Hurrah!  The writers’ room is back on track!  Today, we tackled episode 7 and, while it was touch and go in the early goings, we did manage to finish breaking the entire story (tease, five acts, and a tag, natch), this despite a sluggish morning, an impromptu visit from an old friend and colleague, and a severe allergic reaction to something one of us ate (the suspects included improperly prepared chicken, brie, and the peanut butter-penicillin cookies I brought in).  I’m very pleased because, with this story in place, we have a spotlight episode for each of our crew members.

Next up is a tricky episode – but, if we can hammer it out #8 by Wednesday, I’m confident it’ll be smooooooooooooth sailing through the blustery #9 and the late season two parter before we hit our presently bare bones penultimate episode.

We wrap the room at the end of July and then, while they start designing ships and space stations in Toronto, I’ll be writing here in Vancouver.  I’m aiming to complete two scripts in August and another two in October (with time for a trip to L.A. next month and ten days in Japan in September).  Then, in November, I’m Toronto-bound where I’ll oversee set construction, casting, and the purchase of big down-filled coats.

So, who of you picked up those nifty Lost Tribe suits at auction?

July 21, 2014: An Update And A Mini Mailbag!

BTW – Just started Joe Abercrombie’s new book last night, Half A King, and it is brilliant.  If you’re looking to splurge on a hardcover, this is the one to pick up.

Mini mailbag:

Bailey writes: Oh and here’s a random bit of analysis of why SGA went off the air in a discussion of today’s slash fandoms: […] “In other words, since the fanbase was too middle-aged, too female, and too prone to writing slashfic, the whole show had to go.””

Answer: “too prone to writing slashfic”?  Stargate Producer #1: “Forget that director’s cut!  We’ve got more pressing matters to discuss!  Gater1472 has written a story pairing Beckett and Zelenka!”

Deni writes: “How many of these have you had, Joey?”

Answer: I’ve sampled a few – thanks to the generosity and impeccable customer service of The Imperial Hotel.  Some seven years ago, on my first trip to Tokyo, my ex and I walked around for an afternoon and then returned to our hotel room where we placed a recent purchase (a $12 apple) in the refrigerator.  We went out for another stroll and, when we returned, we found an enormous fruit basket awaiting us with a note that read: “The chambermaid dropped your apple on the floor while cleaning the refrigerator.  Please accept this fruit basket in apology.”  Not sure how much it cost but I’m sure it was at least $300.  And it contained the best melon, strawberries and apples I’ve ever eaten.  The bananas were alright.

Sylvia writes: “WHEN will you be able to tell us about the tease for the reason you are building a spaceship, freighter, space suits…??”

Answer: Apparently, as soon as all of the contracts have been signed.

NarellefromAus writes: “Recommended reading? I’ll check out your recommendations in your side bar but is there anything that is a must read? ”

Answer: The sidebar is a pretty good list of recent reads I heartily recommend. Tops of that list = Gone Girl, The Glass Castle, and We Are Completely Beside Ourselves.

8 thoughts on “July 21, 2014: An update and a mini mailbag!

  1. severe allergic reaction to something one of us ate peanut butter-penicillin cookies? Yes, that could be it! Glad your co-worker is ok!

    I brought Black Walnut Banana bread to work once and our secretary’s lips swelled to twice their size. Benadryl to the rescue! She didn’t know she was allergic to black walnuts but now she does. I may have saved her life!? 😉

    What a classy gesture by the Imperial! So it wasn’t intentional that you booby-trapped the fridge with that apple?

    Apparently, as soon as all of the contracts have been signed. Yay! Are they going to sign any actors from any of the Stargate Series?

    Oh no, you said “Smooooth sailing”. Break a leg!

  2. …a severe allergic reaction to something one of us ate (the suspects included improperly prepared chicken, brie, and the peanut butter-penicillin cookies I brought in).

    I’m confused by this comment. Did EVERYone have a severe allergic reaction because ONE person ate something…or did you mean that someone (you, perhaps) had a severe allergic reaction to something ‘one of us brought in’ (instead of ‘ate’)? Please clarify so that I don’t go through life pondering this unclear statement.

    Also, Joey…we MUST stop meeting in my dreams!! Last night I had yet another Mallozzimare…

    This time I was a writer, and my stories had been published in various anthology-type books. It seems you had read a few of these anthologies, and we meet somewhere (probably a restaurant, all I remember was a table), and you start giving your critique of the stories (mine, and others) in the different books, and you said that my last story was good, but not as good as the others I had written and that I was clearly off my game for the last one.

    I really think I need to stop visiting the blog right before bed. 😛


  3. I know there’s a guy that bought a TON of SG1, SGA, and SGU stuff that he’s been trying to sell on eBay. I know for a fact he had, or may still have those Lost Tribe/SGU space suits. He bought damn near all the big stuff from those auctions. He even bought the SGA “away” partial gate. If you are seriously looking for that stuff, I know he’s got it(or had it).

    -Mike A.

  4. the Q&A I did here actually put me in touch with a guy who has one of the suits, which were all repainted for their use in SGU with the other helmets.
    He took it to a convention in germany a few months ago, and had to wear parts on the plane ride. everyone, including security thought it was awesome.

  5. You see here, the maid would have washed off the apple with the rag she used to clean the toilet and put it back in place without anyone knowing any better.

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