11Two great photo ops for Akemn.  As is often the case when meeting celebrities, their true life personas don’t always mirror their onscreen characters.   Spongebob, for instance, was atypically silent – but no less genial, while Minion turned out to be a little a grabby.  And flatulent.

An excellent dinner last night at Sage Restaurant.  Highlights included a sweetbread and pork belly appetizer and the glass of absinthe I had with my chocolate and foie gras dessert.  Unsurprisingly, I had a sleepless last night but woke up early this morning to do it all over again.

Akemi and I checked out the spa.  While Akemi detoxified in the hot stone room, I brought along my book and relaxed in the “salt room”.


Sitting there in an oversized recliner with about a half dozen other people in monotone robes, surrounded by salt block walls, a weird New Age hum resonating constantly, I felt like an extra in a 1970’s scifi movie.

After working up an appetite reading for about an hour, I headed over to The Cosmopolitan where I met the rest of the gang for a lunch of authentic Chinese-Mexican cuisine at China Poblano.

These guys
These guys
Those guys
Those guys
And Hillary
And Hillary

The verdict (on the food, not the company which was, of course, fabulous) = meh.  I had high hopes for the beef tendon duck tongue tacos but they failed to wow.  And, surprisingly, neither did…

The nearby bakery's version of the cronut - except they don't call it a cronut.  I was actually expecting it to be richer.
The nearby bakery’s version of the cronut – except they don’t call it a cronut. I was actually expecting it to be richer.

After losing all the money I made back last night playing roulette which I lost playing blackjack (at blackjack), Akemi and I abandoned Ivon to the cruel hand of fate – and the craps table – to walk ourselves silly. Once again.  We checked out The Palazzo –

1Which is pretty much another version of The Bellagio.

We walked so far down The Strip (all the way to The Wynn) that, by the time it was time to turn back, there was no way we could make it to our hotel in time for a stopover before dinner – so we headed straight to Caesar’s where we met the rest of the gang for an old-school supper at Joe’s Stone Crab.  Highlights included crab, steak, and about a half-dozen pies including Boston cream, peanut butter, Havana, banana cream, and, of course, the house special key lime pie.

The stone crab
The stone crab

While everyone else headed downtown to check out the Freemont Experience, I had to beg off and head back to my hotel.

“I think that extra crab leg put did me in,”I explained.

“You sure it was the crab leg?”asked a clearly dubious Rob.

What else could it have been?  The five pieces of pie (technically six as we’d doubled up on the key lime)?  Come on.  I’m a professional!

On the way back to the Aria, we stopped off to catch the fountain show outside The Bellagio –

1Tomorrow, we’re going to hit the sports book.  Quick, give me a tip! Who is going to win the Superbowl next year?

18 thoughts on “May 17, 2014: Vegas Day #3!

  1. That sounds like it was a lot of fun
    sadly, i am not much into sports, other wise i would give you some options…..but, i know nothing of sports outside of simply watching…..i don’t know teams, to say nothingofindividuals on teams
    i do like the action, so at time i will flip a game on when i have the chance, but, even in the middle of the game, don’t even bother asking me who is playing, as i wouldn’t know
    i use to play baseball, so i can sit and watch, i like the action of football, though the time outs are annoying, hockey is exciting also
    golf is about the only slow sport that i like to watch, simple, striaght forward….can he angle the shot in???

  2. Is this a leisure trip or a business trip to get the band back together for this super secret sci-fi series you were talking about earlier this week???.

  3. It goes without saying that I’d have to bet on Seattle, being my adopted hometown team and reigning Superbowl champs. To not place that bet would be tantamount to treason. Unfortunately, though, that bet wouldn’t pay out a whole lot. The odds are currently 6-1.

    I hate them, but San Francisco would be a relatively safe bet. Or Carolina. If it were me, I’d put a bet on each of them.

    But apparently, I know nothing, because current odds for Carolina are 28-1 (compared with 15-2 for SF). I don’t see how that makes any sense. Carolina was 7-1 at home and 5-3 on the road last year — one of only 6 teams in the league with winning records both home and away. I think the odds makers put too much emphasis on draft picks.

    And just for yuks, I’d place one on Detroit (Odds 50-1). You can take the girl out of the D, but you can’t take the D out of the girl. Just a small bet. The payout would be enormous!

  4. hum.. i guess this is all hush hush judging by the way we hear about the photos, the food, and other details that do not really pick our interest compared to …. what the heck did you get up to with Martin Gero? catching up on Atlantis and SG1? 🙂 I wonder did Akemi share her opinions about SGA? and how cute Rush is.. 🙂 !?
    Well, nice to see that you are in good company, and I am sure that you guys did not limit the conversation to the menu 😉
    Would so love to see something nice come out of this meeting ! and i am not only talkning about the crab dish 😉
    seriously mission on good sci fi stuff out there, and we stopped our sky membership, as it was the main reason why we kept it… hoping that more SG1/ SGA will be watched on, as everything else is non nonsensical to me.. on there !
    hugs and have a superbowl Sunday!

  5. so we headed straight to Caesar’s where we met the rest of the gang for an old-school supper at Joe’s Stone Crab.

    If you liked stone crab, then I think you’ll definitely like blue crab. We’ve got to get you down in the southeast to try some.

    Tomorrow, we’re going to hit the sports book. Quick, give me a tip! Who is going to win the Superbowl next year?

    They’re taking Superbowl bets thus early??? But then again, it’s Vegas. Maybe the 49ers and Patriots, with a pick of the Patriots to win? It pains me to say that as a Ravens fan, but the Ravens are still in rebuilding mode after the post-Superbowl talent drain. I see the Broncos getting close but getting knocked out in the playoffs (I suspect they might be a little injury prone this year) and I don’t see the Seahawks repeating. Of course the value of this tip equals what you paid for it.

  6. Hey Joe,

    I’ve got a SG-related question

    I was re-watching TAOT earlier this week and I kept coming back to Merrick refusing to answer Carter’s question about who the IOA got to re-program the Asgard crystal for their insane plan.

    Was it just meant to be an anonymous programmer or did Robert Cooper have a specific character in mind as the culprit?

  7. @fountain show outside The Bellagio

    I’m sure the picture didn’t capture its full glory lol

  8. What? No massage? Just sweating? That doesn’t sound like much fun. But the food looks fabulous!

    Sorry I can’t help you on the Superbowl. Not even a guess.

  9. Two great photo ops for Akemn.

    So, who’s Akemn? Spelling Akemi’s name wrong is a lot worse when you do it than when the gals at the coffee shop do it, ya know. 😉


  10. Ah, Fremont Street. The lightshow is kinda cool and there are some interesting places tucked away, like the drag queen bowling alley bar, but mostly it is touristy places shilling plastic crap, penny slots, and a boatload of street performers. I even made $5 once for posing with a tourist. I was there for Santa Rampage, waiting for my husband and his friends. I make a very convincing Mrs. Santa, and although I tried to turn down the tip, they insisted I take it. Sure. We found the Santa Throne where the mall Santa has closed up for the night, and took it over. “Ho much?” a group of women asked, “No charge, we;re just tourists too”. I am in someone’s family album. Drunk off my ass, whoot!
    Maybe Fremont Street is more fun as one of a herd of a thousand drunken Santas….

  11. The Feel Good team with some sort of heartwarming story will make it all the way to the Super Bowl only to lose to That Team Everybody Hates. Probably the Ravens.

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