July 1, 2014: Canada Celebrations!
Okay, from a distance it looks like a maple leaf. Let’s say close enough.

Today, Akemi and I celebrated Canada Day by making the 30 minute drive to Steveston, Richmond where we drove around for 30 minutes looking for parking and then made the 30 minute walk from our parking spot to Steveston Village where we walked around and ate for 30 minutes before making the 30 minute trek back to our car and the 30 minute drive back home.  In retrospect, given the fact that we bypassed the Canada Day parade completely in favor of calamari and oyster poboys, we simply chose THE BUSIEST day of the year to have lunch in Steveston.  On the bright side (and I here I refer not to the blazing early afternoon sun), Lulu seemed to have a great time despite being so exhausted on the walk back that she tried to climb in and catch a ride with two strange vehicles.

July 1, 2014: Canada Celebrations!
Laughs with Lulu

On the way back to the car, we happened upon this little outdoor stand (Bell’s Bake Shop – http://www.bellsbakeshop.com) selling cupcakes, cookies, and cake balls.  I tried a couple of the latter, one very good cookies ‘n cream, and one SO good maple-bacon-bourbon that I ended up buying another.  And then a bunch more for the road.

Pretty exciting, huh?  Beat that!


14 thoughts on “July 1, 2014: Canada celebrations!

  1. I got my 15-year-old Mercury Villager van back from original dealer’s service dept. AND found out its trade-in value is MORE than the cost of pending repairs. New CUV, here I come!

    I strongly favor the new Lincoln MKC, as the current vehicle and dealership have stood the test of time, but I’m open to suggestions. US-available models only, please.

  2. In Ottawa, 40C – [104F] – humidex ALL day despite the hourly mid-day Rain-Cells passing through between “FLY-BY”s whilst I enjoyed my COOL basement as I finished knitting a *wool* “HUDSON BAY”-esque Toque!

  3. I’m starting to wonder if funimation is going to ever release evangelion 3.33 i’m starting to get a little pissed about it they were originally supposed to release it in feb ’14 now here it is july and still nothing you cant tell me its still making its theatrical tour anymore what gives.

  4. Ooo Steveston…love it there but yes, it does get busy when the sun is out and it’s a holiday day…

    There used to be a nice Bistro called Tapenade there…never went for anything else but the fresh-off-the-boat mussels accompanied by fritjes (fries)…best outside of Belgium that I’ve ever tasted….

  5. Bon enfin de très bonnes nouvelles. Votre (notre??) série de sci-fi semble sur les rails.
    Je suis un peu surpis de votre retour à Toronto, cependant; vous n,aviez pas tellement aimé votre dernière expérience,me semble-t-il. D’ailleurs, cette série sur laquelle vous aviez travaillé a-t-elle jamais été télédiffusée?

  6. Your adventures sound more exciting. in the Chicagoland area we had wicked thunderstorms, wind, heavy rain – lots of power outages.
    Hope JeffW and Sparrow hawk and others in the area faired well.

    Exciting storm night dinner at Culvers – Atlantic Cod.
    Canada Day – McDonalds mcnuggets…and fries.

    Definitely need to beef up the menu to beat your haul.
    I know, I can get Mochi ice cream and macarons at Trader Joes.
    Putting it on list to do after work!

  7. No, I will not take your culinary challenge baiting. I put some chocolate syrup in almond milk and I’m happy with my choice.

  8. Lulu seems so happy as if all those pastries were for her alone. I finally saw “Her,” aka Lawnmower Girl. My liking of it diminished as I ruminated on how the moody brunette ex-wife with the succesful artistic career was pretty much Sofia Coppola, and how sad it is that Spike Jonze has never seen Catfish, because he pretty much made a very cool atmospheric 2 hour version of the Manti Teo Story with pretty much the same ending.

  9. Well.. I finished up my first summer vacation by seeing ALL THE THINGS at the Philly Art Museum, toured Eastern State Penitentiary and then saw the Liberty Bell and toured Independence Hall. I had fun. Now I must nap then catch up on your blog.

    Ziggy has done that too when he’s hot! He’ll so willingly abandon us for AC.

    Happy belated Canada day!

  10. You look rather young and svelte in that photo, Joey. However, it looks like you’re about to poke yer own nips…which reminds me of those little ditties that we sang as kids: ‘push the buttons, pull the chain, out comes chocolate choo-choo train’…and… ‘milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made’.

    We were quite the troubadours back in the day. 🙂



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