Awww, this is sweet.  And salty.  And  risky!

World’s Fastest…cat?  Wheel of Fortune’s Worst Contestant.

And in science news:,35688/

Cat burglars beware!  Dog summoned for jury duty.

And we continue our SGA re-watch with…First Contact!

1Hey!  Another great episode.  We’re on a roll!  Lots to love about this fast-paced episode (compliments of golden boy Martin Gero) but, of course, at the top of the list is special guest archaeologist…Dr. Daniel Jackson.  Loved the rapid-fire interplay between him and McKay.  But, again, who cares what I thought.  What did Akemi think?

She took an immediate shine to Daniel (“He is handsome!”) who she thought looked kind of familiar (“He looks like Jeff from Community.”).

Less a fan of their super quick dialogue which she had trouble following, eventually giving up with: “Faster!  Faster!”  Still: “He is very nice looking guy.  Just speaks too fast.”

After Rodney was whisked away by the aliens, leaving Zalenka to lead the science charge: “Now’s his chance!”  I pointed out that if he really impresses and takes over the science team, what would become of McKay?  A fair point.  She’s a fan of Rodney McKay as well – although she doesn’t like the fact that everyone calls him Rodney now instead of McKay.

She continues to enjoy Robert Picardo’s turn as Richard Woolsey: “Bob is funny.  I like his character.  Nice and warm.”

And misses Mike Dopud: “Too bad Mike Dopud is not in this episode.”

Another round of compliments to Mark Savela and the VFX team, especially for the “shield guy scene” that was, in her estimation, “very Final Fantasyish.”

Overall, a most enjoyable episode – though maybe a little too fast-paced: “So manny things happening.  Hard to organize my brain.”

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Jovanna!

17 thoughts on “April 14, 2014: News of note! Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…First Contact!

  1. Those videos are hilarious, and the KFC one is brilliant. I do agree that the evening may have come to an unpleasant and malodorous end after that chicken was exposed to the heat so long. Grist for a sequel, perhaps?

    Not to get all technical, but the fact that we live in such a boring-ass part of the galaxy is probably why we’re even still here. I mean, pass too close to another star or go right through a supernova, and that would end our trip real quick!

    I thought First Contact was awesome and loved the chemistry between David Hewlett and Michael Shanks. They really needed to have done more stuff together. I can see how Akemi might find the dialogue too fast to follow though – those guys can talk fast!

  2. Not a bad episode. Although I didn’t like snarky Daniel as much as I loved nerd Daniel back in the day. He was so rude in these two episodes. I could have used a bit of the wonderment his character used to have. I’m not sure if it was in this one or the next, but the way Daniel and McKay put down John at one point made me hate them for a bit. The rest was mostly good though.

  3. about the onion story:
    even though the story is fake, it reminded me of a quote from star wars; if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.

  4. Happy birthday Jovanna!

    I love the banter between Daniel and Rodney. Is that difficult to write Joe or a joy?

    BamBam was in First Contact. 🙂

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Will you be watching SG1 after this? Akemi has to watch Window of Opportunity and Prodigy…. but don’t tell her why… just describe her reaction

    Cheers, Chev

  6. I concur with Akemi – too bad Mike Dopud wasn`t in this episode… Talk about clickety click minds, I too enjoyed the rapid-fire exchanges between McKay and Jackson. These two could easily lead a show of 2 roommates, one sloppy one neat – oh wait, it`s been done before! These two guys would be fabulous in a well-written show together.

  7. Happy birthday, Jovanna!

    Yes i love live in the boring side of the universe. Perhaps we can send some of these enthusiastic Astrophisicals to live sometime in a planet near any of those lovely but lethal stellar furnaces. 😆

    Caution Daniel is not just a geek he have glasses and is also handsome. My God! Joe you are lost. 👿
    I stalk to laugh every time I see woolsey receiving the wraith with that elaborate speech citing Grosseteste (Big-headed) a nice Martin´s private joke. Todd completely ignores him.

    The first appearance of the ancient space suits was awesome how wonderful work of prop dept.

  8. Happy birthday Jovanna!

    The worst Wheel of Fortune player indeed! That was cringe worthy. However.. he was that bad and yet won? What does that say about the other two? :/

    I love First Contact. Shanks and Hewlett really should work together again. I’m sure the fast talking is difficult for Akemi to follow. I’m not great with French and hate when people speed talk. If you can’t understand what’s being said it’s not fun.

    The Onion says boring and I say safe. 😉 Some things you really don’t want to be exciting. Like a doctor’s check up. Boring is much better in those types of instances.


  9. Thumbs up for this episode. I liked all the rapid fire yacking. The new bad guys were great; scarily efficient, fast and mysterious.

    Thanks for the funny videos. I’m forwarding a couple of them to someone who could use a laugh.

  10. I watch Shanks’ Saving Hope, but honestly,, I think he’s better suited to the type of character he portrayed in SG1 – professorial / instructor / adventurer / military / police… I think that his opinion would be that he would not want to confine himself to one type of character, but I think his talents are wasted in a slow moving show – and he is a very talented actor. SG1 was the type of show where he could, and did, slip into all sorts of situations where he could go to town with his craft. David Hewlett is much the same story. These two talents are being wasted…. probably one reason why I keep watching all the reruns.

  11. Happy Birthday Jovanna! Sorry your day didn’t go as planned. I hope it gets better.

    I enjoyed First Contact. The banter between the brains was great! Who wrote all the technobabble?

  12. Hope it was a Happy Birthday Jovanna!!
    @JeffW, hope you didn’t run into the bad weather, safe journey.

  13. The reason why the KFC corsage is hysterical is that in reality, the young lady probably starved herself for 2-3 weeks before the prom, so a fried chicken corsage is perfect because prom is now here and she doesn’t have to worry about “gaining weight” until summer when she’ll try to starve herself again.

    Happy Birthday Jovanna.

    I loved First Contact. But I don’t understand Akemi liking McKay but not liking the fast dialogue. McKay was the KING of fast dialogue. Maybe the combination of the two was just too much (Daniel and Rodney)?

    @Chev I forgot about that (BamBam being in First Contact).

    @Joan001 I was enjoying Saving Hope. Then NBC cancelled it and there was no way to watch season 2 (legally).

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