An update to a story I brought you last week concerning that french bulldog stolen from a local Vancouver tattoo shop – and it was all caught on camera.  A happy ending as the dog was finally reunited with its rightful owner:

Apparently the theft was the result of an ownership dispute over the dog (although, according to the police, the victim of the theft was the legal owner).  The fact that Chloe the bulldog was found “roaming a residential neighbourhood” speaks volumes about who had the dog’s best interests at heart.

In other news, someone brought this to my attention:

I was prepared to be outraged.  I sat down alongside Akemi (who is Japanese by the way) and hit play.  After watching the video, Akemi asked: “Why they say this is racist?”.  Hmmm.  Good question.  It’s a terrible song.  A terrible video even. But racist?  Judge for yourself:

It looks like a subdued takeoff on almost every KPop and Jpop music video I’ve seen.  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu anyone?

I had a half dozen of my Japanese friends take a look at the video.  Their responses ranged from amusement to delight to genuine bewilderment at the fact that it was deemed racist.

My favorite response comment to the policymic article comes from a Japanese poster who writes: “Hmm… A white man, who obviously never seen a single J-Pop video, deciding what is racist to a Japanese woman. Seems legit. It would seem a Harvard graduate would know to do a little bit of research before writing about something he knows nothing about.”

Uh oh.  Time to invest in a hard hat.

File this one under “Yeah, don’t even bother”.  “Dr. Jensen says that a trip to the gym for 30 minutes or an hour may not be enough to combat all the time spent sitting.”

IO9 is asking: “What’s your favorite comedy episode of a dramatic t.v. show?” –  Both 200 and Window of Opportunity get some love in the comments section.  Your thoughts?

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Vegas!

1Well, this just goes to show: you never know.  Akemi loved Robert Cooper’s previous script to screen epics, Malice and Time, so I figured this one would be a slam dunk.  Alas, no.  She was completely bewildered throughout and, despite my many attempts to explain the concept of alternate realities to her, she never got on board.

After the CSI-like tease: “Why am I watching detective show?”

After Ivon Bartok’s cameo at the dice table: “Why Ivon’s scene so small?”

She wasn’t a fan of the feature wraith (“Not so cute.”) but she was quite happy to see Todd again (“I like Todd the wraith.  Like seeing old friend again.”).

She did appreciate the AU versions of Rodney and Radek: “McKay looked so nice. So did Zelenka!”

Cons: “I didn’t like the music.  I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t follow.  I didn’t like to fast cut and choppy.”

Overall: “I guess I like more geeky stuff than action slash country-cowboy t.v. show.”

And finally: “Rob’s episodes always so confusing.  No consideration for second language people.”  Yeah!  What’s up with that, Rob?!

24 thoughts on “April 23, 2014: News of note! Continuing our Stargate Atlantis re-watch with…Vegas!

  1. “After Ivon Bartok’s cameo at the dice table: “Why Ivon’s scene so small?”” Something a male actor never wants to hear…

    I thought Vegas was brilliant. One of Rob Cooper’s best, I think. I remember watching it on first airing and thinking “this is a better CSI than CSI.”

    The video controversy is ridiculous.

    Made it down to NH fine and starting the Wilderness First Aid tomorrow. Wish me luck in the scenarios that I don’t actually create a real emergency!

  2. I didn’t think Akemi would like this one much, as she dislikes Sheppard so and this was his time to shine.

    Hands down, my favorite episode of the series. Of the franchise even. Finally Sheppard (even an AU Sheppard) gets an episode of his own and man oh man did he own it. From the music to the mood and cinematography to the incredible acting by JF and the altered versions of Rodney, Woolsey and Todd, it was a wonderful feast for my spirit. I cried on and off for days after watching it. I like to believe that McKay sent a rescue chopper and saved that Sheppard, although I know it probably wasn’t your intent. Only quibble would be I’d have liked to see Ronon and Teyla show up somewhere, but aside from that I’d like to thank Robert Cooper and everyone else involved for this one. Pure, unadulterated love. :)))))))))))))

    This is the “dark” version of Stargate that should have been produced for future seasons, I’d have been glued to my set for every episode.

  3. Spike the Wraith is gorgeous…Akemi needs her eyes checked.

    I wouldn’t worry about that horrible video’s ‘racist’ outrage. It’s become so…what do you say? Cliche? Not sure that’s the word I want, so please correct me. Anyway, it’s become (fill in the blank) to call everything ‘racist’ today, so much so that no one really knows what it means anymore. I have found that those who point the finger and scream ‘racist!’ the loudest are usually the most racist on the bunch.

    Case in point – Remember Lorde’s Royals?

    There was a (thankfully) brief outcry that this song was racist against African Americans. Huh? This is a song coming from the heart of a 16-year old New Zealander – about her life as a teenager in her town, in her country – and African Americans are probably the furthest thing from her mind. Not everything is about ‘US’ (us in general, and the US in particular).


  4. PS- going back in my Stargate history, weren’t Vegas and the final episode “leaked” in non-finished versions before they aired? I seem to remember seeing them without the background music at one point. Or am I dreaming?

  5. Not my favourite episode, but it was great to the same people, same characters from a different point of view.

  6. That Avril video/song was horrid! Vegas was one I’ve my favorite SGA eps, my favorite John Ep.

  7. Love, love, loved Vegas, even though Cooper left out Jason and Rachel. Sheppard did not die! They came and got him just in time. He’s fine now!

  8. @ Bailey – Not a fan of clowns either, but that guy has a decent voice. Googled him and found his name is Mike Geier. He looks much better without the face paint.

    Lately not much for me in the line of tall, pale, and handsome in the entertainment world, with the exception of Bera Ivanishvili. But he’s a tad young for me…

    rats. 😛

    (I have a rule that they must be at least drinking age before I get stupid over ’em.)

    So I’ve switched to pallid-skinned, dark-haired, and broody and/or angsty. So far I’ve got Loki, Winter Soldier…and…yeah. That’s it. Slim pickins these days in the hunky department.


  9. Have you ever really loved a car? I mean, really, really loved one car that you have owned? Well, my little pony, my beloved Mustang has been killed by a big bad truck with the bumper from hell that rear ended my car while my son was driving. My son is fine. I know it could have been worse and my son could have been put into the hospital by this or worse, but this was my car! My baby! Now it’s gone. And worse still, the big bad truck wasn’t even scratched.

    My mustang was a car I bought new in 2006. I have never had any mechanical trouble with it. It was one of the good cars you get that you want to keep forever. Alas, gone before it’s time.

    That is why I haven’t been commenting lately. Been busy dealing with insurance, police and a garage that told me my car would cost more to fix than it was worth. Sigh.

  10. By the way, Vegas was my favourite Atlantis episode. It was great to see the characters in a completely new environment being the same, yet different. For example, it was awesome to see that McKay and Zalenka still were not really getting along and that Sheppard was still Sheppard, even though life had handed him a bunch of lemons. He was still the hero. He rose above his average life to be more than he was. It was really well written and well acted.

  11. Vegas was a very interesting alternate reality SGA. I felt so bad for Todd, all locked up and crazy in a Shakespearean kind of way – muttering cryptic things. And, as das already said, Spike is one of the hotter Wraith – heck, didn’t Akemi at least like his hair?, But I can understand why Akemi would prefer Todd.

    Just a couple of random observations on the rest:

    1. I enjoyed Vegas (*cough* shirtless Wraith *cough*)

    2. A one-off alternate-reality show in the middle of a series can be a little confusing to someone not totally immersed in that particular world.

    3. Ronon and Teyla weren’t there because they are not from Earth. It made sense.

    4. How the heck can anyone find Royals racist? Because she mentions driving Cadillacs? I think das pegged it: some people think everything is about them.

    5. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for you? Really? It took a major medical study to uncover this fact? Methinks this study lacks review of other co-morbid conditions, but I will have to read the original before I completely trash it.

    6. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with pale, dark and broody. 😉

  12. Window of Opportunity remains one of my favorite SG-1 episodes.

    Yeah Rob! What’s up with that?

  13. No Joey, it wasn’t the chili you ate or anything like that, it was actually an earthquake…and a 6.7 one at that! Hope everything’s okay there with you, Akemi, and the pups!


  14. @ gforce
    Good Luck Gary!

    Im happy with Chole return to home. But sometimes i liked lynch´s law is still applied and also include dogs and other pets to protect them from certain inhumans.The brutal medieval who is inside my would attend this event with a popcorn bag. 👿

    Hardvard Graduates quality have fall a lot this times. I can think of at least a dozen J-Pop videos that can put his hairs like a porcupine if he sees.
    These supposedly Politically correct things only shows that in the background the critic who see the malicious racism is the actually racist. 😡

    About Vegas. Akemi always surprises us. 😆

  15. Can’t stand by and have my man Neil Jackson dissed. Neil was a wraith rockstar in Vegas.

    Shep telling the sad tell of the Clown Wars still kills me; how did you guys keep a straight face filming that and the many other funny bits, like drugged out Rodney saying he’s looking for a guy with messy hair, a pretty girl and a cave man?

  16. Absolutely LOVE Vegas! I was curious to see Akemi’s take on this episode. I guess she’s never seen an episode of CSI?

    My mother used to watch CSI all the time and when Vegas came on a couple years ago, I had her watch the first half. She didn’t know what the heck was going on! She thought it was CSI, but she kept complaining that she didn’t recognize any of the normal cast. Before it got too sci-fi-ish, I told her it was an episode of SGA. She was impressed.

    I was always curious, though. Was this yet another AU, even alternate from the one that “Rod” came from in “McKay and Mrs. Miller”? Because he kind of alludes to a very similar situation. I was just always curious about that.

    -Mike A.

  17. @articgoddess:

    Sorry to hear bout the loss of your car, especially such a good one. Barb has a Black 2006 Mustang GT that she named “Raven”, and if she ever lost it I know she would be despondent about it. Good luck on the next one; hopefully you can find one that is as nice or better.

  18. If there is an ‘uproar’ over that video of it being racist, then I would suggest Avril’s publicists are working overtime trying to get her some attention by drumming up some phoney crisis since the song is unable to get attention except by how unmusical it is.

    I’ve said it before, Vegas is #1. It brings the series 360, back to the beginning when Shepard is introduced to the Stargate and Wraith. I too have always believed that a helicopter was sent to save Sheppard.

  19. Vegas is one of my favs in the 5th season. I don’t like the american style, but it was obviously a paralel universe and I felt it was all an atmosphere created by the wraith and john. Very good. At the end it triggers the events on season finale.
    A shame there’s only one more episode.

  20. I watched this with the editorial commentary. It is still one of my top ten episodes. What was really fun was the total different story line and not the normal character line. Like in the episode Satita Robert really went outside the norm in his camera work. It is like in a show where character need a weapon opens ups a safe and there is a selection and type beyond comprehension. Robert used all tools in the cupboard. I have never seen a CSI show so I was unable to compare it although that is were Rob and others found there inspiration. Just watching the camera work I could feel the difference in the pacing as compared to other episodes. Joe Goldberg added a nice bass driven instrumental work. It was a real change from the orchestrated theme work. The show had a seedier and earthy tone in the characters. As an alternate reality show I tried to find a connection. I found it was not associated with any other show because like in “McKay and Mrs Miller,” the alternate Rodney knew and worked with Sheppard. I didn’t know the Wraith was the same actor as the son of Anubis; the miracle of make-up. Rodney was a more socially viable character but still with the underlying arrogance. In this setting I could see how he and Dr. Keller could form a relationship. In my groupie indulgence I walked by Bridges one day, and when Robert was talking about the reasoning for the jet sound affects, I was like, Oh ya, makes sense.”And what of the “Mad” Todd? I also appreciated the introduction of Johny Cash. It was a common thread through most of Sheppard’s station on Atlantis with the poster. The music has a melancholy and soulful emptiness the was in this Sheppard. I mean how messed up do you have to be to let that hot nurse feeling crushed? I felt like going Clint Eastwood from “Grand Torino” on him. The ending was a missed bag because it could go any way. If there was a spinoff Sheppard would be rescued if not well it was a aforementioned end. I like the intro of the A-10. Perhaps if you want you can compare the work to the Special Affects guys and the real thing.
    I did chuckled when Robert mentioned the exposition of the trailer was so big they had to run to avoid being hit by debris. I think in the end SG ran up against new fad (following Buffy) and sucked its like away.

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