Our Food Purchase of the Day video series returns with a most undelightful soda…

Akemi samples the soda, fails to offer a review, and then gets distracted by a bee…

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Tracker!

1A great episode from start to finish.  Unlike many of the episodes I can nitpick after repeat viewings, this one actually gets better with time.  A great, fun, fast-paced script by Carl Binder.  One of my favorites.

And Akemi loved it as well.

When I told her that Carl wrote the script: “Binder-san!”

And when she spotted actor Mike Dopud, who she instantly recognized even though his back was turned to camera in his very first shot: “Mike Dopud!”  By the way, it’s never just “Mike”.  It’s always the complete “Mike Dopud”.

Akemi was on the edge of her seat (aka the bed) throughout and a couple of moments made her jump and scream – once so suddenly and loudly that a startled Bubba got up and moved over to my side of the bed where he spent the rest of the night.

On the wraith sport of hunting runners: “What game wraith play?  So bad taste. Who want to do it?  High risk, no?”  Hey, you won’t even catch me driving the extra three blocks for bison burgers, much less hunting armed prey for sport.

Not much in the way of dazzling visual effects in this one, but she did praise the shot of the teleportation device fastening itself to Kiryk’s wrist: “Looks really real!”. Yep, that’s what we were going for.

Some sadness when Kiryk disappears through the gate, taking the wraith with him, and it became apparent to Akemi that he wouldn’t be hanging around: “Mike Dopud doesn’t join Atlantis?”  I told her, sadly, no.  She was disappointed and then, upon further reflection: “Poor Mike Dopud.  They don’t need two handsome guys. Just one handsome guy and done.”  It would’ve been like having TWO archaeologists on SG-1!

Finally, she loved the romantic rivalry between McKay and Ronon.  On the one hand, I know that she finds Ronon very handsome, but on the other I know she finds McKay quite loveable, so I had to ask which one she would choose.  After some consideration, she finally answered: “McKay.  I like geek boy more than handsome guy.”  Uh, in this particular case or in general?  Never mind.

21 thoughts on “April 13, 2014: The return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day! Our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch continues with…Tracker!

  1. Geek boys ARE handsome in my book. I think Ronon is just handsome. That’s his thing. McKay’s thing is being a geek. If that makes sense.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I love Mike Dopud! He’s not just an amazing actor he’s super nice, too. And tall!

    WFPOTD! YAAAAAAAAY! I’m Never going to be tempted to try that. Haha.

  2. Wow, so much to catch up on.

    First, my deepest condolences to JeffW and family. It’s always such a trying time. Take care of yourself during it.

    Re: “Annihilation” – like JeffW, I found the detached style kind of off-putting. I do realize that it was written in the context of being a journal entry by someone who was already well under the control of Area X, but ultimately it left me feeling uninvolved with the characters. The only one we got to know at all was the biologist – when the others were killed or died, I didn’t really feel anything for them at all, although maybe that was intentional. It was interesting to read people’s ideas about Area X since really, like an interpretation of an abstract painting, it leaves its meaning up to the inclinations of the reader. Kind of like that the meaning of art is in the interpretation of it, rather than the object itself. Interesting, and if that’s what Vandermeer was going for, well done. In any case, although I appreciated the book, and especially its departure from “regular” storytelling, I don’t know if I can say I enjoyed it.

    Hey, I *loved* “Whispers”!!!

    Got back from my 4 day backpack in Grand Canyon yesterday, but the trip back was pretty exhausting. Also, avoid Air Canada “Rouge” flights like a bad case of the measles. Ugh. It would appear AC thinks they can pass off slightly renovated, out of date aircraft and even crappier service along with the same price as a normal flight, as “discount” and “fun”. Um, no. The flight attendants seemed to have just wandered in off the street and were offered jobs on the spot. I would hate to see how they reacted if there was a crisis.

    Anyway, great time otherwise, and I’m back alive and with all limbs attached, so that’s always a bonus! Pictures to follow, including the big-ass spider that was in our campsite!

    Buffalo-wing soda? That sounds like it would taste like Satan’s vomit to me. I love Akemi’s reaction. One consolation would be that a bee sting would probably be less unpleasant than the soda.

    I need to catch up on my SGA watching – I do remember “Tracker” as being a great episode though. I’ve always assumed that geeky is ALWAYS cooler. Um, right?

  3. Buffalo-wing soda? Honestly don’t know why they would bother with that, I doubt anyone would drink that and enjoy it. The only appeal it would have is the strange I haven’t tasted something like this before appeal that MIGHT get people to buy it.

    But speaking of weird tasting stuff, they have dozens of Kit Kat types out there in Japan, even Wasabi and Green Tea lol. The weird stuff is best left for chocolate or Ice cream. The Kit Kat stuff is just so notable to me, it’s probably the most mainstream brand of chocolate that has the most diverse range out there.

  4. Haven’t watched Tracker in a looong time but remember that it was a good episode. Rodney and Ronon working together to save Keller, right?

    No denying that Ronon and Kiryk are good lookin’ fellas, but smart and funny are always more attractive to me.

    That soda does not sound appetizing. I keep thinking that it might taste like actual wings. Not that buffaloes have wings, but… Never mind. Babbling now. Are you going to try some of the other flavours in that line or is one enough?

  5. yay for the return of WFPotD!

    apparently buffalo-wing soda is as awful as it sounds. it must be like those thanksgiving food themed sodas from jones soda.

    i think that reaction was akemi’s review.

  6. Hey Joe, we’re in Twin City now (the burial service is tomorrow morning), and after that we’ll be stopping by Alabama and then heading home. This has been a very busy and emotional week. It has bee good to catch up with the family though.


    Thanks for the condolences. It wasn’t unexpected since he had been sick the past couple of years.

    We also bought a bottle of Buffalo Wing Soda a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver. My son tried it first and did a spit-take. My reaction was that it tasted like bile; either that or I threw up in my mouth a little…I couldn’t tell which. 😉

  7. And Joe, I think the Buffalo Wing Soda was making Akemi hallucinate! Be(e) careful with that stuff!

    And Barb says the look on your face after you drank it was priceless!

  8. Ha! I’m starting to get a kick out of this. Another complete disagreement…. I think Akemi and I would never want to get stuck together with one TV and a remote! I disliked Tracker quite a bit. More Keller running through the woods, enough already. Whack-a-mole Wraith, they just fall over like bowling pins. Also hated with a passion the romantic rivalry between Ronon and McKay. They were team, Keller threatened to split them up and it was done by making Ronon look like an idiotic, brain-dead jerk. So much dislike. And for me, the “handsome guy” is John. Ronon is a sexy dude, no doubt but Sheppard is the one who get’s my motor running. McKay’s an entertaining enough fellow and a favorite character but I would get sick of him mighty quick if I had to have a relationship with him. He’s much better in small, intense and genius doses.

  9. At last we know they do with the toxic nuclear wastes. That orange thing. :mrgreen:

    Ronon and Kiryk ( sorry “Poor Mike Dopud”) make a good couple. With his guilt over his past and a desire to fight with the wraiths to grips, I would have liked to see in other episodes.
    But as Akemi says you can not have so many handsome men in a series. Mostly, if Rodney has any hope of make out with a girl. 😈

    After some consideration, she finally answered: “McKay. I like geek boy more than handsome guy.” This is a clear secundary effect of this crazy orange thing. If you observe other side effects. How to grow a tail. Rush to emergency hospital with a sample of soda. 🙄

  10. Joseph,,,I think anyone who likes geeks is alright. I consider myself a nerd. Early on I discovered that it’s the biggest, loudest gorilla that no one bothers so,,,I started lifting weights…which allowed me to be as nerdy as I wished and,,,NO ONE tried to push my buttons. Best to you and the Lady with good taste…

  11. My hubby is working in our computer room today, so I only had the video (no audio) of the weird product reviews. I can’t imagine liking Buffalo Wing Soda. There was no sound needed for Akemi’s or your review. Both of you looked great though!

    And Joe, I think the Buffalo Wing Soda was making Akemi hallucinate! Be(e) careful with that stuff! Thanks for the 😆 JeffW! Back home yet?

    Tracker was a good eppie. I believe that is the episode that Jewel commented on her blog “What did I do to piss off the writers?” .

    Joe Flannigan had a show premiere on Sci-fi last night. Anyone watch it? I DVR’ed it but haven’t had a chance to view it.

    Ponytail: I haven’t heard the word floozy for a long time! Another word I used to hear a lot, when I lived there is “highfalutin”. That was a favorite of my mom’s. Anyway, my family are not so much entertaining, as they are sad. Meth is just ……such a tragedy.

    Yesterday, I was out putting fertilizer spikes near my azaleas and I found five young rabbits hiding in a small depression near the bushes. I’ve got to relocate them if they come back. Mowing season starts soon…..(shudders).

    G’day All!

  12. gforce: Welcome back and let just say that trip sounds fantastic! My hubby travels a lot, so I get to hear his stories about the airlines. Last flight they loaded them on the plane and it wouldn’t start. Sadly, it kept getting worse but he made it home safely at the end. I would be very nervous flying in a plane that had to be jumpstarted though…..

  13. Glad that you decided to go with the weird food purchase of the day again. As the advertisement always suggested, when food may be gross, “let Mikey try it”. Or in this case, Joey.

  14. @Tam Dixon: I had joked after that flight from Vegas was over that the only that would have made it worse if we had actually, indeed, crashed. 🙂 That may be overstating it a little… but only a little.

  15. @ Tam Dixon, the show that JF is in is an anthology series based on the Metal Hurlant comics. Each show has a different cast. Not sure when his ep airs, but there are a bunch of other genre favorites including James Marsters in it. I’ve seen a few of the episodes, kind of iffy quality and a bit surreal but interesting to watch.

  16. @Tam Dixon:

    Still on the road. We had the burial service today in Twin City (the ancestral home of the Wilson/Womack Clan). The service was good and then I spent the next 40 minutes talking with the extended family and meeting long forgotten cousins and inlaws. I also had some time to spend at my father’s and grandmother’s graves before the service, so it was a good time for remembrance and reflection.

    The next two days will be in Alabama and then we’re heading home on Wednesday. It will be good to be home; we left Lucy (our Alaskan Husky) with the houser-sitter and while we’ve been loving the various family pets at our relatives, we’ve been missing her.

  17. Tracker was one of my favourites 🙂

    Buffalo wing soda… ergh… not surprised it tastes like old degrading plastic bags. I know that taste better than I want to (was so thirsty that I drank water out of an old drink bottle that had been sitting in my car for some time… it seemed to burn as it went down…)

    Good news is BIRTHDAY. Bad news is bad stuff happened again. This is why I don’t like people celebrating my birthday. People get your hopes up that the day will pass without the an ‘event’, but that seldom ever happens. Better to pretend that the day is like any other day and then it doesn’t upset you as much. Seriously, birthdays aren’t worth celebrating. They never were, never have been and likely never will. Let’s just pretend I didn’t write this paragraph.

  18. Your reaction was priceless, but Akemi’s was better. And I thought maybe she saw some person stalker outside your window, but then I heard the noise–a bug?

    Happy birthday @Jovanna (belated).

    I LOVED Tracker. I can’t wait for Akemi to see the Mike Dopud episode in SG-1. And all geek boys are handsome. But not all handsome boys are geeks.

  19. Oh Kiryk, you doll making fool. I loved Tracker from start to finish, and loved the ending, I envision Kiryk coming back one day, wraith-free and bearing more of his hand-crafted dolls. He and Celise open the first Build-A-Bear on M33-985.

    Bee in the hiz-ouse!

  20. @Tam Dixon

    Joe Flannigan had a show premiere on Sci-fi last night. Anyone watch it? I DVR’ed it but haven’t had a chance to view it.

    What would the name of that show be? I’ve been waiting for his movie, “Ferocious Planet” to appear on Canadian TV, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’d love to watch something that he’s in.

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