To those asking: Yes, you’ll be able to watch my new show when it premieres in 2015.  Unless you live on the moon of course.  Which, I suspect, some of you do. But fear not.  I’m sure they’ll have found a way to stream it to your base by then.

Today, I finished a revision of the pilot episode – and spent my last full day with my old high school buddy, Cas, and his lovely girlfriend Su.  He’s here shooting a few days on a series and she was here for a photo shoot.  Also, both were here to spend quality time with Akemi and the dogs.  And eat A LOT.

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits!Last night, we got together with my writing partner, Paul, for dinner and drinks. Oh, and I got to practice my phoney photo laugh.  Look at how much fun I’m having!  Pictured from left to right: Paul, Cas, and me – or, as as we used to be known in the old D&D days Kato the Monk, Altov the Druid, and Delfoss the goblin thief.

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits! Su and Cas took us out for dinner.  As is customary when I’m being treated, I ate to bursting, then stuffed my plastic wrap-lined pockets with the leftovers.

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits!We stopped off at this little corner bakery that makes these delicious coffee buns that, quite frankly, taste like uber-light pancakes (

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits!Last night, we visited Bella Gelateria for the best gelato in the world.  And a cup of strawberries.  Pictured above, Akemi and Gelato Master James Coleridge.

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits!Space suits.  Who’s up for a little EVA?

July 19, 2014: Friends, Food, And Space Suits!My writing partner, Paul.  That’s who!

10 thoughts on “July 19, 2014: Friends, food, and space suits!

  1. I remember building those space suits…good times. …especially when we put the animatronic howling monkey head in there. or Kenny Gibbs, I can’t recall which was which. I have pics of both.

  2. I like big buns and I can not lie
    You other bloggers can’t deny
    That when you’re teased with an itty bitty taste
    And a round thing in your face
    You get hungry, want more than a snuff
    ‘Cause you notice those buns are stuffed
    Deep in the box they’re sharing
    I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring…


  3. Hey Joe. I’m loading my Kindle for 24hrs of flying and one week in Thailand where I will hopefully be perfecting my impersonation of an inanimate object. Recommended reading? I’ll check out your recommendations in your side bar but is there anything that is a must read? My brain enjoys the confusion of time travel but not sure of anything worthwhile.

  4. Have to say Bella Gelateria is the best place in the world…adore the ice cream from there…being Type 2 Diabetic I choose my “dessert treats” very carefully…I’d give up a thousand sweet things to have one small tub of Bella’s ice every visit to Vancouver I make…worth. it…..

  5. A Monk, a Druid, and a Gobln Thief walk into a bar… Can you still do your “Goblin Thief” role-playing voice? Mine always sounded like a cross between a Ferengi and Peter Lorre. Ah, good times.

  6. Good times….and…you are back to normal.
    My “feeding items” list for when I ever get to Vancouver again is getting longer and longer.
    May the Goblin Force be with you……and…..
    WHEN will you be able to tell us about the tease for the reason you are building a spaceship, freighter, space suits…??
    Enquiring minds can’t wait to hear your good news.

  7. I hope Y’All realize that real space colonies and such will NOT be having people in space suits working outside,,,they’ll be nice and warm in their cubicles, underground(on Luna) or some other well protected area and the things doing the outside work will be, most likely, tele-operated robots…immune to vacuum and radiation…hey, we bomb people with tele-operated drones…

  8. SpaceX wants to have someone on Mars soon, so you never know. What is a coffee bun? Never mind. I’ll go look it up on Google.

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