japan! You eat too much and end up with a tummy ache (which I think is probably code for ‘the poops’, but you’re too gentlemanly to say that out loud…while I’m not gentlemanly at all! 😀 ). Then you rest your belly for a day before getting right back into the supping saddle again. You really are a glutton…

    for punishment. 😉 Next time, why don’t you just schedule your ‘brick wall’ into your travel schedule?


  9. @while we sat, virtually ignored.

    Totally unprofessional behavior there, it’s not like it would have taken much for them to at least acknowledge you. Even if they were friends, or more interested in the other couple, they should at least have the common decency to ask how things are going etc.

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