12  stories broken in 17 days.  I suspect we could have made even better time and done it in 14 days had one of our writers (“the mediator”) not been away that one week.  Still, a mighty impressive feat.  Now, all that remains to be done is to write the scripts, build the sets, cast the show, shoot it, edit it, make it t.v. ready, and deliver it to the broadcasters.  Piece of cake!

My writing partner, Paul, is doing a pass on my pass of the last pass of the pilot. I’ll start work on episode #2 tomorrow while “the mediator” continues writing episode #3.  Once I’m done, I’ll jump on #4 and, whenever the dust clears from his vacation, Paul will tackle #5 and #6.  Beyond that…who knows?!

We were halfway through today’s story breaking session when Paul looked over and said: “Hey, is that box for you?”

I followed his gaze to the Amazon.com delivery sitting at the end of the table. Intrigued, I wandered over to check the recipient’s address and – wouldn’t you know it! – it WAS for me!  I checked the sender and recognized the name. Shane.  Shane…  Sounds familiar.  Of course!  Shane, a.k.a. LineNoise, a blog regular!  I used my keys to tear through the tape binding the box, my mind racing through the possible contents: Books!  Chocolate!  $1.2 million dollars we could put toward set construction!

As it turned out, none of the above…

July 29, 2014: Done And Done!

Having taken pity on me and my dilapidated cutting board featured in that Philly Cheesesteak video I posted a couple of weeks back, Shane elected to forego the books and chocolate and cash in favor of this beautiful new cutting board.  Thanks, Shane.

P.S. Akemi tried it out today and loves it.  Apparently, it’s the perfect size!

Some interesting articles (Well, interesting to me!):

The Twin Peaks: Entire Mystery Blu-Ray collection: http://www.vulture.com/2014/07/twin-peaks-box-set-extras-guide.html?mid=facebook_vulture

Live action Attack on Titan casting news: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/07/29/live-action-attack-on-titan-cast-announced

A review of Joe Abercrombie’s Half A King.  http://io9.com/joe-abercombies-half-a-king-is-a-coming-of-age-tale-soa-1612894023.  A book nearly impossible to put down once you start reading it!

And, to cap off Comic Con…


12 thoughts on “July 29, 2014: Done and done!

  1. My pleasure, Joe (and Akemi)! I have four boards similar to it (colour coded for meat, fish, vegetables, etc (I say “etc” because I’m not sure what the fourth food type is. Fruit? Bread? House bricks?) and they are the perfect size. Sorry it wasn’t the $1.2 million. Amazon didn’t have that in stock.

    Congrats on breaking all the stories. That’s the easy bit finished. 🙂

  2. Woot! 12 stories ready to go! Congrats!!

    Can’t wait to see what show this is going to be, although I assume we’re all expecting the same thing, but still.. waiting! Aaargh!!

  3. Well done, LineNoise! To be honest, I was thinking the same about Joe’s cutting board situation.

  4. “Half a King” does look very good. Thanks!

    Congrats to you and the writing team for pumping out those scripts! We can’t wait to see the finished product. Any ideas for casting?

    Yay for Line Noise! Great idea about color coding them.

    I didn’t even notice your cutting board. I was too busy drooling over the food. Really enjoyed the steak sandwich demo!

  5. “…deliver it to the broadcasters.” A canadian one included or will we wait a year after US audiences ?

  6. Excellent!

    I’ve decided on Mrs. Santa for the SLCC. I’ve worn this costume for a number of Sant Rampages in Vegas. Ask me that ??? Oh yeah, but then, I’m married to a Santa. “You on the naughty list? You wanna be?”
    Really though, it was very odd, random inebriated young women would start telling everything they’d ever done to be naughty, launch into hugs, even surprise kisses. If Mrs. Santa were interested women (which she is not), it seemed she’d have had no problem in Vegas. Fascinating how drunk people react to costumed characters from their childhood. There has to be a research paper in there somewhere.

  7. Nice, I like the grooved border to keep stuff from falling off the cutting board, I totally need that. I could feed a small country with the amount of food that rolls off my cutting board onto the floor.

  8. It’s amazing and fantastic how quickly you’ve come up with the stories. It’s also a little creepy, considering how much trauma over the past two years you went through to get there. I keep waiting for some horrible thing to happen, kind of like a plot point.

    I’m just so excited that there will be again, finally, quality sci-fi, somewhere.

    Congratulations to everyone involved!

  9. a.k.a. for the love of Beckett

    gforce — So sorry about your step-mom. Sending prayers your way as the memorial service is probably taking place right now. I’m sure your slide-show/video is as great as your other photo work. You were a great son to her.

    Your sister’s comment was so mean. Wonder if the funeral home moderates the comments? Can’t believe it got posted. (I work web admin for a company that runs obits, memorial pages, guest books, pets & congrats ads for online newspapers and FHs. We don’t run your step-mom’s page, though.) Hope your sister behaved herself today. *praying*

    Joe, felicitations on wrapping the 13 (?) episodes. If it went that fast, you all have worked together before! Fun times for you and us. I’ll breathe easier when they release the announcement, though.

    Joe, in yesterday’s pic of Jelly girl, her forearm was shaved. What did the vet have to say? Give her cuddles for me.

  10. @for the love of Beckett: Thank you so much. The memorial is actually tomorrow, but everything is pretty much ready now. My sister worded her comment in such a way that to the casual reader it doesn’t really say anything bad – unless you are already aware of the situation. Then it’s frightfully disrespectful and mean. I’m *hoping* she does not appear at all tomorrow. Hopefully, if that happens someone will run interference for me and restrict her access. After what she has said to and about my step-mom, her appearance would be the height of disrespect.

    Joe, I’m so happy for you that this has gone so well. So, from here on it’s smoooooth sailing, right? 😉

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