Last night, I met up with my foodie friend – Nicole, Lan, and Missy – for a little culinary tour of Chinatown.  Nicole, our guide on this trek, had us hopping from one place to the next, covering four different places in which we sampled about a dozen different dishes…

Fellow foodies: Nicole, Lan, and Missy.
Fellow foodies: Nicole, Lan, and Missy.

We met at The Pie Shoppe, a tiny place that offers a variety of pies both sweet and savory.  On this night, only half an hour away from closing, they were out of savory options so we settled for (and by settled, I mean devoured) two of the sweet pies: apple-rhubarb and chocolate pecan.  I can’t fairly judge a fruit pie without ice cream so I won’t weigh in on the apple-rhubarb, but that chocolate-pecan pie was outstanding on its own. I was tempted to try the salted honey pie but Nicole had to remind me to pace myself.  This, after all, was a marathon.

A plethora of pies
A plethora of pies

From there, we headed one block over to a place called Oyster Express that offered about a dozen varieties of oysters on the shell in addition to a number of other menu items.  But, come on!  The place is called Oyster Express!  So we ordered two dozen assorted raw oysters.  They were all excellent.  Akemi, who had to beg off because she was feeling under the weather, would have loved it.

On the half shell at the Oyster
On the half shell at Oyster Express

One block over and two blocks down, we hit Besties, a restaurant specializing in sausages.

With by besties at Besties
With by besties at Besties

We ordered a number of items and shared.  Among them:

The sausage slider
The sausage slider
Asparagus with hollandaise.  Oh, and an egg!
Asparagus with hollandaise. Oh, and an egg!

For me, the highlight of this stop was the venison and blueberry sausage (that, for some reason, I failed to snap).  They were out of the intriguing sounding Butter Chicken sausage, so I’ll definitely have to make a return visit.

From there, it was one block over, three blocks up (through the downtown east side’s more colourful area), and around the corner to the Dunleavy Snack Bar.  At this point, Lan was tapped out and declared himself stuffed.  BUT that didn’t stop him from having some of the bimbimbap – and later, finishing it off when the waiter asked/threatened to take the plate away…

Pork belly and Korean chicken steamed buns
Pork belly and Korean chicken steamed buns.  I was hoping the chicken would be spicier, like they serve at that Korean restaurant in Shinjuku where the chicken is so spicy they serve it with a side order of surgical gloves so that you don’t burn your fingers while eating.

We didn’t order dessert, but only because we’d already had some at the start of our tour.

Thanks to Nicole for organizing and Lan and Missy batting clean-up on those fries and rice.

Next up, braise and bourbon at my place!

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…The Shrine.

1Our viewing of this fan favorite episode kicked off with this out-of-left-field exchange:

Akemi: “Teyla is weird name.  Like fixing clothes.”

Me: “No.  That’s TAI-LOR.”

Akemi (clearly disappointed): “Oh.”

This episode reinforced David Hewlitt’s talents as an actor: “McKay is a good actor.”

And also reinforced how pretty Jewel Staite is: “Jewel is very cute, don’t you think so?”  Hmmm.  Is this a trick question?

Akemi was also delighted to see actor Jason Momoa get a few more lines than his average: “Happy to see handsome guy speak a little more than usual.”

She loved the night time establisher of Atlantis all lit up: “Beautiful!  Like Shanghai or Hong Kong.”

But found the lighting in the famed pier scene a little “too dramatic”.  As for the gorgeous night time setting: “Nice scene for young couple but instead two middle-aged guys.”

Again, high marks to Mark Savela and the VFX team: “I liked the insect coming out.  It looked really real!.”

But the surgery scene – moreover, the prospect of the scene – made her squeamish.

In the end though: “I found it sad from the get-go.  Very sad episode but happy ending – which I like!”

Today’s entry is dedicated to Denise McInerney.  Condolences on the passing of your beloved Jeter.

29 thoughts on “April 10, 2014: The Chinese foodless Vancouver Chinatown Tour! Our Stargate: Altantis re-watch continues with…The Shrine!

  1. @ Denise I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

    I do love the Shrine. Mark Savela does do amazing work. I’d love to see Echoes get picked up. If it does do you think you could write for it? (sorry if you’ve been asked this a dozen times before)

    I’d love the asparagus and hollandaise! That looks amazing. The sausage place sounds really interesting. I’d love sampling the different types. Now I want pie. Again. *sigh*


  2. how about showing Akemi season 4’s ‘Trio’? she’ll get a good dose of Mckay and Keller, please another shot with the awesome Sam. 🙂

  3. I agree with Akemi. The Shrine is a sad episode but I like the pier scene between David and Joe.

    My mood is probably affected by the loss of my beautiful girl cat, Roxy, yesterday morning. Happened very unexpectedly. She was only 7 but she had cancer and no one knew. The only symptom was constipation, for which she was being treated. She was in some trouble two days after treatment. Called the vet and took her to the clinic before they opened, but she passed away in the carrier just as the vet pulled up beside us out front. She was a goofy, smart cat. More than that she was a great friend. I miss her.

  4. Denise McInerney Just read your comment from yesterday. It’s tough enough losing a furkid, but when it happens suddenly and without warning it just sucks beyond the telling. My condolences on the loss of Jeter.

  5. It does make me wonder if anything actually was picked up from that long list of potential shows. I mean, there hasn’t been much in the way of press releases, unless the shows will be snuck under the radar which would kinda suck.

    Hewlett does do well as Mckay, he always has done, especially in this episode. He doesn’t have get punished a bit lol. All this stuff that seems to happen to him throughout the show. Poor Mckay.

  6. Yep Ronon save the day.

    Do not answer the Jewel cutething question unless in the presence of your lawyer and armed guards.

    I think Rodneys brain has been very well after drilling.

    Better than new.

    “I´ve loved you for some time now.”
    I’m sure Rodney not remember said that in the video.

  7. Sad day… everything is sad. I agree with Akemi, The Shrine was very sad for me too. And…

    @ Denise McInerney – So sorry about your best friend Jeter. Border Collies are awesome dogs with great personalities and loads of energy. I’m sure you are really missing his presence. Thoughts are with you and your husband.

    @ glowyzoey – Very sorry about your beautiful cat Roxy. You too are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Love the Shrine, one of my fav eps, close second to Duet, I just never expected what happened to happen in the end of Duet, that was a good one.

    As far as the surgery scene, ok any medical scene, I know it’s just tv, BUT coming from the medical field I tend to pick these scenes apart. The lack of anesthesia I could buy, they have done cranies under local,however, a little more blood would have been more realistic, just a little more, head wounds bleed like hell. And I never see side rails up on the stretchers. What’s up with that? Must be a camera blocking thing. Anyway , love this ep.

    Denise McInerney ,glowyzoey so sorry for your losses

  9. @glowyzoey so sorry to hear about Roxy. I hate that it is so darned easy for cats to get cancer. I have four cats, and I love each one. It’s going to be hard when they pass.

    @ Denise McInerney Sad to hear about your Border Collie. My sister had one that was like a child to her. She had a terrible time dealing with his death. They are just so smart. They are like fuzzy people.

  10. @kabra I”ve been involved in numerous bedside ventric/drain placements and don’t usually see a lot of blood, so could it be how the procedure is done?

    Anyway, The Shrine is my second favorite episode of the entire franchise (after Vegas, of course!), the McShep feels were so strong in this one. That Beer on the Pier scene is my favorite scene ever of any show I’ve ever seen. It’s my screensaver to this day. You’re a good friend Arthur….

    When I’ve done rewatches I always stop before the end and that creepy McKeller part, ick. If nothing else convinced me that McKay and Sheppard should be together, this episode did. Who did McKay call for when he was at his worst and who did he run to when he was scared? John, not Jennifer. Keller was really being unprofessional and it was very disturbing to see a physician who should have had some boundries completely ignore them. I could never buy the relationship after that.

    Aww, memories…

  11. @glowyzoey I’m so sorry to hear that. 🙁 I agree.. unexpected loss is even harder. When I lost my first pyr he had a massive stroke. It was horrible. He had been so healthy. You have my sympathy.

    @Denise How are you doing? For me it felt like that crushing pain would never lessen. But I promise you it eventually gets easier.

  12. Those oysters looks really delicious!

    Hi! It’s been ages since I lurked here. I wish I would have known you were doing the rewatch sooner! I had a few questions. I’ll go ahead and post them with the rare hope that you’ll answer them. 😀

    Did the writers ever consider a Beckett/Teyla pairing? I mean, wouldn’t it be super awesome to have a wraith/ancient gene hybrid baby? Am I the only one who ever thought that? It’s a little stretch since Beckett was gone for awhile, but still, that would have been very interesting. I also think that Michael would have had an even higher interest in a wraith/ancient hybrid. What are your thoughts? Or maybe I’m just weird. haha. But still, I’d have loved to have seen that. It would also make more sense when Beckett ran off alone to save her at the end of season 4. I heard there was at least one good deleted scene where they hugged that had to be cut so viewers didnt get the wrong idea. Shame! I’d have loved to have seen that. I think it was in Critical Mass, someone mentioned it on the director’s cut. 🙂

    I loved Beckett. He was definitely one of my favorites. His interactions with Rodney were epic and usually had me laughing so much like when Carson informed Rodney he had an arrow in his gluteus maximus. McKay replied with an, “oh my god, I have an arrow in my ass!” hehe

    However, being a strong Beckett supporter, did not make me dislike Jewel’s character. Seriously, I love her. She’s amazing. Atlantis needs two doctors so there was plenty of room for both of them in my opinion.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the good blog is still here. Off to check out some of the books mentioned below. I read a few that you recommended awhile back and they were pure genius! So thank you for the recommendations. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my questions if you have time.

  13. Mm, chocolate pecan pie is super yummy! I like it a lot better than regular pecan pie.

    I went to a friend’s funeral yesterday. The funeral went well but three trucks got stuck in the mud at the grave site. It’s a very good thing that the hearse has four wheel drive! Funerals in the country….

    Most people ( who know me) realize I’m terrible in social situations but I did verily well at the funeral until one of my aunt’s came up to me and said “My daughter’s a floozy”. I could have said what I was thinking which was, “I’ve heard that” but I just said “Oh”. That was probably an ok come back, right? What is the appropriate response to that statement?

    My condolences to Denise on Jeter’s passing. It never gets easier losing a friend.

  14. It’s always sad to hear of others cats and dogs dying. For those who let them they become an important part of our lives. My condolences to you both.

    Bailey: I agree with your rating, Vegas is my favourite too. The Shrine is a very close second. Vegas wouldn’t be if more of the episodes were similar in style, so I suppose it’s just it’s uniqueness in relation to the rest of the series and experiencing Sheppard’s introduction to the Wraith all over again. Vegas kind of brings the whole series full circle.

    But then SGA has so many great episodes.

    Joe: I’m currently listening to the audio book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I’m enjoying it a great deal. It’s not new (2011) so perhaps you’ve already heard/read/passed it over. It’s a near future SF, the world’s economy has crashed. Immersive interactive games are available, the owner of the largest, a massive game that almost everyone plays (and uses for school) has died and he’s left an Easter egg in the game. The first to find it inherits his entire fortune which is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Needless to say with billions on the line people are willing to do anything to win. Read by Wil Wheaton. I just listened to him reading John Scalzi’s books Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream, which I also enjoyed.

    I wasn’t sure at first if Wil Wheaton would be a good fit for the books. He is. At least for these ones he is.

  15. I know I’ve mentioned it before here on your blog, but like most others have said, I love The Shrine. Such great writing and performances all around. Love the “music” that was used to transition to and from the flashbacks, made for a great feel to the whole episode.

    -Mike A.

  16. The Shrine = a great episode!

    You watch Game of Thrones, right? Did Akemi notice that Jason was in that as well?

  17. Hey Joe…I just ran across this:

    Their goal is to raise $50 million for a season 3 of SGU. But, I doubt that even if they get the money (unlikely) that the companies would be willing to follow through on this. In my opinion it would cost far more then that to restart the show and actors and crew already have different commitments. It just wouldn’t be the same. Anyways, I wanted your opinion on this.

  18. The gorgeous night time setting with two middle-aged guys instead of a young couple, was a high point for many SGA fans.

    I loved how The Shrine showed the close friendship between Rodney and John. I loved the team solidarity, and for the first time, I really liked Jeanie. Surprisingly, Ronon had one of my favorite lines, “Did I say it was magic?” — it was like saying, “stop thinking I’m an uncultured barbarian!”

    When my mom was alive she suffered from dementia the last of her years. I had an experience very close to Woolsey’s. She was in the hospital for a broken leg, and was on morphine. Suddenly, she was able to focus, and most memorably, make eye contact. We just talked about mundane things while it lasted. It did seem magical… Later, I told her regular doctor that morphine was a cure for her dementia, but the doc didn’t buy it.

  19. @glowyzoey – Thank you for your understanding words about Jeter. I was so sorry to learn of your fur-baby Roxy’s passing. It’s never easy when a death is expected, but the sudden, unexpected ones are gut-wrenching. My deepest condolences to you.
    To @skua, @whoviantrish, @Deni, @Ponytail, @Kabra, @Maggiemayday, @Sparrow_hawk, @Tam Dixon, @Mike from Canada and @arcticgoddess–your kind words and thoughts are more appreciated than you’ll ever know. The past two days have been awful, but the warmth of your messages helped me get through some rough moments. What a wonderful group this is. Thank you all.

  20. I can’t let this opportunity pass to say how much I loved The Shrine, one of my favorite SGA eps. Kudos to David Hewlett for his terrific performance here and also in Duets. The man has serious acting chops. My father slowly developed dementia and some of those scenes really resonated with me. Kudos also to the writers–the pier scene between Rodney and John was especially touching.

  21. I’ve been trying to think of what to say to all of you who expressed sympathy about Roxy. It’s been tough dealing with losing her. She was a good friend and was very much a really short person in a furry cat suit. The vet called her stoic, because she kept her illness a secret from us, never letting me have reason to worry. A tough cookie. I wish she’d been a whiner, so I could have helped her pass more easily than the way she did, but she always did things her way. My little diva.

    Thank you @Denise McInerney, @Tam Dixon, @skua, @Sparrow_hawk, @maggiemayday, @whoviantrish, @arcticgoddess, @Ponytail, @kabra and @MikefromCanada Your kind words helped a lot. I seem to be at the acceptance stage now, but it’s going to be difficult for quite a while. Our house has a very large Roxy-shaped hole in it to match the one in my heart.

  22. The Shrine was a great episode, but I can’t stop wondering were the hell Beckett was? Weren’t Beckett and McKay best friends….?

    But, as said, great episode with some even greater acting!

  23. The Shrine made me cry so much.

    @glowyzoey I’m so sorry to hear of Roxy’s passing. Sorry I’m late for condolences. I’m in catch-up mode again.

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