Well, I’m glad you asked – and yes, it IS a category.  The nominees are:

Apple – “Misunderstood”

Budweiser – “Heroes Welcome”

Budweiser – “Puppy Love”

General Electric – “Childlike Imagination”

Nike – “Possibilities”

So, which one are you voting for?

29 thoughts on “July 10, 2014: This year’s Emmy nominations are out! Forget the series and acting awards. What’s in the running for Best Commercial?

  1. I agree with whoviantrish. If it’s got puppies in it, it’s got to be good.

  2. The puppy and Clydesdales are pretty great; it was my favorite Superbowl commercial. But I liked the emo kid surprising his family with the Christmas video he made while every one thought he was just being antisocial.

  3. I guess you gotta’ go with puppies. Even that one felt like it borrowed too much from stuff I’ve seen too much of on the internet.

    They were all long and boring.

    General Electric has no business using the word “imagination”. That corporate culture doesn’t know what that means. When I first started working there, I made a very mundane comment about curricula and the possibility of tailoring it to the learner. I was told that GE encourages “swinging for the fences” like that. That was how communication was done at GE. No one would outright say thinking isn’t encouraged, but calling the most mundane of suggestions of changing how things are equivalent to taking huge risks with my career was how I was warned in code just how strict the line on conformity was.

  4. either one of the budwiser ones. i really like the puppy & horse friendship one. i thought for sure the man & woman in that would get together.

  5. None. I’m tired of being manipulated.

    Oh, btw…I won’t be around tomorrow. Going to the country to buy myself a puppy…if I can get him away from that blasted horse!


  6. Budweiser – “Puppy Love”…I’m a horse and dog nut so I’d vote for any thing with the Clydesdale’s and a dog….its no contest for me.

  7. It was just fortunate that I happened to see the Game of Thrones styled South Park episode. I finally got to hear the Lyrics to the theme song.

  8. What a bunch of sickly, sentimental claptrap! After watching those ads I feel like someone tied me to a chair, stuck a funnel in my mouth and force fed me 27 litres of high fructose corn syrup. This is the reason I don’t watch commercial television anymore.

  9. The Emmys suck!!!!!!!

    OK now that I’ve got that out of my system I like the Apple Misunderstood Budweiser Puppy Love & Nike Possibilities ads. As far as selling the product I vote Apple.

    Hope everyone is well. I’ve been holidaying (Queensland & Sydney) and then sick with a cold.

    I saw the weirdest thing the other day. I was off to gym at 6:20am (takes me 25 minutes to drive there…long story). I was driving along a major road when I saw a guy throwing things out of his window. It took me a moment as I saw the cylindrical objects fly through the air. OMG! He was delivering newspapers at 70km/h. How weird is that?

    Take care everyone
    Cheers, Chev

  10. The Budweiser “Puppy Love” commercial gets my vote with a very slim margin over Apple’s offering.

  11. I wonder if GE is feeling a bit of subconscious guilt as their products as seen kill thousands of birds a year. Multinational, feeling of guilt….. just kidding.

  12. Cookie Monster scared my three-year old with his monstrous table manners. It’s just a freaking cookie. Chill out.

  13. Aminals! Always go with the aminals. 🙂 As for current commercials I love the iPhone ad for the “Chicken Fat” song. It makes me want to go out and exercise, which was the purpose of it back in the 60s, apparently. Also, it’s very catchy. 😀

  14. Um, I love the ad *because* of the song. Clarity in communication is our friend.

  15. My vote is with Apple – “Misunderstood”. As an introvert it speaks to me.

  16. @Duptiang

    South Park at its finest too. What they did to George R.R Martin at the unveiling was hilarious, the way he starts talking about you know, and someone walks up to him and chops his off. I think the shorter seasons are really working creatively for the show, they now seem to care and put more effort into solid stories and satire again.

  17. I like fuzzy warm commercials, all of them. I would have liked the Clydesdale, but all I can think is all soldiers deserve a huge welcome home. Instead, the USA sent out (I kid you not) massive pink notices to to soldiers still in Afghanistan that they’ll be out of the military when they return. Some welcome home.

    I’m tired of the dog one, so I’d vote misunderstood.

    Hope Jelly is okay.

  18. Okay I know I have missed some posts… but dang… CONGRATS sincerely sent even if belated!

    Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi

  19. The dog commercial, definitely.

    bambamfans: Wow! (on newspaper story)

    The A/C on my car went out last weekend and I took it by the shop to get it fixed Monday. So I picked up my son from college today. That’s when I realized the A/C is still broken, it went out an hour into our drive (5 hrs round trip). I will never EVER take A/C for granted again!

    Mr. M: Are you flying the dogs to Toronto or driving them? When do you have to go? Good luck on all your plans! Congrats on the award!

  20. G’day

    I vote for the Apple ad. Made me cry the most. Damn I hate commercials, especially emotional ones.

    @ BamBamfams : lived that (newspaper delivery) for a few years. Our paper delivery man was like that, in my very quiet neighbourhood.

  21. The guy Don Jeanes in the Budweiser commercials is from Humble, Texas (city next to mine), so I’m voting for that. And puppies.

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