As we head into the World Cup Final, news you need to know: The World Cup Flopping Rankings!

July 12, 2014: News Of Note!

And this:

Uh oh.  Blogger fined for writing negative review:  All I’ve got to say is you better LOVE my new show when it airs next summer.  I’m extremely litigious! 🙂

Reboot Fever!  Catch it!

July 12, 2014: News Of Note!

Via Buzzfeed: 33 Reasons Why Humanity Is Doomed:

July 12, 2014: News Of Note!

11 thoughts on “July 12, 2014: News of Note!

  1. Yup, we really have to get after those nasty hunters who have been slaughtering the Triceratops. After all, they are an endangered species. Everyone knows that.

  2. Oh the days when the hash tag was known only as a pound sign. Or “that number thingy that looks like a tic-tac-toe game.”

  3. Published the Prologue (aka “Teaser”) for a story that I think solves the Red Shirt Diaries story idea for SGA. Drawing on the TV show West Wing for the idea, I included SGA’s writing staff (Joe, Paul, Peter, Martin, Allan, Carl, Rob, and Brad) as Atlantis personnel as well as her major minor characters like Zelenka, Keller, Caldwell, and Lorne to flesh out what the city is like when Sheppard and his team are off-world. It’s more like a cross between the Star Trek TNG episode “Below Decks”, the SG-1 episode “The Other Guys”, and SG-1’s “Wormhole X-Treme” and “200” episodes. Hope everyone likes it.

  4. arcticgoddess: 😆

    I’m taking my son back to college tomorrow. This time I’m driving my hubby’s truck. It cost more in gas but the a/c works. I’m hoping he will adjust to college life soon.

    Is Jelly sleeping later than 5?

  5. I still refuse to call a pound symbol ‘hashtag’ – it just sounds like fingernails on a blackboard to me ears.

    My news of note – We managed to go to the beach today! Woo! Very relaxing napping on the beach, wading in the surf (water was calm and cool, but still very enjoyable), and just soaking up the sun. Came home, cooked burgers, corn (in the husk) and potatoes (sliced, seasoned, buttered, and wrapped in foil) on the grill. Had a little wine. Sat out on the patio and enjoyed the cool evening breeze and the fireflies flickering about. We both really needed this vacation day…hopefully it will be the first of many this simmer…I mean, summer. 🙂


  6. Plus, that kid really is an idiot. A hashtag is the combination of the “#” AND the keyword or word combination that’s behind it, not just the number sign.

  7. The reviewer for “The Onion” turned me off in the first 30 seconds (can’t believed I listened that long). Do people who got their degrees in Liberal Arts, probably English, have more interesting words to use than throwing a bunch of curse words at me? It shouldn’t be the bulk of your words. I get that people use curse words here and there but not to that level.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Can’t believe we are half way through! Looking forward to hearing more about this new series for Joe!!! Glad you are finally back to work at a level you enjoy. Now if I could just land that teaching job (just got my degree in Dec). Take care all!

  8. @ gforce = I’m pretty sure the kid thought that # was invented just for twitter, totally oblivious to the fact that it’s been around for over 100 years (at least) as the number or (American) pound symbol. Seems the interwebs has narrowed horizons instead of broadening them.


  9. @das: Indeed, there’s no short of stupid in this world. However, your summer beach day sounds like it was awesome!

  10. News of Note: Germany wins the WC – so now the Google search page can finally get back to normal.


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