Quick!  Dust off those DVD’s!  Our Stargate: Atlantis rewatch resumes tonight with the season 5 premiere: Search and Rescue!

Wait!  What?!  What happened to season 2 through 4?!  Well, Akemi has expressed a desire to skip ahead to the season “with Bob [Picardo] and the Chairman [Mark Dacascos]!”.  She admit there may be a few discrepancies between the last episode she watched (the season one finale) and tonight’s episode, but she feels confident that I can catch her up.  If any of you are in Akemi’s position, allow me to offer you the following VERY SPOILERISH summary of what you missed:

Weir was kidnapped by these aliens called Asurans who are essentially human-form replicators (that are essentially sentient murderous self-forming Lego creatures),

Dr. Beckett was killed by an exploding tumour but was mysteriously rediscovered alive, a little over a year later, as a prisoner of Michael, a human-wraith hybrid who was the result of an experiment by the Atlantis gang and is now a sworn enemy of our heroes except for Teyla and her baby.  And, oh yeah, Teyla had a baby but the father wasn’t Sheppard (as you’d probably assume) but Kanaan.  Kanaan, I said. Teyla’s secret Athosian lover.  Of course you never heard of him.  He was a secret lover.

The new Chief Medical Officer that took over for Beckett, Jennifer Keller, has really hit it off with McKay.

As a result of getting partially fed-upon by a wraith, lieutenant Ford receives a dose of a strange enzyme that masw him super strong AND super crazy.  He fles Atlantis, became a renegade wraith hunter, and got blown up (?) on a wraith hive ship.

The team encountered a super strong NOT crazy renegade hunter called Ronon and he joined the team.

Colonel Samantha Carter took over command of the Atlantis expedition after Weir’s disappearance.

Atlantis had to leave its original world, travel through space, and has now settled on a completely different planet that looks exactly the same as the old one.

Also, Earth built ships capable of reaching Atlantis in two weeks and have been making supply runs to the Pegasus Galaxy.  For a while there, it was possible to travel back and forth between Stargate Command and Atlantis using something called a gate bridge (literally, a bridge made out of gates) but that was destroyed last season.  Sorry.    You just missed it.  But trust me.  It was really cool.

The following characters were introduced and died between the season 1 finale and the season 5 premiere: Dr Monroe, Dr. Lindstrom,  Dr. Collins, Ronon’s former commander Kell, Ella a female wraith and her human step-father Zaddik, Walker, Stevens, some tardy Aurorans (Ancients), some of Ford’s equally strong and crazy friends, a guy called Kanayo, an old Athosian called Charin taking with her her recipe for turtleroot soup, Griffin, Otho, the Lord Protector, Phoebus, Thalan, innumerable wraith, miscellaneous Atlantis personnel, Genii, and sundry off-worlders.

Wait!  That’s just season 2!  Well, just take that number, triple it, and you should have a rough estimate of the interim body count.

Anything else?  Let’s see.  Oh yeah, Sheppard has an ex-wife, McKay a sister, and Atlantis a new (and not so trustworthy) BFF who happens to be a wraith named Todd.

Did I miss anything?  If so, feel free to post it in the comments section of this blog.

33 thoughts on “April 4, 2014: Skipping ahead and resuming our Stargate: Atlantis rewatch with…the season 5 premiere?!

  1. Maybe you could pick and choose some of the in-between episodes? It’s a shame to skip “Michael”, for instance.

    1. “Are you watching Survivor this season?”

      As a matter of fact, yes, I am. Thoughts?

  2. @Dr. Beckett was killed by an exploding tumour

    I still to this date consider this to be the most ridiculous thing to happen on Atlantis. His death would have had more meaning and would have been acceptable if it was finite if he had died while on a mission, or if he had died while on duty during say, an emergency situation such as Atlantis being attacked and he being caught in the crossfire(Say if he was helping someone..).

    While I didn’t, and still don’t mind Keller, I just think this whole clone thing could have been avoided. If he was to die, do it right. Dr Fraisers had a real impact, it was hard hitting. Becketts death wasn’t lol.

  3. Ohhhhkaaaaayyyy, well, I guess this was the Cliff’s notes version of the Readers Digest version of the missed seasons…kaaaawwwoooooooosh!

  4. Nope, I think you pretty much covered it!

    Except, the beauty is in the details and watching it was so much better. 🙁

  5. @Sylvia – in Canada, and according to McKay, those would be the Coles notes.

    Joe, you forgot all about the Kolya arc. Of all the nemeses for Sheppard, Kolya was, I think, the best.

  6. While reading this, I laughed so hard I started shedding tears. What a hilariously written crash course of Seasons 2-4. Great.

    P.S.= Thank God Sheppard wasn’t Teyla’s baby-daddy. And I’m still holding out hope that their predicted hookup will crash and burn, the notion of hooking those two up is cliched to say the least.

  7. It would be a shame to miss McKay’s sister. 🙁 Maybe you could pick and chose episodes? There are some real pearls in those seasons.

    Question for all: My hubby is looking for a new series to read. He loves sci-fi military fiction, like “Old Man’s War”, “The Forever Wars”… books similar to those. Any suggestions?

  8. Well Rodney did destroy a solar system. Or, how may love interest has Sheppard had? If counting, I would have stopped with the ancient. And Rodney does find a girlfriend, but do they have the brains for him?

    In the interim I started of watch Firfly which has a slightly more lascivious character than the dedicated Keller. The story had some interesting similarities to “terms of enlistment.” Well, I will miss Beck and his “I don’t care if ‘M(b)illions” of humans and friends will die I don’t want to do it.”

  9. Ya know, she really needs to watch Common Ground, just to understand Todd. Otherwise his injection into the series as an ‘ally’ really doesn’t make much sense. Oh, and she needs to see that Michael ep, too, otherwise his injection into the series as a foe really doesn’t make much sense, either.

    Just sayin’…

    (And THAT’S why episodic – rather than serial – tv works so much better for me – you can jump in anywhere and it all still makes sense. *Goes back to watching Emergency* . Ahhhh…that Randy Mantooth… *swoooon* …)



  10. “The team encountered a super strong NOT crazy renegade hunter called Ronon and he joined the team.”

    That’s it? That’s all you got to say about Ronon?!!

    How about… in season 2, the Team discovers Ronon on a planet after he had spent years running from the Wraith and he took Teyla hostage, but Dr Beckett performed surgery to get a Wraith tracking device out of his body and since he had no family and his planet had been destroyed by the Wraith, Weir allowed him to stay and he became best friends with Sheppard, was like a brother to Teyla, and protected McKay (who kissed Beckett) (yes he did!), meets a jealous Ford, who tries to get him hooked on Wraith enzyme, gets shot by Weir, who is not herself, absolutely hates Michael, is captured by the Wraith and made to run again on Sateda, and has to fight a super bad Wraith, and he is losing until Beckett saves him again, then he golfs off Atlantis, finds some old Satedan friends who trick him, forcing him to kill all but one of them, almost kisses Keller while quarantined alone with her, travels to Earth with Sheppard whose father had died, gains respect for Teal’c when they kick Wraith butt defending a Midway station, but you are going to miss all that!!

    That is wack!

  11. Aww, I was looking forward to Akemi’s thoughts on the rest of the show.

    I get the feeling Akemi just wants to get this over with. She’s really missing some of the best episodes although some of the Season 5 eps are wonderful. I don’t see how it would be truly possible to relate to the characters as well as you might if you don’t watch the history, but guess this just isn’t her thing. Oh well, different strokes for different folks! 🙂
    Do you think you will even try SG1?
    (If I did a rewatch now, I’d leave out anything that had to do with Keller, but that’s me)

  12. @As a matter of fact, yes, I am. Thoughts?

    Survivor is frequently beating American Idol now in the ratings. Fox is really slipping now, with the X Factor being cancelled a little while back, American Idol looks set the follow, if not this season, than next. It’s certainly possible given how much the numbers have dropped.

  13. yeah, She really needs to see RONON “pre”-BAD-HAIR! Not to mention, all of those Samuri-esque sparring sessions. Oh! And all of that “turning into a *BUG*” business!!

    BTW, DAS is right. “COMMON GROUND” is a must.

  14. Teyla had a baby but the father wasn’t Sheppard (as you’d probably assume)

    Oh, Joe. I would only have assumed that if episode 1 was the only episode I’d ever seen.

    What a shame that Akemi wants to skip ahead! ‘Common Ground’, ‘The Tao of Rodney’, ‘Grace Under Pressure’, ‘The Lost Boys’, and more – some great eps!

  15. WHAT!?
    You mean I could’ve been watching Atlantis this whole time, instead of random episodes of ST:Voyager!?
    .. Not that I’m complaining, mind. There are some crackin’ episodes of Voyager that I fondly remembered watching the first time round. There’s also a fair number of truly abysmal episodes, too, and … could they seriously not afford anything more than the exact same 4 rooms in EVERY single episode!?!
    “If it’s not happening on the Bridge, Engineering, or the Mess Hall, then it’d better be a medical emergency, because Sickbay’s the only room left!!”

    Hmmm.. So, do I carry on with a full rewatch of Atlantis, or do I skip ahead, too?

    …I think I’m going to do a complete watch. See you in a few weeks, guys! I’ve got catching up to do!!

  16. Actually, it would have been a stretch to believe that Sheppard was Teyla’s baby-daddy, as there was zero sexual chemistry between them. It would have come off as some sort of stud service! Ugh!

  17. Joe, about Survivor: If you think you are in charge you better be playing a secret immunity idol other wise you are heading home.

  18. Survivor thoughts:

    I like the challenges this year. A couple of them are recycled, but there have been some that are quite fun to watch. I miss Redemption Island. I do like the ALL new players. I think new players should play with new players and vets with vets.

    It irritates me when someone quits the game for any reason other than a medical evac. I thought these people had to go through psychological screening to get on this show. Lindsey had no personal accountability for her venomous remarks and ran away when things didn’t go in her favor.

    The Brains were not thinking ahead when they voted off Jeremiah. They should have dumped J’Tai first and kept a physically stronger person, which brings me to…

    Every season, one tribe will make the same smart move in the beginning, and one tribe will make the dumb move. The dumb move is to vote off someone because they are annoying or create drama. The smart move is to keep the physically strong people, the people good at puzzles, and the people who don’t panic under pressure. Everyone says they know this, but tribes that go to tribal council in the beginning often don’t heed this. Such is the case this season.

    Never, ever, flip at the merge if your tribe has the numbers! I’m talking to you, Kass. I don’t care how much you hate Sarah, you can vote her off next week when it is 6-4. Don’t flip the very first week. Kass pulled a Cochran the first time Cochran played. I will be surprised if she makes it to the top 3.

    Tony is clever, but he desires everyone to know how clever he is. He forgot he needs to be clever and quiet about it. He won’t win. I also think he’s going to have trouble winning immunity challenges because he has a lot of muscle weight, which leads me to the three people whom I think will make the final three….

    Jefra. They will keep her around because no one will vote for her to win the money at the end. Woo and Spencer. Both are smart, lithe, and will do well in endurance challenges. I can see Woo winning it all, unless Spencer can mastermind some big moves that will gain him strategy respect. I don’t see Woo as a strategist, so in the end I think the jury, like they always do, will be split voting for a person whom they think was loyal to them (wtf, why people are so caught up in the loyalty/trust thing on a game show where the prize is $1M is beyond me) or the person who had the best strategic gameplay including blindsides, lies, multiple alliances, etc.

    Oh, and one last thing regarding Sarah…when someone approaches you and asks you to join their side, say YES! Being noncommittal in that moment is much worse than saying yes and doing the opposite. And never, ever think you are safe unless you have immunity.

    What are your thoughts?

  19. Re: Survivor – I’m always amazed at the participants who seem to have never watched this show before and make the same mistakes over and over. Sarah and her “I’m the swing vote” and “I have the power” reminded me of (I think it was) Christie, way back in her season who did the same thing and promptly got voted out because it went to her head.

    I’m personally kind of hoping for LJ, because he seems kind of normal.

    As far as American Idol goes, I haven’t watched that show in about 3 seasons o rmore. Just the same old same old, and without the original “characters” of Simon, Randy and Paula. Bleh.

    1. @PBMom: I’ve been to Chicago once before and am going again for the final Creation Stargate Convention. My favorite place to check out, and I’m planning to again this year, is Takashi. I’m a huge Top Chef Masters fan and like checking out the restuarants of my favorite chefs on the show if I’m going to be near one of them. When I go to Vegas for the Trek convention, Fleur is a must each and every time.

  20. gforce, I love to watch the Americal Idol and similar shows up through the audition process, then I usually lose interest. Harry Connick, Jr. Is 50 times the musician that J-Lo or Keith Urban are. He is giving contestants feedback on how to develop as a musician, which makes the other two judges look incompetent in comparison. You might check out an episode next season during the auditions to see if you like his style. He is wicked smart and funny, a great arranger, and has the best band in the industry (though Michael Buble’s band is also right up there).

  21. Akemi is missing and incredible amount of 1st rate Stargate episodes. Hope she reconsiders and continues watching in order. Atlantis just kept getting better and better and had not reached it’s peak when abruptly cancelled.

    @ Nola …I was extremely disappointed that Sheppard was NOT Teyla’s baby daddy.

  22. My sister is obsessed with French Bulldogs right now. (previously her obsession was pugs) She sent me this YouTube video she found. I had to share it here and say that this is pretty much the best way to wake someone up. 😀


    @nola I agree… Shep and Teyla are the definition of platonic friends.

  23. @Jenny Horn

    I watch the show from time to time too. I just find it concerning that its shedding so many viewers. It’s the most expensive thing on Fox and pulled a

    8.89 million 2.1/6 18-49 for Wednesdays 2 hour show
    7.72 million 1.7/5 18-49 for the Thursday half hour show.

    This was a show that used to pull 3s and 4s 18-49. It seems to be on a downward trajectory this season, pulling series lows almost weekly. If something doesn’t change, I can’t see it lasting next season.

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