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July 31, 2014: This And That!

Akemi received shipment of that box of packing peanuts she ordered last month. The company also threw in a tiny bottle of some cosmetic product.  But who cares. Look at the size and quality of those packing peanuts!

July 31, 2014: This And That!

Last night, I got together with friends to check out Hawksworth which recently received the distinction of being named one of Vancouver’s top restaurants by “an esteemed roster of chefs, food industry professionals, connoisseurs, and travel and food writers” (http://vacay.ca/top-50-restaurants/).  Connoisseurs?  I hope they were licensed.  We have far too many rogue connoisseurs running around this city, passing judgement on everything from waffles to foie gras parfaits.

Anyway, there were six of us and we all elected to try the tasting menu.  Some of the highlights included…

July 31, 2014: This And That!

The amuse-bouche was beef tartar, black truffle, and yuzu stuffed inside a puffed beef tendon.  A tremendous start to the meal – made doubly so by the fact that Akemi gave me hers because she isn’t a fan of truffles.  I’ve got to make these the next time the guys come over for football.

We followed with a kanpachi ceviche with with satsuma, hearts of palm, and mojo de rojo.  While Akemi enjoyed it, one of our fellow diners felt the fish was bland.  I thought it fine, but took issue with the hearts of palm.  I didn’t think I’d ever find anything I’d hate more than kiwis, but hearts of palm, with their tinny tartness, are it!

July 31, 2014: This And That!

Next up was the charred pacific octopus with radish and ox heart vinaigrette.  The best preparation of octopus I have ever enjoyed and, by far, the best dish of the night.

This was followed by a steamed sablefish with corn, pumpkin seed and sorrel that didn’t go over all that was a unanimous miss.

Our final savory course was a tasty, modest portion of 24hour pork belly served with some forgettable accompaniments.

Several us switched out the scheduled goat milk panna cotta in favor of alternate desserts.  All very fussy and pretty to look at but ultimately unsatisfying.

We all agreed: the octopus was fantastic!  Otherwise: meh.

Today, we headed down to Yaletown for lunch with former Stargate prop builder Mark Nicholson (https://josephmallozzi.com/2013/02/01/february-1-2013-stargate-prop-builder-mark-nicholson-answers-your-questions/) and his lovely wife.

July 31, 2014: This And That!

We talked scifi, fantasy, anime, books, and, of course, Stargate.

And I continued work on the script for episode #2.  I’m 11 pages in but still trying to find that rhythm.  In the meantime, we received some terrific concept designs for the space stations.  Tomorrow, we’ll be getting on the phone to discuss.

Okay, back to that script!

18 thoughts on “July 31, 2014: This and that!

  1. I eat vicariously through your blog… 🙂

    That said, any idea when they’re going to announce this series?? I know you said there were t’s to cross and i’s to dot and all that, but the suspense is killing me! I need a new sci-fi series in my life.

    I suppose if nothing else, you’ve built anticipation! 😛

  2. Yeah…I had a burger at a place just off the airfield. I think I can match your “meh” and raise you some greasy fast food restaurant paper. 😉

  3. Do restaurants in Vancouver ever serve normal things like chicken and beef?


  4. Nope. It’s all tendon and frog gonads.

    Canadians are weird. Half are vegans, and the other half are obsessed with eating testicles.


  5. @DAS
    You’ve got to head to the Burbs for “normal” food. There was a McD drive thru I used to frequent just off one of the highway exits over in Langley… 😀

    1. They also serve testicles. Deep-fried. They’re listed in the menu as McDingles.

  6. …however, if Anyone is into a bit of canniballistic [sp?] fare, I’ve got an Insurance Guy who could do with a bit of kabob-ing…

  7. Not gonna comment on the food, but Mark looks like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Is he a nerdy genius?

  8. @das, not all just vegans and McDingle-eaters, some of us are obsessed with lobster!

    My stepmom’s memorial gathering went well yesterday. It was well attended and I was very fortunate to have my friends from PEI as well as a bunch of co-workers/friends there. Fortunately, I suppose, certain actual family members did not show up. It’s good to have that event in the past now, it gives a sense of closure. Still, I do miss her terribly sometimes.

  9. das,

    yes, restuarants in vancouver do sometimes serve normal things, and I saw joe eating them during our wonderful lunch yesterday.


    what was the name of that book you mentioned with the mercenary girl?


    I don’t think I look like sheldon much. And while not a genious, I could take him in a nerd fight. He hasn’t built a working stargate after all 😉

  10. it’s great you keep in touch with past co-workers. It must mean you’re easy to work with? However, you’re going to start a new stereotype about Canadians, they all like exotic foods. I couldn’t afford to feed anyone from Canada. Truffles are expensive! I’m going to take Akemi’s word that truffles taste like old socks. She seems like someone who knows food.

    We watch those peanuts like a hawk, our cat eats them if we leave them out. 🙁

    Yesterday’s question about a humorous Stargate moment…(finally clicked on one): Was it the very first show of SG1, where O’Neil threw the tissue box through the Stargate? I have a lot of allergies and that moment was relatable to me. That moment grabbed me…in a good way. 😉

    Gforce: I’m glad the service went well. Sorry you’re going through this. It takes a while to find a new normal….

  11. Hi, Mark’s wife here! Thanks for lunch Joe, I had a great time.

    I thought of two more authors I would recommend (besides Dave Duncan). Christopher Stasheff is first – “Her Majesty’s Wizard”, “The Warlock” and “The Rogue Wizard” series are all good. Second is Diana Wynne Jones. I know that some of her books feel quite simple because she’s a Junior novelist (aimed generally at 9-12 year olds), but they are fun quick reads. Howl’s Moving Castle is written to a slightly older audience and is great (and only sort of like the movie), as is The Many Lives of Christopher Chant.

    Looking at the picture posted above, I can sort of see the resemblance to Sheldon, but I had never thought of Mark looking like him before, and I’ve known him for a long time.

  12. I do love hearts of palm in salads but ceviche doesn’t need anything added to it.
    I just had the tastiest tree ripened peach, and I got more from the store which I pray will be just as amazing.

    Anyone have tips on how to get a great peach? I make sure its tree ripened, but sometimes I pick ones that are hard and bland instead of tender and juicy.

  13. Wow, looks like Akemi’s box was filled with Jabbarin virility enhancers; that was a bonus.

  14. @GForce I am glad certain people did not show up for your sake. I am sure the service was just perfect. And I think you’ll always miss her. Be gentle with yourself.

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