Screen Rant’s “1 Good Movies with Bad Endings”:  Hmmm.  I agree only insofar as some of these movies have bad endings.  But to call them “good” is a bit of a reach.  Maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey – and Sunshine and The Wolverine which I haven’t seen.

Space noise:

See, this is why I don’t golf.  It’s too rough:

Something to try when I’m in Japan:

Author Joel Shepherd is cycling from Maine to DC to raise money for cancer research:

Mom punishes daughter by selling her Katy Perry concert tickets on Facebook:

You know what’s worse for business than a guest writing a bad review?  Threatening to charges guests for writing a bad review and having your policy go viral:

August 4, 2014: News Of Note!

Love it!  Artist uses thrift store paintings as canvasses for his truly inspired artwork:

August 4, 2014: News Of Note!

13 thoughts on “August 4, 2014: News of note!

  1. Hey! Don’t knock “Thrift-Store-Art”. I happen to have a rather growing array of rather *NICE* Pieces in my “$5.-and-Under-Thrifty-Yard-Sale-Art”-Collection! – Picked up a perfectly GOOD “authentic” NAVAJO SAND-PAINTING for *just* 50-cents a few years back at a charity yard sale. And other small Works for a Dollar that were in $50.+ Frames! — I have a particular fancy for “WATER” oriented Themes and/or boats… However, if the PRICE is right and the Piece has an appealing aesthetic, then I’ll probably buy IT any way!

    Alas, in the meantime, I’m in desperate need of a *WALL* to hang them ON!

  2. artworks…OUCH! too much for me but interesting.
    I told you, go to White Rock gallery to see artworks and real good Labrie’sbronzes among many others.

  3. My bad-ending favorite is The Mist; ruined in the last five minutes. I’d want to throw all of Spielberg’s recent sci fi films under the bad ending bus, but that awesome T-Rex charging in at the end of Jurassic Park is pretty damn cool.

  4. @shinyhula – Thanks! The sushi was very tasty, but as you can tell from the overlap, my roll was off. I’m out of practice. =)

    @Tam Dixon – I might try the tandoori this weekend. I’ll post pics if I do.

    @twinkienic – Well how about that! I had no idea you could get scrapple in Van. My wife once lived in upstate NY and it (and pork roll) was a no show there. I’ve done some extensive US traveling and never found it either. @Joe: now you’ve got to try it.

  5. Love the painting.. I think this may or not be the second posting. Inherited an older iMac and still trying to get used to it. Maggiemayday – love your work!!!

  6. JimFromJersey: Please let me know how it tasted! Are you going to do the chick pea side dish and the grilled flat bread? (drooling)

    twinkienic: It would be fun to place the bees near certain fruit trees/flowers/ fruit bushes to see how the honey would taste. Oh my, the possibilities are exciting. Good luck with the bees!

    Maggiemayday: Love your paintings!

    We went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” and loved it! They have cool ship designs. Is anyone else planning on watching it?

  7. @JimFromJersey:

    I can get scrapple (frozen) at Woodman’s here in Chicagoland. I hadn’t thought to make sushi with it though.

    If I can get to Vancouver before Joe leaves for Toronto, and if I can find the aforementioned scrapple in Vancouver, maybe I’ll make some up for Joe to try. I usually just slice and fry it. Do you do something different?

    @Tam Dixon:

    We may try that Tandoori Chicken on Thursday night…I’ll let you know what we think of it if we do.

    I’ve been too busy the past few weeks and I’m looking forward to doing something different (like the Tandoori Chicken). Tomorrow night it’s tailgate Chilli, and I’ll be smoking something for a BBQ this weekend; I don’t know what I’ll smoke, but I’ll smoke something. 😉

  8. Any opinion on Syfy’s adapting Scalzi’s Old Man’s War trilogy into a series? Could it possibly be successful? It seems to me that it would not be an easy transition. Loved the books and hate to be disappointed by a mediocre adaption. Of course if you were in the writer’s room and/or producing I’d become a believer…

  9. @ maggiemayday – You did all that?? Wow! That is impressive. You are fabulous!

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