1According to our dog-sitter, my pug Jelly was “fussing a lot today”.  Despite her hip dysplasia and arthritic shoulders, she couldn’t sit still.  It was as if she could sense something was up.  Something like…

Dad coming home!

Yes, following four great days in Vegas, I am back in familiar territory more familiar territory (since, truth be told, The Strip has become a sort of home away from home over the years).  It was a terrific trip.  We spent time with friends, ate at some fantastic restaurants (Julian Serrano, Joe’s Stone Crab, and Jaleo) and, when all was said and done, I came out ahead at the tables.  Well, technically, I lost some money – but nowhere near as much as I was prepared to lose, so I’m going to consider that a win.  There was that hiccup with our accommodations on the first night, but once we moved from The Cosmopolitan to The Aria, we were much more comfortable.  Still, I don’t think I’d stay at the Aria again.  It’s a minor quibble, but the rooms are way too dark.  There is no central light source so I had to rely on reading lamps for my night time reading – but the illumination they provided was incredibly poor.  No wonder my eyes ached for most of my trip.  Also, the blackout curtains did a damn poor job of actually blacking out the morning sunlight.  As a result, we were usually up by 7 a.m.  Nope.  I think it’s going to be back to The Bellagio for me on my next trip to Sin City.  Whenever that is?  Quick!  Who’s in for a group vacation?!

Breakfast: a vanilla eclair and a nutella napolean.  Pesto chicken sandwich not pictured because who cares.
Breakfast: a vanilla eclair and a nutella napolean. Pesto chicken sandwich not pictured because who cares.

19 thoughts on “May 19, 2014: There’s no place like home!

  1. Welcome home!

    RE: Dim light. Hubby scolds me all the time for reading in very low light. I’m half blind, but for some reason the low light doesn’t bother me when it comes to reading, though I can’t do much of anything else in it.

    RE: Group vaca. Sure, I’m in…if yer paying! 😀


  2. I propose a 6-Day rafting trip down through the Grand Canyon immediately following the Group Vegas Trip. We can take all our massive winnings at the slots and tables and rock the river.

  3. Not sure about a rafting trip…I R old and breakable.
    BUT…wandering around Las Vegas…FOOOD, FOOOOD, oh, they have macarons too right? hmmmm, how come you did not mention any? So unlike you.
    Pick a good window of opportunity dude.

  4. OMG! Count me in for a group trip to Vegas. I’ve never been. I have a short attention span, I should fit right in… haha.

    Thanks for the Ivon photo. It’s my new favourite. 😀

    Glad the dogs were happy to see you. It’s funny how they notice things we don’t.

    Did you do a Weird Food Purchase of the Day in Vegas?

    I’m heading off on holiday to Queensland on Sunday with my sister and her kids. Guess I’ll celebrate my birthday there as Saturday which is the actual day will be busy with preparations. That’s OK, I like stretching it out.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Group vacation? Sure. Just give me a date and I can clear the schedule. Have your people call my people for the details. Love to find some of strip hidden jewels.

  6. Vegas! Pick a couple of dates and let me know. After July would be good.

    Sylvia, you met my Mr. You might be surprised at how he’s mellowed post-retirement. 😎

  7. I’d love a group trip to Vegas! 😉

    Honestly, though, it’s because it’s a little too easy for me to get there. It’s just over 5 hours by car or 45 minutes by plane. Cost-wise it’s almost a washout, but it is nice having your own car there sometimes. I guess it just depends on what you plan to do.

    I have to agree with you on Mesa Grill. I was less than impressed. I went a couple years ago and made it a point to hit some of the well known chefs’ restaurants. I went away from Mesa thinking I had learned all I needed about the place to never really have to go back, and you just confirmed my conclusion. So, thank you!

    The only thing I haven’t ventured on there in Vegas is looking for the best Sushi place. I can’t imagine Vegas would be a huge sushi destination, but you never know until you start dig a little deeper. I haven’t done any homework on that at all since I currently have zero plans to go this year. But hey, plans can change!

    -Mike A.

  8. I’ve always said, it’s great to go away, and it’s always just as nice to get back home!

    Sure, I’d be up for a group trip. Jenny Horn, I agree about the 6 day rafting trip! I did that through the GC in 2004 and always wanted to go again. It is really a blast, but for me now it feels a bit “touristy” I suppose – you’re treated so well and the food is great. Steak and lobster on day 4 of a wilderness trip? That’s the high life, for sure!

  9. Group trip! Yes!

    I agree on the rafting excursion, too.

    In news of the appalling variety: Did you hear the update on that story of 6 dogs who were “stolen” from the covered pick-up bed of their dog-walker (in Surrey, I think)? Turns out they died of heat exhaustion in the truck, and the dog-walker made up the whole theft story to cover her ass. Horrible.


  10. I will never go to Vegas. Absolutely no desire whatsoever. And I actually would try a chicken pesto sandwich but yes that dessert looks quite awesome. Of course they knew you were coming home. If they were a good pet sitter, they said many times that day, “your family is coming home today!!!” At least I do.

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