If I had to pick one comic book that I considered “the weirdest” growing up, it would have to be Richie Rich.  The title character was described as “the poor little rich boy” but I never found anything remotely poor about him, either literally or figuratively.  I suppose, one could make the argument that deep beneath the surface, Richie was a troubled soul.  In the end, all the riches in the world couldn’t buy him the one thing he desired most: true friendship.  Of course, in retrospect, making friends probably wouldn’t have been so hard if he hadn’t been such a dick.

1I can just imagine him in his best Crocodile Dundee: “Haha.  That’s not a car.  THIS is a car.”  Then reverses over the kid’s toy.  And quite possibly his little hand.


How much does it cost to ship in an endangered tortoise from the Galapagos Islands?  And then stud its shell with precious gems?


DON’T try this at Dodger home games.


Nothing says “destitute and starved for affection” like a kid taking an old soup can for a walk.  But Richie looks pretty happy.  Happier still when he later fires a full broadside at the enemy ship.


It’s like: “Dayamn, my top is so brilliant, I need sunglasses to play with it.”


Structurally unsound, impractical, and energy deficient, but the new President of the Inuit Circumpolar Council has to represent.


Yeah, I’m just going to look the other way while you finish grading my test.


100’s are aerodynamically superior to 50’s and 20’s.


Money doesn’t actually grow on trees. It grows on stalks so, technically, your parents weren’t lying to you.


This is actually a great idea.  Next time you break a window, it’s automatically paid for.


If only golf courses came with shops that allowed you to purchase golf-related items like golf balls – or hire non-chatty caddies.  “Yo, Overalls.  I’m putting over here!”


Which all results in this.  Sad but not surprising.

18 thoughts on “April 30, 2014: Conspicuous Consumption! Richie Rich sticks it to the little guy!

  1. Nothing sums it up better than this quote from The Simpsons:

    “Bart: Well, you know what I think? I think Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich. (shows comics of Casper & Richie Rich)

    Lisa: Hey, they do look alike!

    Bart: Wonder how Richie died.

    Lisa: Perhaps he realized how hollow the pursuit of money really is and took his own life.”

    That’s how I choose to think it played out!

  2. That comic book manages to be offensive to people of all incomes. I never understood the outfit, either. It’s like the mullet of clothing.. all formal on top and casual on the bottom. Bleh

  3. @ randomness my uncle passed away.. he was battling cancer. It wasn’t a surprise but it’s still sad. 🙁 Thanks.

  4. Wow, I thought I wasn’t really into comics as a kid but I think I read all of those issues you have pictured! I haven’t seen them in forever but I remember those covers.

  5. I could never see the point of Richie Rich – just didn’t seem funny to me.

    One the BotM books: I just didn’t get to reading The Rich and the Dead, so I thought I would skip ahead to the June selection.

    Evening’s Empires is proving a little hard to get, I had to order it from a third party source on Amazon. A little research showed that It is available in the UK. Amazon.ca has the paperback listed as being released on May 20th. It is out for Kindle in Canada now. Not readily available in the US. Is anyone else having trouble locating the book?

  6. I was able to buy the BOTM on Amazon through a third party. It’s not available through prime I guess because it’s coming from the UK. I didn’t check any of the bookstores near me. Hopefully it’ll ship in time. I managed to find a new book in Florida so I’m hoping the shipping will be quick. We’ll see.

  7. I’ve never read the comic but I vaguely remember watching the Richie Rich TV show. The above covers seem to be mostly about Richie lording it over the common folk. Very odd. Is Richie playing baseball with a solid gold bat? Surely a little kid wouldn’t even be able to lift a solid gold bat let alone swing it at rolls of money!

  8. Totally agreed re: Richie Rich. He is a dick. I’ve never liked him. =)

  9. Too funny, Mr. M.! I’ve read a few Richie Rich but they weren’t as common in my area. Mostly, they had Archie and Superman comics. Later, they had some great sci-fi/fantasy comics (I guess they would be considered graphic novels?).

    Did you hear that Prince Harry might be coming to Memphis for a wedding?

    How are the pups doing? Writing projects going well? What is the weather like there? It’s a little cool here but at least it’s calm.

  10. Joe-
    Your blog has been delivered to my mailbox every night for the past 3 years. Point being, I don’t see the comments very often. I wondered if you happened to see the I09/Space article yesterday by Mika McKinnon.. It’s definitely worth a glance as it discusses SGA, climate change, and the real science involved with “Brain Storm”.

    It can be found, here:


    I think everyone would enjoy reading this piece. Thanks!

  11. Hey!! Miss a day of stopping by and fall behind. Joe, I must add myself to the growing list of appreciative, “Joe looks good scruffy” fans. Since I cannot take the mere smell of wasabi, I won’t be tasting those chips. I agree, your facial expressions were priceless.

    As for Richie Richcomics, the image of those tree stump legs and teeny-tiny feet always gave me the willies, so I never actually read the stories.

    And, I also cannot get a hold of “Evening’s Empires”, and I really want to read that one.

    @das I love your new “kitty” avatar. It meets the Basil and Stash cat “paw seal” of approval. =^-^=


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