22 thoughts on “April 2, 2014: Letting sleeping dogs lie!

  1. The maddest my dad ever got was when we taped him snoring in his chair,,man I remember that, hope the kids didn’t mind you secretly taping them, naw, does not look like they will be mad. Thanks for sharing. How cute!

  2. Joe,
    I own 3 of those golden age comics you displayed on your blog the other day…Im a big collector of Golden and Silver age comics. You would love my collection.

  3. Your furry kids are as adorable sleeping as they were on Saturday! And Lulu seems to be a bit of a restless sleeper…do they calm down in the bed at night?

  4. 1. Bubba has beautiful eyelashes.

    2. Jelly needs a bigger bed (I think I have that same exact bed…well…not the SAME exact since I didn’t steal it out of your house…but I have one just like it for my kitties).

    3. Lulu’s a fidget. 🙂


  5. Cuteness overload! If anyone dared to record me, I’m sure I’d sometimes sound like that too. Must be a sinus thing.

    (Basil and Stash also snore -^_^-)

  6. @Debra from the South and I must think alike, because I just saw her comment after posting mine!
    Honestly, they are all so precious.


  7. Some animals can be quite cute when they sleep. The simple life of a pug eh? No worrys what so ever lol

  8. Love, love, love. Does Lulu move around like that all the time? The little tongues hanging out on Bubba reminds me of a English bulldog I’m taking care of these last few days. I come for the afternoon visit and he is still exhausted from the morning walk. He is snoring, usually has his tongue out and I will call out to him and stand over him or bend near him calling out his name but nothing. I was going to post his picture on my business Facebook page. It is just too adorable. And the weather is still pretty nice temperature-wise. In about a month, I have no idea what a morning heat (and I’m talking 7:30 in the morning heat) is going to do to him. I really don’t feel comfortable walking dogs at 9:30 at night. The neighborhood is just too quiet.

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