Yep.  Just as the title implies.  Miscellaneous photos of miscellaneous things…

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Drove by this car emblazoned with an unfortunate company name.  Sure, P.O.S. can stand for Point of Sale.  Or Positively Outstanding Service.  But, if you happen to spend any time on the internet, another turn of phrase will probably come to mind.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Not a vehicle you want to rear-end.  I’m not sure what 100 curries of Iridium 192 is, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t want it on my lap.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Two of Akemi’s recent prized purchases.  I’m actually afraid to use them for fear of chipping one of those bat ears.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

We parked behind these guys the other day and, when I approached to feed the meter, they went completely nuts with excitement at the prospect of us going over to say hi.  Which we did of course.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

When we were in Yaletown, this little guy chased Akemi down so that she could give him some much-needed attention.  Look at him, so comfy!

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Jelly is all better now and doesn’t need the diapers – but I’m going to miss those sassy shorts.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Akemi and her boyfriend.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

My girlfriend.

September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous Photos!

Lulu prefers to play the field over being tied down.

16 thoughts on “September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous photos!

  1. LOL love the random pics. Yep on POS… you have to wonder about doing business with a company that stupid.

  2. Well, that vehicle is a Honda, so… (Just kidding Honda lovers! Sorta.)

    Does that sign say curies or curries. I DEFINITELY would not want curry made from iridium 192. (Oh, look! Glowy!)

    Those kind of looks like golden doodles, are they? That’s what my friend’s dog, Toby was. I still miss him terribly.

    I love those pictures of the fids! Give them all a big hug and an ear scratch from me!

  3. Doggy pics! Jelly looks smart in those “pull-ups”!

    And you’re most likely okay following that radioisotope truck, although curies are a little hard to translate into lethal/non-lethal dosages since they are measurements of all radiation products (including alpha, beta, and gamma rays). Since it’s mostly the gamma rays that are harmful, the more useful measurement for lethal radiation exposure is the rad. If I remember correctly, 600 rads are the lethal limit. For curies I think that number is around 1000 curies, but it highly depends on what the material is. A radioactive material that produces mostly alpha particles would need a much higher curie number to be lethal. I think Iridium produces more on the alpha/beta particle side, so 100 curies of Iridium probably has a pretty low rad number. All that to say you’re safe…probably 🙂


    Thanks for the link! I’ll have to see when I can get up there; I still have Kingsland and Tampa to take in. Maybe I can get there in early October? An early fall smoking session sounds about right!

    As for food stops down here, tonight we took in the Crab Shack on Tybee Island. I, of course, had the steamed blue crabs…almost a dozen, since we ordered a dozen and my kids only had one partial crab each (they ate the claws while I opened and ate the meat out of each carapace).

    I’ll post pictures of the Crab Shack tomorrow on my blog.

    I’m hoping to fit in Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room tomorrow for lunch. Something keeps popping up to get in the way, but hopefully it’ll work out.

  4. We all know Lulu’s heart belongs to Ivon. Will they be able to Skype at least while you are in Toronto? When I first started with the company I spent 23 years with, their company was called POS. Short for Professional Office Services. It went through two other name changes before I left.

  5. I’m tired…very tired…so when I read the title of the blog entry today I thought it said ‘malicious photos’, and I got all ‘cited! Then…then I got disappointed. 🙁

    Not that pics of pugs and Frenchies and lovely Akemi isn’t a good thing…it’s just that I was looking forward to something a bit more…ya know…scandalous. 🙁


  6. 😱
    Someone left their pups unattended in a parked car, in the summer??? Them’s fightin’ words in Texas (and most Southern states, due to the heat.)

    POS reminds me that one of the local frats at my alma mater is Pi Omega Delta. I remember when the frat was created in the 70s; the founding brothers were inspired by the same thought, Joe.

    *waves at everybody, then zeroes in on Sylvia*
    Miss your smilin’ face, girl! Have I friended you on FB or Twitter?

  7. Some miscellaneous comments: I have no idea what POS stands for. I’m too tired to think. Come on, just say it. What does it mean? Dogs seems to be attracted to Akemi. They must sense her kind nature. I think that’s all I got. It’s been a long week, especially when you have to work the Labor Day holiday. Me and 5 other cars in the parking lot, and 2 of them are security. Oh…, what Kevin (I think it was Kevin) said yesterday… about you writing for and talking about a show that doesn’t exist. I found that comment chilling. I too hope they don’t have to cart you off….

  8. Sure, P.O.S. can stand for Point of Sale. Or Positively Outstanding Service. But, if you happen to spend any time on the internet, another turn of phrase will probably come to mind.

    that other turn of phrase comes to mind when i see P.O.S (point of sale) on a store receipt. especially if the service was bad.

  9. Speaking of Dogs-sticking-their-heads-out-of-car-windows… This afternoon whilst in traffic, I glanced into my rearview to see a rather large Dog’s head sticking out of a car’s roof-window! – He appeared to be enjoying himself immensely. Although, I do hope that They got themselves to their destination “soon”, as about 20 minutes later there was a somewhat nasty Thunderstorm that lasted for over a half hour!

  10. POS means Point Of Sale to me. I had to think what else it could stand for before I got it.

    100 Ci of 192Ir would be unpleasant. It might not kill you from radiation poisoning (a typical radiotherapy machine has about 1000 Ci in it) but the resulting cancer after it deposits in your liver would ruin your day.

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