27 thoughts on “May 26, 2014: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day = Nutritional Yeast!

  1. Um, are you sure you’re supposed to eat that raw? Now that you’ve chased it with water it’s probably rising in your stomach as we speak! (That’s what my mom would’ve said, anyway.)

    Whichever dog it was grumbling in the background was great! Perfect accompaniment. It’s like they were saying, “I don’t think you should do this…”

  2. Oh Joe! So you’ve stooped to eating dog food products now?! My favorite part is where you snort some out of the spoon (about 1:32). And gforce is right. After that drink of water, it’s probably making pancakes in your stomach. 🙂

    Your dogs sound like zombies in the background. 🙂

    @ cat4444 – Interesting….. 🙂

  3. You don’t eat it straight out of the bag, silly!!! It’s kindof like flour, important to recipes but not something you eat on it’s own.

    1. But the woman at Whole Foods claimed people sprinkled it on salads. Maybe she meant “their friends salads as a sort of gag”.

  4. Is that your stomach growling in the background?…or was
    that just Lulu doing her thing?

    That was some face that you made.
    ..and I didn’t see you speeding to quickly get another
    spoonful into your mouth.

    Just wondering….after daring to sample something so yucky
    tasting…do you reward yourself afterwards with something
    extra yummy tasting?

    BTW…if it’s supposed to be good for dogs…did you allow your
    dogs to sample it?

  5. Agree with the others, the grumbling puppy accompaniment was the perfect touch. And not sure if it was the starting pose, the Cap shirt, the short hair or the vEEgan/vAYgan thing — or all of the above — but this was the cutest WFPotD in memory. Not sure if you like to be called cute, but there you have it.

  6. Joey, sometimes you are just too darn cute for words! 😀


    PS…Just noticed Yumenoko also picked up on your cuteness vib. Personally, I think it’s your dimples. 🙂


  7. Grrr….that was supposed to be bolded, not italicized. Sorry ’bout that, I was distracted by a young Kent McCord (one of these days I WILL get out of the 70s, but for now I’m just having way too much fun with old tv shows).


  8. You’re not supposed to just straight up eat it. It’s to compliment foods, like salt. If you want to really give it a fair try, sprinkle a spoonful on some popcorn.

  9. Yeast?

    I share the opinion of Lulu in the background:grrrr grrrrr grrrr puag put that out of my sight grrrrr grrrr.

    Its very healthy but I prefer the unhealthy food. :burrito: |_|

  10. “Maybe she meant “their friends salads as a sort of gag”.”

    Gag being the operative word, apparently.

  11. I assume the yeast has been deactivated so it’s not like it’s going to start growing in your stomach even if it could survive your stomach acids which it won’t.

    vay-gans – Are aliens from the star Vega.
    vee-gans – Are people that eschew animal products.

    I think I’ll stick with Vegemite which is a yeast extract.

  12. Speaking of anime, I was recently watching Girls und Panzer, its quite a decent tournament based tank anime, they base their tank designs off real life tanks, and while my knowledge on tanks in non existent, it does sound like they take a few liberties with the speed of some(From reading some comments), which they explain by how the girls can mod the tanks to go quicker etc.

    This scene from Episode 1 is pretty good, skip the first 40ish seconds(Talking) to see the tank stuff.

    Russian team

    Anime opening

    The animation is really decent, as is the music during the tank battles, and despite being the underdogs and going up against superior tanks and numbers, the sense of team work and strategy is admirable.

  13. Love your facial expressions and the head swaying as you attempt to avoid the taste! Obviously, the yeast didn’t make the top ten list of delicious things to eat. I agree with KathyC, it’s supposed to go into food preparation, not eaten on it’s own. As a food supplement, to bolster nutrition, I would agree yeast has it’s merits.
    Now let’s see it your pups will eat it.


  14. Joe, you’re not supposed to eat it on it’s own. Do like Keith says, sprinkle (or pour) it on your popcorn. It’s heavenly with butter. It does also work well to make a nice cheesy sauce for vegan Mac n’ Cheese.

  15. I may have smelled my dogs breath but do not recall sniffing any other extremities. However, I do remember a movie with Micheal Kane in which he give homage to a SS officer of a soft substance sticking to his boot on a warm summer day. Joe, your face is all I need to know at to making it part of my daily menu. I will limit my yeast intake to my non-pasteurized home-made beer, with out shaking the bottle.

  16. i’m with everyone who said i think it’s supposed to be used in other stuff. and if you are supposed to sprinkle it on salad, 1. it’s probably a very small amount & 2. the taste of the salad dressing will help mask the taste.

  17. It’s great for things like mixing it in with maybe a “loaf” kind of recipe and coatings when you bake. My great grandma swore it was what kept her “young”, she ate it every day and lived to 96.
    When I tried Vegemite I just said “oh it tastes like nutritional yeast”.

  18. Awesome. The things you put yourself through for our entertainment. I actually got to taste something that was cooked with nutritional yeast. My friend Susan brought something to book club. It was just awful. Fortunately because she was my friend I could tell her exactly how I felt. When she asked if I wanted more, I said, “No thank you. I’m quite full.” I miss my friends from book club. I never read the book and they never cared if I did because 3 hours was catching up on our lives and 15 minutes was book discussion, but I haven’t been able to see them since January. I really miss the community. I’m taking red yeast rice to help knock some points off my cholesterol level. While my HDL was outstanding, and the doctor said she wasn’t worried whatsoever with my cholesterol level, I did not like the number. Red yeast rice is supposed to help that. We’ll see when I get labs drawn in July.

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