July 24, 2014: 10 Down!  3 To Go!

Today, we finished breaking episode #10 of my new SF series.  It’s a little rougher than the preceding stories with a few TBD’s, but it’s great fun and ends with a jaw-dropping sequence that will no doubt have this blog buzzing when it eventually airs.

Can’t wait until next year?  Want a hint as to what to expect?  Well, okay.  Check out the above diagram, lovingly-rendered by one of our writers.  And – spoiler alert! – here are two more:

July 24, 2014: 10 Down!  3 To Go!

July 24, 2014: 10 Down!  3 To Go!

Let the speculation begin!

I was informed yesterday that we have the conference room until the second week of August but, at this rate, I doubt we’ll even need it past this Wednesday.

Also, yesterday, we were treated to two surprises:

July 24, 2014: 10 Down!  3 To Go!

Surprise #1: Former Stargate Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok who dropped by to experience our awesome spinning skills.  And eat our chocolate.

Surprise #2: A gift basket of fruit and chocolate from blog regular Gilder (Thanks, Gilder.  Very kind of you.).

July 24, 2014: 10 Down!  3 To Go!

Tomorrow, we reconvene to discuss Episode #11.  Can’t wait to find out what other surprises you guys have in store for us.  Pizza?  Homemade cookies?  Matching macrame vests for the entire writing department?

We’ll see…!

16 thoughts on “July 24, 2014: 10 down! 3 to go!

  1. You are all very welcome, Joe. Hope I guessed correctly on size; you haven’t dropped any hints on number of writers. 😃

    I recommend Edible Arrangements in lieu of flowers. Have ordered thrice now, different cities, and the recipients have been consistently pleased.

  2. You really want handmade wearables? I can do that, but you might not receive them for five years. Too many Un-Finished Objects (UFOs) stashed around my house.

  3. @gilder, that was so nice and cool of you, I have wondered if those edible arrangements are a yum as they look.
    ~~and that one pix kinda looks like sponge bobs pants or just a bunch of curly lines, good luck there!

  4. 1. @ gilder – What a lovely gift!! Dang…now I wish you had MY address… 😉

    2. @ Joey – That last sketch? Obviously Egyptian hieroglyphs for ‘Japanese meditation koi pond’.


  5. No, no, no.

    The last sketch is an artist rendering of a 3 car accident at a crosswalk. The first car stopped when 2 children suddenly ran across the street. The second car stopped, but the third car, driven by a Japanese person, did not stop and ran into the second car, which pushed it into the first car.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  6. I could always do Toques… Or, frilly Scarves… However, I’d want a “wardrobe” screen credit!

  7. @baterista9/Gilder:

    What a fun and thoughtful gift! I wish I could get steamed blue crabs that way! 😉


    2. @ Joey – That last sketch? Obviously Egyptian hieroglyphs for ‘Japanese meditation koi pond’.

    I thought those squiggles looked like fish too!

    An interpretation on the first one:

    Act 1: Our protagonists arrive on Planet #1 “Plau” in Noah’s Ark.
    Act 2: The protagonists take a shuttle to Planet # 2 “Never See”.
    Act 3: We then omit how they got there, but Act 3 starts with them on a space station that is shaped like the Christmas Star.

    On the home-front, we had a visit from my cousin Mark tonight, so we celebrated with pulled pork, smoked corn on the cob, fresh potato salad and homemade blueberry pie. It was nice to reminisce about old times and granny’s pecan pie. We’re planning on getting our families together for Thanksgiving, (and I’ve committed to doing granny’s pecan pie), so that should be a good family reunion time.

  8. @Gilder/baterista – you are a good person, fruit for the body, chocolate for the soul. And you’re right, Joe is playing awfully close to the vest on this whole project, including number of writers on the team.

  9. In the first picture our heroes, while landing on Planet #1, hit the atmosphere too shallow and skip off sending them tumbling towards Planet #2. Cut to commercial and when we return they’re sitting in the mess hall of a space station chatting about what a close call it was. Saves a fortune on the VFX budget!

    That middle picture is quite obviously a plan view of an obelisk at the centre of a hedge maze in the space station’s arboretum.

    The third picture is clearly a design for a breech loading cannon that our heroes build to defend themselves from pirates!

  10. You just KNOW it’s going to be good when the OMIT is involved. Can’t wait!

  11. Yum. Gilder, you rock!

    My macrame skills are quite rusty. No go. Maybe I can score some dusty Burning Man pendants for you all.

    Yesterday was Pie ‘n Beer Day in Utah (Pioneer Day). I spent most of it flat on my back. Ugh. No beer. But I did get a slice of frozen chocolate cream pie, so I had that going for me.

  12. Hey Joe

    The second and third drawings seem to be something out of D&D. I might have sketched something like that myself.


  13. Pretty sure that second diagram is of Atari’s “Adventure” game. Now I feel bad that I bought Ranier cherries, bing cherries, organic strawberries and Lindt chocolate and I never thought to share it with your writer’s room. Thanks for making the rest of us look like bums, Gilder!

    You can expect my special delivery of a pack of mentos in the morning.

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