Ceeripes, I feel like crap!  I woke up this morning feeling significantly under the weather: stomach ache, nausea, headache, fatigue, muscles aches, and appetite free.  I suspect food poisoning from last night’s chicken dinner.  I blame Top Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and his roast-chicken-at-375-degree-for-one-hour-and-serve-at-room-temperature recipe.  Akemi claims there’s only one way to know for sure: “Eat leftover chicken and see what happens.”

I spent much of the early afternoon lying in bed with the dogs.  More than once, Jelly’s dorito-scented paws had me scrambling for the bathroom.

June 13, 2014: Joe And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!
Yo! Wassup, corn-chip feet?

Compounding my irritability today was a World Cup announcer’s use of the term “greasy” in lieu of “slippery”.  A ball cannot be greasy unless it is covered in grease.  Same goes for treacherous road conditions.  The word you’re looking for is “slippery”.

In honor of the World Cup, I present the following video – soccer at its finest:

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday gal Bethany!  Hope you’re having a much better day than I am!

39 thoughts on “June 13, 2014: Joe and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

  1. Happy Birthday Bethany!

    So sorry you were feeling bad today? The dogs love it when you spend all day laying around with them though.

    How is Akemi feeling?

    Hope tomorrow is better! Do you still have that tea that Akemi’s parents sent?

  2. Aww, poor Joe! Hope you’re feeling better soon, but I probably wouldn’t take Dr. Akemi’s medical advice. Are you insured, by the way? 🙂

    Those soccer guys are probably the most fragile athletes I’ve ever seen. Or the most cheatin’est! I understand that just today there was another “controversial” call, which allowed Brazil to win a game.

    My jet lag is starting to subside, thank goodness, and I spent part of this evening visiting my step-mom who is doing pretty well at the moment, and we went to visit a lady she knows (but seldom gets a chance to see) in another part of the nursing home. The poor old soul has a pretty advanced case of Parkinson’s, but I wheeled her down to the living room area along with my stepmom to have a visit. Her illness has definitely progressed since the last time I saw her a couple of years ago, but she did still recognize me. It was a nice visit and did insist that we come again soon.

    Sending best thoughts and wishes for a quick recovery, Joe! Take care of yourself!

  3. Happy Birthday Bethany, hope its a good one.

    @“Eat leftover chicken and see what happens.”

    Which would make you feel worse. If that’s the source of what caused the problem, your body would need to get rid of more stuff. With food poisoning it’s best to just keep hydrated with water, so you clear your system. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ugh! Feel better quickly.

    I take back my comment about no goals being scored during a soccer match. Today’s matches made a liar out of me. Crazy stuff. Spain’s goalkeeper might be looking for a new career after the Cup is over. eesh

  5. Awww feel better Joe. I hate being sick. Today is Friday the 13th… and a full moon. I’m not a fan of today either, truth be told.

    Happy Birthday Bethany. 🙂


  6. Happy birthday to Bethany!

    Joe, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I had similar symptoms a couple of weeks ago (maybe a week after our visit). Also heard that others had sudden indigestion problems. I’m guessing a virus is making the rounds.

    Y’all please cross fingers for me. I’m having knee pain that reminds me of my 2010 injury. Calling the orthopedist Monday; will ask him to send me straight to MRI. My injuries are historically cartilage, not bone, so they don’t show on X-rays.

  7. One thing that I love about the World Cup is that, for the most part most people who have a country involved care or appreciate the moment. There’s that element of atmosphere about it that lasts for as long as your team is still involved. That and it has the once in every 4 year thing, people want their country to be the best in the world in that sport.

  8. @glowyzoey

    I didn’t watch the game personally but saw the report, crazy stuff actually yeah I agree. Spain will still qualify as runners up as they have a fairly weak group.

    There’s some groups that I can’t honestly predict, I would like to think England and America will qualify out of their groups in some form. I think with Group C Japan have a good chance as the country has a decent team. But yeah after the Spain result it’s hard to under estimate any team lol.

  9. You REALLY need to start watching rugby…

    Not only do they have greasy balls, but also quick balls, wobbly balls, loose balls, and blue balls (when the team wearing blue has possession – I always chuckle a little when I hear that one),. Oh, and soft hands…lots of rugby players seem to have soft hands when releasing their balls…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! A dodgy gut is never any fun. 🙁


  10. @ Duptiang – Doesn’t everyone who owns a dog smell their feets? I LOVE the smell of kitteh feets – but only after they’ve been sleeping with their wittle toesies all tucked under themselves for a few hours. Never, EVER smell kitteh feets right after they’ve been to the litter pan. 😛


  11. That football (soccer) vid? It’s a classic! 😀

    I was looking for a good (picture) quality rugby v soccer vid, and this one is fairly decent, though a bit long. It shows a mix of legal and illegal hits, whereas some ‘rugby is a man’s game’ videos show mostly illegal hits that likely ended up with a yellow or red card.

    (And yes, this IS my anti-World Cup campaign. 🙂 )


  12. Sorry you are feeling poorly Joe. I heard Paul McCartney has a virus and had to cancel some of his shows on his current tour. So you’re in good company. My beagle Maggie has Fritos feet, especially when she is licking them. Peeee-uuuuu. But I don’t mind her Frito smell. She is so cute. Hope you get to feeling better.

    Happy Birthday Bethany!

  13. Food poisoning? Unless there is projectile vomiting you are not quite there. Been there, done that.

  14. Who stole my comment??!! WordPress!!!

    Hope you are feeling better Joe.

    Happy Birthday Bethany!

    My beagle Maggie has Frito feet!

  15. It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon. Maybe that is whats wrong with you Joe.

  16. I’m not around enough to know who everyone is, so I’ll just pretend that I do. *g*

    Happy birthday Bethany!

    Hope you feel better soon, Deni.

    baterista9 I hope the knee pain is a minor thing and that your cartilage is strong and healthy.

    Randomness Yeah, that goalie was out of the net a mile more than once and had no hope of stopping the ball either time. I know that’s not uncommon, but he made some questionable choices and paid the price. I don’t totally understand the groupings. Yet. Working on it. It’s been a while since I watched soccer with any real interest.

    Watching the Kings and Rangers game right now and was jumping up and down in front of the tv. Into the second period of overtime. Go Kings! There was some exciting tennis this morning between Philip Kohlschrieber and Dustin Brown in Halle, Germany. Went to 18-16 in a tiebreak. Lots going on for sports fans today. Thank goodness, because there isn’t anything else to watch.

    Sorry for the multiple posts, Joe. I really hope you are feeling better and that Akemi is taking care of your whining. Um, taking care of you. ;-p

  17. Thats too funny my Jack Russell terrier tyler has corn chip feet too even after bathing him and putting extra soap between his toes within a short amount of time they will be back to smelling like corn chips again.

  18. Get better Joe. Corn chips? Did I miss this epiphany in an earlier blog post?

    @sparrowhawk, @tam Dixon – Howdy folks! Sorry for ruining a perfectly good Aus cliche with that greeting. How have you both been?

    @mybuddyms99 – Who were you in a previous username life?! You called me Relle so I must know you pretty well.

    @das – always good to see you’re still here 🙂

  19. Akemi is hilarious
    … and correct, the only scientific way to know for sure is to eat the chicken again. 🙂

    Hope you feel better!

  20. @glowyzoey

    I heard the Spain goalkeeper hadn’t started that many games prior, perhaps it was a case of nerves, and he simply folded under the pressure? They may replace him for the next game, they need too by the sound of it if they don’t want to go out early lol

  21. By the way Joe this series caught my eye recently, it’s called Aldnoah Zero, it was created by Gen Urobuchi who also did the Fate/Zero light novels, the Madoka Magica etc series, he has a fantastic library of works, and it’s also directed by Ei Aoki who directed Fate/Zero, so far so good right? It starts in July. It’s a Science fiction series that seems pretty good by the preview.

    Basically it’s about a war between Earth and Mars. The people of Mars want to wipe out humanity, seems like a good premise to me.

  22. Poor guy, I hope you feel better soon.

    I had severe food poisoning last year, bad enough to send me to the ER. Projectile emissions simultaneously at both ends. I couldn’t even get up off the floor; I was helpless. My neighbor, the EMTs and the ER staff were absolute angels, and I am ever thankful there are people in the world willing to do disgusting dirty jobs.

  23. @Joe:

    I hope you’re feeling better today. And thanks for the soccer video; I didn’t realise how much acting was involved! That ranks right up there with professional wrestling 😉

    More than once, Jelly’s dorito-scented paws had me scrambling for the bathroom.

    You’re really just trying to get me to smell my dog’s feet, aren’t you? :-;


    Happy Birthday! And as we say around here: And many more!


    Get better soon! Barb and I are hoping to drop in when we visit Tampa in September…

  24. @ Narelle – How’d I miss you??! I always think of you every time I watch Aussie Rules. 😉 GREAT to see you’re still peeking in now and then. First ShirtnTie, now you…all we need is that PG fella and it’ll be like old times! Lots more I miss, too, but just like I forgot if PG was followed by a 13 or a 15, I forget how to spell a lot of user names. Even when I reply to folks I usually copy and paste…remembering names has never been my strong point. 😛


  25. I hope you’re feeling better today, Joe.

    And everyone else who is under the weather, too. Get well soon!

    Hi Narelle! I’m doing well. Just got back from cruising to Norway, Orkney,Shetland, Faroe and Westman Islands and ending in Iceland for a few days. Excellent trip.

  26. I assume you are better by now (hope so). Patrick got sick on June 2. Nothing worse than an 18-year-old projectile vomiting and having diarrhea and they can’t get themselves to a bathroom. By Thursday, we were at the pediatrician getting Zofran because he could not keep water down and I was worried his antiseizure meds would come back up as well. Jeff came home Thursday afternoon sick. I was trying to treat my own symptoms and went out Friday night pet sitting with a fever. On Sunday, one of the pets I was caring for got sick. A very long story. That entire next week Patrick was off from school for a summer break, but Jeff was still sick on Monday and I was taking that dog to the vet. Mine lasted longer than theirs because I frankly was not allowed to rest. Irritating.

    And very, very belated happy birthday Bethany!

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