August 2, 2014: The Visitors!

Today, we entertained.  First, my cousin Evelina’s husband and son, Brian and Jake (pictured above on their hogs), stopped by.  They’re apparently on a whirlwind motorcycle tour of Canada, covering the west coast before heading back home to Saskatoon before embarking on the more challenging cross-country leg of their adventure that will take them through Toronto to their ultimate destination: New Brunswick.  After which they’ll just get on their bikes and ride all the way back.

I’m reminded of this:

I am, of course, the character played by Jack Nicholson.

Also in town and dropping by for an impromptu visit was Fondy who, some of you may recall, was once a series regular on this blog.

Anyway, a wonderful time was had by all – especially the dogs and my french bulldog Lulu in particular who ran around, got all sorts of attention, and then spent the afternoon lying in the sun contentedly farting.

You’ll all be pleased to hear that my 5 pages/day pace continues as I wrapped up Act II of episode #2 in spectacular (guns) blazing fashion.  Tomorrow, I tackle the top of Act III where, back on the ship, a certain someone hosts a visitor of her own…

You’ll find out what I’m talking about soon enough.

9 thoughts on “August 2, 2014: The Visitors!

  1. If you are naming guest characters, I would still appreciate one named Francis for my family’s two WWII vets, Daddy (Francis Lewis) and “Mack” (father-in-law Francis McCarroll), please.

  2. I envy your relative’s trip across Canada. Canadians are very interesting folks, no matter where you go. In fact, Canada is so vast that we have a variety of cultures from Newfoundland to British Columbia. The wonderful scenery is also a great treat. If you know anything about Canadian history, each location offers a story worth learning. Please remind your family to drive with visors down. Bugs in your teeth just doesn’t appeal – however, they will get lots of protein that way.

    With all the work you are doing writing those scripts, I bet you are really glad they don’t make you write the commercials.

  3. You are such a teaser!!,(on the storyline stuff) and sorry I missed commenting yesterday to wish Sis a Happy Birthday! Hope she had a great one and is still celebrating.

  4. If my hand eye coord. was better I’d absolutely ride a hog, or a small scooter. What a cool trip; gonna start calling you guys the Handsome Family, so many cuties in your family!

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