So, I finished re-reading A Feast For Crows today and have A Dance with Dragons sitting on my night table.  I’ve been holding off on reading it because I want the story fresh(ish) in my mind for when I eventually sit down to read the sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter.  Of course, there’s no telling when that sixth instalment will come out.  Given the fact that the fifth book was released six years after the fourth (coincidentally, mere months after the premiere of the HBO series), I may want to wait just a tad longer.  Alternately, I could opt for a more leisurely reading pace.  At one page a day, it should take me a little under three years to complete A Dance with Dragons – which sounds about right.  By my calculations, The Winds of Winter should hit bookshelves by the summer of 2018.  And the seventh and final book, A Dream of Spring, not longer after in the spring of 2027.

Hey, check out what Akemi made for the dogs today…

1Yep.  Sushi.  For them.  And for us…



Completing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Enemy at the Gate!

1I loved the last ten minutes of this episode.  The previous thirty…a little bumpy.  As usual, my opinion doesn’t really matter.  Let’s find out what Akemi thought…

Surprisingly (or not) she felt pretty much the same way.  ZPM’s, super hive, travel between galaxies, wormhole drive…yadayadayada.  I caught her surreptitiously checking out Angry Birds on her cell phone at one point.  However, the episode did draw her attention long enough for her to offer the following running commentary…

Das!  She’s joined the fan club.  On Todd: “He’s become so lovable!”  And: “he looks less pale!  More healthy!”  Yep, he’s clearly been taking care of himself.  Although: “He need to wash his hair.”

When Todd is imprisoned and given a change of clothes: “Why new outfit?  Looks like cosplay.”

On the other hand, when Teyla appears in her leather ensemble: “Finally, a nice outfit for Teyla!  Remember that rainbow top?”  The latter a reference to the final scene in 38 Minutes.

When Ronon is killed: “Oh my gosh!”

And then when he is revived: “Nobody ever die.”  Technically, he DID!

At various points throughout this episode’s spectacular visual effects sequences: “Beautiful!”

Overall however: “I felt a little too long.  I prefer SGU’s ending.  This is a happier ending though.  Yeah, I guess so.  Too good to be true.”

And on the series in general: “Even though I like SGA characters too, I like SGU more.  But I like Todd even though when he smile he’s creepy, all teeth and gums.  And he always pokerface.”

And: “It’s funny the fact that it’s other planets and everyone speaks English, but not Chinese or Japanese.”

24 thoughts on “April 24, 2014: Completing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Enemy at the Gate!

  1. So what’s next on the “Rewatch: Japanese Girlfriend Edition” schedule? SG-1? But if you do that series, you CAN’T skip from season 1 to season 10! Maybe after the pilot, you could skip some episodes in favor of the eps that further the throughline story arcs, plus those eps that are just awesome. In that latter category, I’m talking Upgrades, Window of Opportunity, 100 Days, Red Sky, The Other Guys, that one where Jonas has to swim through a flooded ship in order to escape (don’t remember the name of that one), Abyss, ….

  2. Akemi has good taste in Wraith. 🙂

    I’m tired…that’s all I got. 😛


  3. Continuing on with my contrarian views, I thought most of the episode was a good action adventure tale, not exactly series finale material but darn good fun.
    (Although what’s with the sudden ability the Wraith have to actually bring dead people back to life? Ronon must have been mostly dead)

    But I hated and still despise that last scene. All the adventure, all the loss, all the wonders and horrors The Team had been through and it was reduced to Rodney gets the young hot blonde who looked like she was his daughter. Why wasn’t Lorne or Zelenka or Chuck or… so many others out there looking across the ocean? What kind of insult was it to Sheppard that he was left all alone while the others in his team were paired up with someone, even ridiculous someones? It was such a huge disappointment to me. I really want to see the comic or script for Extinction because I cannot accept that that’s how my favorite series ended. Nope, nope, nope.

    I’m kind of glad this is over, it’s making me angry all over again! Sorry for the vitriol, I’m tired from work and a bit on edge.

  4. I’m listening to the audiobook of A Storm Of Swords (Book 3) and I’ve nearly caught up to where the TV series is. My usual reading pace is about a page a day! 🙁 Hence the audiobook which gives me 1.5-2 hours per day of “reading” while I’m driving to and from work. If I had to read the books myself I probably wouldn’t bother. While they’re enjoyable, fantasy isn’t really my thing and I have more interesting things that I’d prefer reading.

    Speaking of audiobooks, there isn’t one for this month’s BOTMC and there’s no chance of me being able to read the book in time so I’m taking a break from the BOTMC this month. It doesn’t look like there’s an audiobook for Evening’s Empires either. 🙁

  5. JeffW
    “Sorry to hear bout the loss of your car, especially such a good one. Barb has a Black 2006 Mustang GT that she named “Raven”, and if she ever lost it I know she would be despondent about it. Good luck on the next one; hopefully you can find one that is as nice or better.”

    Thanks for the sympathy. Sounds like your wife has a really cool ‘stang. Did she get it new? Is it a hard top or convertible? I’d love to get another Mustang. But it will likely be a more practical car (or truck).

    Any suggestions for a great quality vehicle anyone?

  6. Although the wormhole drive was a tad Deus Ex Machina, I thought the episode was a classic, fun SGA style show. I’m still sad that it’s gone.

    The best explanation for why everyone speaks English that I heard was on one of the DVD commentaries for SG1. It went something like “It’s because it’s a TV show produced in an English language area for a predominantly English language audience.” Love it. It was like the commentary description for where does the light come from in supposedly completely dark caves. “The same place where the background music comes from.”

    Everything going well here in NH. Lots of fake injuries to deal with in the First Aid course!

  7. Sushi for dogs? Mine would love that!

    I think reading would be quicker if Martin didn’t spend so much time describing the food. He seems to really be milking the series, too. (See what I did there?)

    SGA is still not finished in my book. I wish we could have at least been given a final six episodes to wrap it up like Warehouse 13 is getting. This is just always going to be that itch I can never scratch.

    Todd is lovable! And he does have a creepy smile. Akemi is right.

    My uncle lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He was a chain smoker. It may have taken years to catch up with him but when it did it was brutal. Smoking is truly bad. I hate cancer vehemently.

  8. @arcticgoddess: Sorry to hear about your car. I’ve had a Toyota Highlander (SUV) for about a year now. I love it. Its name is Hamish. My Toyotas have all been very reliable, including the Camry that my son drives pretty hard.

    That sushi looks great, Joe! I had sushi Wednesday night to reward myself for not killing anyone at work. It was that kind of day.

    Regarding the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire books: The most recent two books were supposed to be one book. He had too much stuff to publish in just one book and it was split into two. The story is so complex with so many points of view that I find it difficult to recall what happened to a character by the time I get to a chapter when they finally reappear. I found myself skipping to chapters titled with the character-of-interest’s name just to keep better track of them. So I don’t plan to reread any of the books until the new one (or two) is/are safely on my bookshelf.

  9. The sushi is beautiful Akemi! You’ve inspired me to make it this weekend.

  10. arcticgoddess: So sorry about your car. Glad your son was ok though.

    Those little sushi looked yummy!

    Just got back from a quick trip to Nashville. It was nice getting a break to shop/eat with friends. Nashville is much more developed (congested) than Memphis. Hubby wants to move there but I’m not sure I could handle the crowds/traffic. We’d have to get a place out of town for sure.

  11. Hi Joe,

    About Delete: I saw “Delete” last year and liked it but I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t on your site under “Stuff I’ve worked on”. Is the reason that it was rewritten by Tim Phillips and barely resembles what you wrote? Anyway, I thought the premise was intriguing and it was decent except for some of the directing, cinematographic and special effect choices. Not that they were bad, just awkward and weird. But as a writer on this one I suppose you don’t have control over that type of stuff like you would have on “Stargate” as a writer/producer.

    “Delete” is on Amazon If anyone wants to watch it.
    Bluray here:
    DVD here:

    About “Atlantis” in general: I’ve always wondered how the Atlantis crew interact with the Ancient consoles in the control room and I don’t remember an explanation for that. Are the displays holographic or something like that? I know it’s not practical for filming purposes to have stripped down LCDs like the one in the back of the control room in front of the actors, but I’ve always wondered.

    Also if I may suggest, this may be a good time to talk about the “Stargate: Extinction” comic happening at BOOM! Studios if that wasn’t messed up by the aborted early announcement.


  12. I’m on season 5 Ep 12 watching them for the first time(I’m a binge watcher!) and SG:A is fantastic only I’m feeling like I should stop watching now before I run out of episodes. There’s nothing worse than a show finishing!

  13. After 3 weeks of non stop SGA watching I’m about to watch the final episode. Who would have thought I could make it this many years after it finished without coming across a spoiler!

    See you on the other side…

  14. Huh. I don’t remember “Delete” either. I would have watched it. It appears it was on Reelz and I get that channel (I think) on Directv. Congratulations Joe & Paul on that.

    I was sad to see this episode because it was the end of the story (although still at this point was hoping for a movie). Some bittersweet I guess. It was well done in all respects, but sad as it was closing a chapter. Since Akemi likes Todd so much do you think she would go back and watch earlier Atlantis episodes now?

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