I registered Akemi and me for one of those private health plans that allows you to see a specialist or run a CT scan without having to wait for six months or longer. Part of the service is a comprehensive health assessment that includes blood tests, a full physical, and visits with a dietitian, kinesiologist, and someone called a “Brain Health and Psychological Health Consultant”.  When I informed Akemi about the latter, she seemed genuinely concerned.

Akemi: “Even though I sometimes give the wrong answer in English, my brain is correct.”

Me:  “Well, we’ll let the experts decide.”

By the time we get around to having MY head examined, I could well be in a lot of trouble.  But nothing that the proper prescription can’t cure: valium, tranquillizers, or chewable bourbon tablets.  The past couple of weeks have been mighty crazy as we scramble to put the pieces together for this potential production.  It finally looks like it’s going to happen (let’s say 90% sure), but if it does, it won’t be without its challenges.  Still, we’ll have plenty of lead time to plan and write some tight, production-friendly scripts.  Today, I sent Paul my plan for the 13 episode first season and will do the same for our Production-Designer-in-waiting, provided we hear some good news on the budget front tomorrow.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that construction and VFX are key, especially for a ship-based show, so it’s important for those numbers to make sense.  And if they do, great!  If they don’t, I’m moving to Japan to become a hilarious gaikokkujin comedian.

Or maybe just end up on one of their prank shows:

Head on over here to help support Stargate fan Bethany who is raising money for a support Service Dog: http://www.gofundme.com/ServiceDog4BethanyDraves

18 thoughts on “May 12, 2014: Brain check! Ready, set, but not quite go!

  1. Yay! I’m so excited about your project! 😀 Ship? Woohoo! May you be granted an extra large budget!

    Also you had me at chewable bourbon tablets.

    Ok the dino chasing people.. am I the only person who would be running TOWARD it?? I’d do want to pet him.

    I’ve gotta tweet and facebook about the support dog! Thanks for sharing that! 🙂 I’ll spread the word. 🙂

    For all the David Hewlett fans out there, David’s movie, “DeBug” is debuting at the Cannes Film Festival today! I’m hoping I made it into the movie! (He had us squirrels send in head shots & I believe he asked on twitter, too.) Wish him luck, everyone! I think he bought some of the SGU sets to film the movie. 😀 And Jason Momoa is in it.


  2. Ooooooh! Thanks, Joe. Best of luck.

    And thanks for the video. That was hilarious! Now I have to go to work, which won’t be nearly as entertaining.

  3. Looking at the CBS schedule, the biggest surprise to me is moving The Amazing Race to Friday at 8pm, given the decline in the shows numbers I guess they’ve lost confidence in it. However you look at it, Friday isn’t a day you move to survive long term. I see this as a negative move for the show, and it makes me wonder how long it has left.

    Given TAR has 2 cycles a year, I can only hope this is only for one of them. Madam Secretary has taken its Sunday 8pm timeslot in the fall. All things considered I’ll be rooting for Once Upon a Time to crush it in the 8pm slot now lol.

  4. Stephen has passed away some hours ago. I want to remember him with his big smile.
    Rest in peace buddy.

  5. You did tell Akemi you were just kidding about the brain thing, didn’t you? Didn’t you….?

    1. “So, Joe – what did you think of The Night Circus?”

      I liked it but didn’t love it. As I’ll explain in my capsule review, I always have a problem with magic-based characters and situations. Events will progress and, suddenly, out of the blue, the story will take a bizarre turn because…MAGIC! A character is seemingly doomed but then…MAGIC! Unlike science fiction which sets parameters (usually) for its worlds regarding what can and can’t happen, when it comes to magic, all bets are off. As a result, it makes for a very loose, highly unsatisfying narrative. Great characters though.

  6. Well, crap. I had just typed out a long comment about how I’m hoping and praying that Joe’s ship-based show takes off, and another one to skua about Stephen not allowing his cancer to define him (and how positive that was), and then my tablet suddenly reboots itself and poof! All gone.

    It’s been THAT kind of day.

    I just finished my truck repairs about an hour ago (note to self, don’t say “smooth sailing” in the future.) I had to install and remove the hub twice; the studs which the supplier said were the correct parts for my truck, were too short. I made them work, but it took some finessing. Then the hub-seal installer tool I bought (which also was supposed to be the right tool) was too small. I had to improvise by using the new wheel hub as a temporary press. Then the ball joint press which I rented (I paid extra for the “Ford 4WD Kit”), didn’t fit correctly, but again I was able to improvise with some left-over bearing cups I had lying around.

    With all of the improvisations, what should have been a 2 or 3 hour job turned in to 7 hours.

    Yep, it’s been that kind of day.

  7. @Skua Watched the video. What a wonderful person. His light will live on here.

    @JenDraves Weird glitch happened. I entered my info, went to “payment” and it said, “connecting to Twitter.” I’ll try later or tomorrow. I know every little bit helps.

    Joe–Exciting news about the show. Also, LOVED the dinosaur prank. It looked so real. I kept looking wondering, “How are they doing that? That isn’t CGI?” Then I saw the legs.

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